MicroMillions: ut12952 capitalizes in Event #99 ($5.50 NLHE Turbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe inaugural MicroMillions series is coming to an end and it has been a successful one featuring a few first time winners. Before tonight ut12952 had only won a few 180-man sit-n-gos but not anything like Event 99, a $5.50 NLHE turbo event. After tonight he can now say that he has not only won a regular multi-table tournament but he won a MicroMillions event.


The final day of the MicroMillions series featured nine No Limit Hold'em events with most of them being some form of a turbo. Event 99 was just one of those events featuring a standard turbo structure with an extended registration period of 60 minutes. Here's a look at the numbers:

Entrants: 21,030
Guarantee: $50,000.00
Prize pool: $105,150.00
Paid Players: 2700

Making it to the money but not much further was Team Online member Jorj95 who finished in 2,378th place. He was bested by Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki who finished in 1,251st place.

Those two players where just a part of the 2,691 players who made it into the money but not the final table. Just surviving to the money meant the players were guaranteed $8.41. Getting all the way to the final two tables and busting out on the final table bubble, like TH3PRINCIPLE did, brought an addition of $349.31 to the bankroll.


Seat 1: CBlindB (9,767,932 in chips)
Seat 2: itsmeyow (8,167,052 in chips)
Seat 3: Nestor-CR (5,581,288 in chips)
Seat 4: Friben (8,828,336 in chips)
Seat 5: SrReNo (6,531,120 in chips)
Seat 6: Kuddel8 (19,494,736 in chips)
Seat 7: ut12952 (7,135,093 in chips)
Seat 8: mrcalamare (7,086,866 in chips)
Seat 9: Wannabluffff (32,557,577 in chips)

From Nine to Seven?:

It was an all-in shove for 2,692,052 from itsmeyow that got this hand started. SrReNo moved all-in for 3,531,120 to attempt an isolation, but it was the all-in shove from Wannabluffff for 25,464,423 that was the true isolation getting the rest of the table to fold. The three players cards were revealed with itsmeyow holding 9♣9♥, SrReNo holding A♠Q♥, and Wannabluffff holding K♥K♣. The A♦A♥6♦ flop flipped things for SrReNo giving him the lead and a chance at getting just under a triple-up. The T♥ turn and 2♥ river did nothing to change that giving SrReNo both pots while eliminating itsmeyow in ninth place collecting $630.90.


Although the double elimination did not occur to get the field down to seven in the last hand the next hand provided an elimination. Once again all the action was pre-flop, which is expected with the average being under ten big blinds. Everyone folded to mrcalamare who moved all-in for over 10 million from late position, everyone folded to the Nestor-CR in the big blind. Nestor-CR called putting himself at risk of elimination. The players cards were revealed with Nestor-CR holding Q♠9♦ and mrcalamare holding A♠J♣. Both players caught a pair on the A♣Q♥T♥ flop with mrcalamare holding the bigger pair. The 6♠ turn and 3♦ river meant nothing to either players hand eliminating Nestor-CR in eighth place for $946.53.


The river does it:

The next elimination came a few hands later after Friben moved all-in for 3,653,336, SrReNo was the next to act and move all-in for 9,579,292, the rest of the table folded and the players cards were revealed. Friben held Q♣7♥ while SrReNo held A♥T♠. The Q♠9♠9♣ flop delivered two pair for Friben to give him the lead in the hand. The J♠ turn brought a straight and flush draw for SrReNo. The K♥ river is just what SrReNo needed giving him a straight and sending Friben out in seventh place collecting $1,577.25.


The river strikes again:

After a string of double-ups the next elimination came when it appeared that the shorty was once again going to survive. Kuddel8 opened to 4,800,000, ut12952 moved all-in for 32,370,186. The rest of the table folded to Kuddel8 who called off his stack going all-in. Kuddel8 held the lead with A♦K♠ over ut12952's A♣4♠. That lead held up through the turn with the board reading 9♠7♦5♣3♣. It was the 2♥ that was the game changer though bringing ut12952 a straight sending Kuddel8 to the rail collecting $2,628.75 for his sixth place effort.


Easy elimination:

Facing an all-in shove from mrcalamare that had him covered SrReNo called putting himself all-in pre-flop. The players cards were revealed with SrReNo holding Q♦J♣ and mrcalarmare holding A♠T♦. The K♦3♥2♦K♠5♦ board was a safe one for mrcalamare sending SrReNo out in fifth place for $3,680.25.


Blind Battle:

Being the short stack on the table and having action fold to him, CBlindB moved all-in from the small blind. The big blind, ut12952, called. CBlindB held 8♦7♣ while ut12952 held A♣7♠. The 9♦4♠2♠4♦J♠ board changed nothing for either players hands eliminating CBlindB in fourth place collecting $4,731.75.


Getting to Heads-up:

Wannabluffff was looking for a double up when he called off his stack going all-in after ut12952 opened from the button. Wannabluffff held J♠J♥ against ut12952's K♥8♦. The Q♥8♠4♥ flop was relatively safe for Wannabluffff as was the 4♠ turn. It was the K♣ that was not so safe giving ut12952 a bigger two pair eliminating Wannabluffff in third place along the way where he collects $6,309.00.


Heads-up play:

After playing a few hands heads-up the players agreed to an even split, with each player receiving $8,962.25 and $1,000 left to the eventual winner. Here is a look at the chip counts when the deal was reached:

Seat 7: ut12952 (46,339,512 in chips)
Seat 8: mrcalamare (58,810,488 in chips)

After the players reached a deal they played a few hands of raise and take pre-flop. Eventually both players had enough and got the chips into the middle with ut12952 holding the chip lead and lead in the hand with J♥J♦ against mrcalamare's K♣T♣. The 4♥2♦2♣T♥4♣ board ran out nicely for ut12952 bringing him the win. For his second place finish mrcalamare collects $8,962.25 while ut12952 collects the $1,000 extra for a total of $9962.25.

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Congrats to ut12952 on your win.

MicroMillions Event #86 ($5.50 NL Hold'em Turbo) Results (reflects a deal):

1st place: ut12952 - $9,962.25*
2nd place: mrcalamare - $8,962.25*
3rd place: Wannabluffff - $6,309.00
4th place: CBlindB - $4,731.75
5th place: SrReNo - $3,680.25
6th place: Kuddel8 - $2,628.75
7th place: Friben - $1,577.25
8th place: Nestor-CR - $946.35
9th place: itsmeyow - $630.90
*Indicates a heads-up deal

The inaugural MicroMillions is coming to an end, check out main page for the Leaderboard and Statistics pages.