MicroMillions: UCIHAVEU top stud in Event #31 $5.50 HORSE


Today was a day to mix things up in the MicroMillions series.

There was a NLHE [Big Antes] tournament as well as some Badugi action. If that wasn't enough for players who wanted to try something besides the standard NLHE tournaments, there was also the $5.50 HORSE.

Here, players could combine their love from micro-stakes action and enthusiasm for draw games. Play would be divided into five-minute levels, each one having a different limit game.

Play would start out with Limit Hold'em, followed by Omaha H/L. Razz and Stud would follow, with Stud H/L rounding things off. The games would cycle until only one player was left.

This time play ended in a hand of Limit Stud and the last player standing was UCIHAVEU. After making a deal at the final table, UCIHAVEU would take home $3,397.74


A total of 4,734 players registered to horse around today. Every one of them paid $5.50 to create a prize pool of $23,670.00.

Out of those 4,734, only 600 would make the money and they'd be guaranteed $8.99 for their cash.

Team PokerStars Online had four of their members participate in today's tournament. Mickey 'mement_mori' Petersen, Kristian 'charismA3' Martin, Javier 'El_Cañonero' and Anders 'Donald' Hoyers Berg all showed up for some HORSE action, but none of them would cash.

Team PokerStars Pro, on the other hand, would have some better results.

Three Team Pros registered and two cashed. The odd man out was Martin Staszko, who was eliminated in 2,050th.

Marcel Luske and Marcin Horecki would be the two to make a deeper run.

Marcel Luske would see his tournament end in a hand of Limit Hold'em. The blinds were 5K/10K and Luske was down to his last 10,560, just a wee bit more than a big bet.

intrepid007 -- who would go on to finish runner up in this event -- called from early position. Luske moved all in from the button and 7heavenx called, along with intrepid007.

The flop fell 4♠3♠6♦ and intrepid007 bet. 7heavenx made the call and a 5♠ came on the turn. This time 7heavenx bet, but intrepid007 raised. 7heavenx reraised and intrepid007 made the call.

An A♥ came on the river and 7heavenx led out again. intrepid007 made the call and 7heavenx revealed a 7♣ for the straight.

Both intrepid007 and Luske mucked. Luske was out in 361st, earning $10.65.

Horecki was eliminated in a hand of Limit Omaha. The limits were 5k/10K and Horecki was down to 19,733:

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Horecki was eliminated in 321st place, earning $11.12.


intrepid007 would start the final two tables with an average stack, but he'd leave second in chips.

The majority of these chips would come from two key hands, the first happened in Limit Stud.

With 120K/240K limits and a 24K ante, easy_son brought it in with a 2♠. intrepid007 raised from middle position, showing a J♣, and easy_son would make the call.

intrepid would lead out every street except the last, and easy_son called him down all the way.

At the end of the hand, the players showed:

intrepid007: 9♠9♦J♣[10d]8♣8♦5♣

easy_son: A♥A♦2♠7♦4♣J♦[10c]

intrepid007's two pairs would take the pot and take him to the 3.5MM mark.

His next big hand would also come in Limit Stud, but this time it was Hi/Lo.

The limits were the same and teki7 bet, showing a 2♦; intrepid007 was the only caller, showing a 5♣.

There was betting on every round, and on the last street, teki7 went all in for his remaining 179,808. intrepid made the call and showed a pair of nines. teki7 had a pair of deuces, but neither player had a low hand.

teki7 was eliminated while intrepid007 saw his stack grow even more.

At that same table, WTFOMFGOAO would take the chip lead in this hand of Limit Hold'em:

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The other table consisted of players with stacks ranging from 2.3MM to 2.9MM. When the final table was set, this is what it looked like.


Seat 1: UCIHAVEU - 2,373,128
Seat 2: intrepid007 - 4,496,203
Seat 3: TheAmazonas - 2,671,497
Seat 4: Emmico - 1,500,065
Seat 5: jpedromota - 2,946,068
Seat 6: easy_son - 2,364,212
Seat 7: WTFOMFGOAO - 4,505,846
Seat 8: Mindaugas Ko - 2,812,981


When the first hand was being dealt, easy_son suggested a deal. WTFOMFGOAO firmly stated "No deal" while UCIHAVEU suggested an alternative. "give me all the money," he said, "I'm low."

There were no takers, but TheAmazonas let out a "lol."

During that time, TheAmazonas would also bust out the first player of our final table.

In a hand of Razz, with 200K/400K limits and a 40K ante, Emmico raised from under the gun. He only had 420K to start off the hand, so he was fairly committed. TheAmazonas raised from the big blind and Emmico called.

The online dealer dealt the cards, and the final showdown came down to this:

Emmico: 3♦8♠5♣8♣3♥2♥Q♦

TheAmazonas: A♣6♦3♣3♠9♣4♦J♠

Emmico was off to a good start, but ended up with a Q-8 high hand. TheAmazonas took the pot down with a 9-6 and Emmico was eliminated in 8th place.

A few players kept lobbying for a deal, but WTFOMFGOAO was firm on his answer "No deal," he kept saying, "I wanna gamble."

And gamble he did.


MTFOMFGOAO was 4th in chips until an Omaha H/L round came along.

The limits were 300K/600K and WTFOMFGOAO was first to act, he raised:

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Left with only 1MM, WTFOMFGOAO had to make a move, he decided to make it the following hand.

jpedromota called from the button and WTFOMFGOAO checked in the big blind.

The flop came 6♠Q♥3♣ and jpedromota bet. WTFOMFGOAO raised and jpedromota decided to 3-bet.

The 3-bet was larger than WTFOMFGOAO's stack, so his call put him all in.

WTFOMFGOAO showed A♣6♦7♣5♦ and jpedromota showed 6♣2♥4♣3♦. The turn was a J♣ and a 5♠ came on the river. jpedromota hit a 6-5-4-3-2 for the low and a 6-high straight for the other half of the pot.

WTFOMFGOAO gambled and lost, getting scooped and eliminated in 7th place.

The next round was Razz and that brought along another elimination.

With 300K/600K limits and a 60K ante, easy_son's 1.2MM stack was looking rather short. intrepid007 brought it in with a K♥ and jpedromota bet, easy_son called.

easy_son was showing an A♦ against jpedromota's 5♣.

The next street brought jpedromota a jack while easy_son got a queen. jpedromota bet, easy_son raised, jpedromota 3-bet and easy_son moved all in.

jpedromota called and it was a race for easy_son's tournament life.

easy_son's fate was dealt and he was left with: 4♦9♣A♦Q♠A♣[10c]9♥ for a Q-10 high.

jpedromota's J-high wasn't that much better, but it was good enough to eliminate easy_son in 6th place.

Stud was the next game and TheAmazonas would be the next elimination.

The limits were 400K/800K with an 80K ante and TheAmazonas had been chipped down to just under 500K.

Mindaugas Ko brought it in with a 2♣ and TheAmazonas raised with an A♦.

Mindaugas Ko made the call and was dealt a [10s]. TheAmazonas got a 6♦ and put his last 40,600 in the pot.

Mindaugas Ko called again and showed J♣Q♥2♣[10s]. TheAmazonas held [10c]2♠A♦6♦ but would finish the hand with a pair of tens. Mindaugas Ko would get a K♠ and a 9♥ to make a nine-to-king straight.

TheAmazonas was eliminated in 5th place and we were down to our final four.


The following round of Stud H/L brought a lot of split pots and no eliminations, but there was a big hand that made UCIHAVEU the chip leader:

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After that hand, Mindaugas Ko would be left with about 2.7MM and jpedromota would become the table shortstack with 1.8MM.

This wouldn't leave the players much room to maneuver in the upcoming round: 500K/1MM Limit Hold'em.

jpedromota raised to 1MM from the button and UCIHAVEU called.

The flop came 7♥J♣A♣ and UCIHAVEU led out. jpedromota moved all in for 563K and UCIHAVEU made the call.

UCIHAVEU showed an A♦ for a pair of aces, while jpedromota was drawing to a straight with [10h]K♦.

The turn was a J♠ and a 3♠ came on the river, eliminating jpedromota in 4th place.


The remaining three players decided it would be a good time to make a deal.

Mindaugas Ko was the short stack with 1,762,524 while intrepid007 was the current runner up with 8,836,203. UCIHAVEU had the lead with 13,071,273.


With these numbers, a deal based on chip counts came out to this:

UCIHAVEU: $3,197.74

intrepid007: $2,851.89

Mindaugas Ko: $2,274.23

With $200 remaining for first place.

All the players agreed and the HORSE tournament continued.

It was still Limit Hold'em time and Mindaugas Ko was in need of a double up.

intrepid007 raised from the small blind and Mindaugas Ko reraised from the big blind. intrepid made it 2MM and Mindaugas Ko came along for the ride, leaving himself 500K.

The flop fell Q♦K♥2♠ and intrepid007 led out. Mindaugas Ko moved all in. intrepid007 called the extra 12K and showed K♣3♠.

Mindaugas Ko also had a king, the K♦, but he had a second pair with his Q♠. The turn and river brought no help for intrepid007 and Mindaugas Ko got the double up.

Mindaugas Ko was up to 5MM; right behind intrepid007, who was left with 5.5MM.


The game switched over to Limit Omaha H/L with 500K/1MM limits. UCIHAVEU raised to 1MM from the button and Mindaugas Ko raised from the big blind.

The flop came 4♣4♠2♠ and Mindaugas Ko bet, only to be met with a raise from UCIHAVEU. Mindaugas Ko reraised and UCIHAVEU threw in a 4-bet. Mindaugas Ko called, putting himself all in.

Mindaugas Ko showed A♦4♦8♥K♣ for three fours, it was going to have to hold up against UCIHAVEU's 5♠7♠3♥5♣.

The turns was a 2♦ and the river brought a 3♠, giving UCIHAVEU a flush for the high hand a 7-5 for the low.

Mindaugas Ko was out in 3rd and UCIHAVEU found himself with a dominating 18.9MM, against intrepid007's 4.6MM

Things looked good for UCIHAVEU until intrepid007 snatched away the lead in a hand of Razz:

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But UCIHAVEU would fight back and chip intrepid007 away relentlessly for the rest of the Razz level. No hand made it past third street, but by the time the Limit Stud level came around, UCIHAVEU had intrepid007 back down to 5.4MM.

It took only three hands of Stud for UCIHAVEU to finish off intrepid007.

The limits were 600K/1.2MM with a 120K ante.

intrepid007 brought it in with a 2♠ and UCIHAVEU called with an 8♠. intrepid called too and was dealt an A♣, UCIHAVEU got a 7♠.

They continued to bet every street until intrepid007 found himself all in on the last street.


intrepid007: XX2♠A♣J♦[10c]X

UCIHAVEU called and showed his hole cards, A♠A♥3♦ for a pair of aces. It was good enough to beat intrepid007's hidden pair of queens and take down Event #31.

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MicroMillions Event #31 $5.50 HORSE Final Table Results:

1st: UCIHAVEU - $3,397.74*
2nd: intrepid007 - $2,851.89*
3rd: Mindaugas Ko - $2,274.23*
4th: jpedromota - $1,656.90
5th: TheAmazonas - $1,183.50
6th: easy_son - $710.10
7th: WTFOMFGOAO - $298.24
8th: Emmico - $189.36

*Numbers reflect a three-way deal with $200 going to first place.

That's it for Event #31, but there's still 69 more to go. For more information about the MicroMillions, check out the homepage. Don't forget that there are prizes to be won, Player of the Series will win a package to the 2013 PCA. Some frontrunners are already starting to pop up, you can check them out at the MicroMillions Leader board page.

There's still time for you to catch up and turn a few bucks into a decent bankroll while you're at it. See you next time.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in MicroMillions