MicroMillions: The Walking Man

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngPeople call George Dickson "Sarge." The man from Edinburgh spent 23 years in the Army before retiring to a life of pensions training. It's not quite the military life, but it suits him just fine. Being married, the father of three, and grandfather to two keeps him busy, but not quite busy enough. Dickson's former service in the military and innate wanderlust means he has a hard time staying put.

To wit: last September, Dickson walked from the English coast of the Irish Sea, through three national parks, all the way to the coast of the North Sea. The trip took him 12 days of walking and camping.

"I mainly bivvied up at night, with a couple of nights spent in a B&B," Dickson said.

Now, it's not a hard and fast rule, but it must be said: the wanderers usually aren't the best poker players. Whether they daydream in their heads or walk on their feet between hands, the people who can't keep their seat typically don't end up with the trophy at the end of the game.

APAT.jpgThe Sarge is a fine exception to that rule.

Last week, Dickson won nearly $12,000 in an $8 MicroMillions event after defeating more than 10,000 people.

"This is my biggest win so far. I am a recreational player, however I have played some major live tournaments, usually through satelliting in," Dickson said.

Until the MicroMillions, Dickson's biggest online cash was $2,500. His biggest live success, £3,000 was bigger, but still not as big as he hit it in PokerStars new tournament series.

While $12,000 won't change Dickson's life dramatically, it does mean something very important.

See, we've already conceded that Dickson likes to wander about. He likes to take his time on his walk from coast to coast. That doesn't mean, however, he likes to waste time earning his way into the poker tournaments he wants to play. The big hit in the MicroMillions solves that problem.

"This win means I can now take part in the £1million guaranteed UKIPT at Nottingham and also the Edinburgh event without having to worry about trying to satellite in," Dickson said.

So, congratulations to Dickson on his win, and good luck in Nottingham. With more success there, you can buy all the walking shoes you want.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in MicroMillions