MicroMillions: Vamoooo! Brazil's Bruno GT captures the flag in Event 84, $5.50 NLHE (6-max)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngIf you've never been to Brazil, you're missing out on one of most fantastic, friendliest cultures in the world. (And if you've never been to Brazil, why haven't you been? The PokerStars.net Latin American Poker Tour has a stop in Brazil every season. Get qualifying!) That calm, friendly demeanor was on display at the final table of 2012 MicroMillions Event 84, $5.50 No-Limit Hold'em (6-max), an event taken down by Brazil's Bruno GT.

PokerStars put a $50,000 guarantee on Event 84, and for a while after play began there was some question as to whether the guarantee would be met or PokerStars would be dipping into its own pocket. But by the time late registration closed, 11,040 players had taken a seat in the field, swelling the prize pool to $55,200. The bottom rung of cashes began at 1500th place ($8.83); the top prizes was a healthy $7,733.28.
Team PokerStars didn't make any deep runs in Event 84 but did put a few players into the money. Team Pro Marcel Luske (817th) and Team Online player Grzegorz 'DaWarsaw' Mikielewicz (1280th) each notched small cashes. Team Pro Marcin Horecki was at it again in his continuing quest to top the MicroMillions leaderboard (currently in 1st place, 5 points ahead of AleksS69) but came up empty today, finishing in 4800th place, well out of the money.

There were spots for only six players at the Event 84 final table. With the elimination of ciees on the final table bubble, these are the players that persevered and made it through:


Seat 1: avutonbambi (6094213 in chips)
Seat 2: DIMAvBOSS (17323739 in chips)
Seat 3: zimglads (3100263 in chips)
Seat 4: Bruno GT (5031513 in chips)
Seat 5: milelale2 (20357794 in chips)
Seat 6: runawayray (3292478 in chips)

Blinds 125k / 250k, ante 31,250, average 9.2 million

zimglads was the first player out, and in very short order. On the third hand of the final table, zimglads open-shoved as second to act for 3.0 million with K♦J♥. avutonbambi woke up with A♠K♣ and called. An ace and no diamonds on the flop left zimglads drawing about as thin as could be; the 2♣ turn sealed zimglads' fate as the 6th-place finisher.

The remaining five players bantered back and forth about potentially organizing a deal, but as not all players had checked the "Discuss Deal" checkbox found under the "Information" tab in their chat window, play continued. Bruno GT copped to being the chop-blocker, saying "I don't have good chips for a deal. Let's play some more."

The new shortstack, runawayray, got all the chips in pre-flop a few hands later by open-shoving the button for 2.1 million with Q♣J♥. Big blind DIMAvBOSS called with the better hand, K♠T♠, but was drawing after runawayray flopped top twi pair, 6♥Q♠J♣. The draw filled on the turn with the A♣, giving DIMAvBOSS a Broadway straight. A blank river ended runawayray's day in 5th place.

BrunoGT took over the runawayray's role as the short stack. But a double-up with ace-king against DIMAvBOSS's ace-seven left avutonbambi on the hot seat. avutonbambi got 3.7 million in pre-flop in a battle of aces, but this time around DIMAvBOSS was in the lead with ace-jack to avutonbambi's ace-four. The board rolled out jack-high, 7♠7♥J♠3♦3♣, never giving either player a sweat. avutonbambi hit the rail in 4th place.

With Bruno GT still in the game, and still the short stack by 12 million chips, there was still no deal talk. DIMAvBOSS lost a few chips; Bruno GT picked up a few chips. Within a few orbits they were basically tied at 14 million each, but this big pot reset the score:

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But Bruno GT wasn't done fighting. A short while later, Bruno GT flopped a wheel and got all in on the turn after DIMAvBOSS made top pair. There was no card that could save DIMAvBOSS on the river. The two changed chip places, with DIMAvBOSS the new short stack.

With 2nd in chips firmly in hand, Bruno GT finally offered to look at a deal. A host was summoned, who produced chip-chop numbers: $5,962.08 for mileale2, $5,503.41 for Bruno GT, and $4,375.79 for DIMAvBOSS. As the short stack often gets the raw end of these deals, it wasn't surprising to see DIMAvBOSS immediately ask for $4,700. "$150 from you both."

Neither of DIMAvBOSS's opponents agreed. "Agree or play", said Bruno GT, then reminded DIMAvBOSS that there was still $1,000 more to go to the winner.

DIMAvBOSS tried again. "$4,600. $100 from both." This time mileale2 seemed partial to the modification. Bruno GT relented. After the numbers with the modification were re-produced by the table host, the deal was struck.

When play resumed, DIMAvBOSS immediately doubled up. In a battle of the blinds, mileale2's ace-five was no match for DIMAvBOSS' ace-ten. The board came J♥A♥K♣Q♦3♦ to give DIMAvBOSS a Broadway straight and the double-up.

"Ukraine is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ukrainian DIMAvBOSS said.
"Brazil here," replied Bruno GT.
"Vamooooooooooooooo???" DIMAvBOSS asked.
"Vamoooooo" Bruno GT agreed.

A few hands later Bruno GT doubled through DIMAvBOSS to take the chip lead and knock DIMAvBOSS down to the short stack. With blinds at 250k / 500k, DIMAvBOSS open-shoved 6.9 million from the small blind with J♠T♦. Bruno GT called with a bare ace, A♦6♥, and held on through a 3♠7♠6♣5♦8♥ board to notch the elimination of DIMAvBOSS in 3rd place.

Bruno GT had almost a 3-to-1 chip lead to start heads-up play. mileale2 was out of the tournament three hands later. The final hand was all in pre-flop on a flip. Bruno GT's pocket 8s held again, as mileale2's K♥T♠ never came close to a 3♠3♣2♥9♦6♠ board.

Bruno GT was wise to refuse a chop five-handed when he was short. He used that wisdom, only with some poker skill and a pinch of run-good, to capture the Event 84 crown. Vamoooooooooooo!, indeed.

2012 Micro Millions Event 84 $5.50 No-Limit Hold'em (6-max) results (after three-way deal):

1st: Bruno GT ($6,403.41)*
2nd: mileale2 ($5,862.08)*
3rd: DIMAvBOSS ($4,575.79)*
4th: avutonbambi ($2,208.00)
5th: runawayray ($1,104.00)
6th: zimglads ($690.00)

The 2012 MicroMillions on PokerStars is almost over. Who will win Player of the Series? How much prize money has been distributed? What events are left? Find answers to all those questions (and more) at the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions