MicroMillions: Victory for WelshViking in Event #50 ($11 NLHE)

MicroMillions logo.pngWith a name like WelshViking, a strong image is conveyed. Put a solid chip lead behind that name, and victory was inevitable. Though WelshViking went into the final table as one of the middle stacks, it took just one double-up through the chip leader to take the lead, and there was no looking back. WelshViking took the best part of the five-way deal and went on to win the leftover prize money as well.


Of the nine MicroMillions options on the schedule today, all of them were Hold'em, with the sole exception of a Hold'em/Pot Limit Omaha mixed game. Players could choose from 6-max tables, a 3x-tubro structure, a 2x chance tournament, one with big antes (ooh la la), or a 4-max rebuy. And then there were the plain ol' NLHE tournaments. Event 50 was one of them, the one with the highest buy-in of $11, in fact.

One might think that NLHE gets a little tired, but 14,001 players thought otherwise. It could've been the MicroMillions title on the line or the $75K guarantee. Or it could've been that Hold'em is just as popular and strong as ever.

With that in mind, check out the massive numbers for this humble tournament:

Players: 14,001
Guarantee: $75,000.00
Prize pool: $140,010.00
Paid players: 1,800

The money bubble burst a few hours into action, leaving erfurter18 out in 1801st place and securing payments for the rest of the players. The first to cash for $16.80 was IPA_Hungary, and the field thinned quickly from there.

A quick scan of the paid players showed no sign of a PokerStars red space, which was because the highest finishing Team PokerStars Pro was Max Lykov, who exited in 4596th place. Tough fields such as this give the pros a hard time, too!

There were only three tables remaining as the eight-hour mark hit, and payouts were well into the three figures, paying at least $245.01. But with the top two spots in the tournament at five figures each, everyone was pushing for the win.

After nearly an hour, the 11th place elimination of CLMisterAs initiated hand-for-hand play, which took some time considering what was at stake. Finally, a big hand developed when short-stacked rustynpre moved all-in from UTG and mikeoertel and constman61 both called. The flop of J♣Q♣3♦ prompted constman61 to bet, and mikeoertel raised all-in. Constman61 called and had both players covered with K♠Q♠. Mikeoertel showed K♥Q♦, but rustynpre only had A♠8♦, which found no help on the 6♣ turn or 6♦ river. Rustynpre was gone in tenth place with $840.06.

Could constman61 stay constant as chip leader?

Level 48 had blinds of 150,000/300,000 and a 37,500 ante, and players began the action at the final table with these stacks::

Seat 1: mikeoertel (4,002,683 in chips)
Seat 2: WelshViking (9,873,776 in chips)
Seat 3: unluckymannn (9,557,430 in chips)
Seat 4: surfchico (9,800,944 in chips)
Seat 5: constman61 (12,692,191 in chips)
Seat 6: vandorbab (6,637,360 in chips)
Seat 7: Neryuslu (1,332,934 in chips)
Seat 8: monikalove (5,528,807 in chips)
Seat 9: sas101088 (10,578,875 in chips)

MM FT - Event 50.JPG

The third hand of the table brought action as Neryuslu pushed all-in with A♠6♦. It folded around to surfchico in the small blind, who called with A♣7♣. The board of Q♦4♣Q♠5♣J♥ changed nothing, and surfchico had the better kicker for the pot. Neryuslu exited in ninth place with $840.06.

A few hands later, monikalove made the first move by raising all-in from the button. Mikeoertel called all-in from the big blind with K♣Q♣, and the race was on when monikalove showed J♦J♣. The flop of J♠9♦9♣ gave monikalove the full house, and the 4♦ and A♦ were mere formalities to eliminate mikeoertel in eighth place with $1,260.09.

As for monikalove, it didn't take long for another all-in move. The hand began with a raise from constman61, and monikalove made the push from the button with K♣J♥. Constman61 called with A♣Q♠, which only improved on the 7♥A♥8♥ flop. Monikalove had flush outs, but they didn't materialize on the T♣ turn or 5♣ river. That left monikalove out in seventh place with $2,660.19.

WelshViking going for victory

The WelshViking was strong but climbed into the chip lead with this double-up through chip leader constman61:

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Vandorbab risked it all from the small blind preflop with A♦3♥, and original raiser constman61 called, as did sas101088 from the big blind. The 4♦K♥3♠ flop brought checks from constman61 and sas101088, as did the 8♣ turn and the 5♥ river. Sas101088 showed T♥T♦, a pocket pair that held up to the board, and constman61 simply mucked. Vandorbab had to depart in sixth place with $4,060.29.

Five-way deal

The last five players paused the tournament to discuss a deal, and after an adjustment to the chip-chop numbers, they agreed. With $1,500 set aside for the winner, these were the payouts:

Seat 2: WelshViking (19312552 in chips) = $12,000.00
Seat 3: unluckymannn (15094930 in chips) = $10,751.76
Seat 4: surfchico (8758878 in chips) = $8,999.47
Seat 5: constman61 (10355045 in chips) = $9,090.24
Seat 9: sas101088 (16483595 in chips) = $11,000.00

The very first hand of play post-deal saw surfchico double through unluckymannn. Soon after, unluckymannn pushed all-in UTG with A♦9♦, and constman61 called from the button with 4♣4♦. The board came Q♥K♥3♥7♠T♣, and the pocket pair held up. Unluckymannn left in fifth place with $10,751.76.

Sas101088 then doubled through surfchico but remained the short stack of the final four. Another push was then made with A♦9♣ in the big blind, while original raiser surfchico folded and constman61 called with A♣7♠. The very first card to hit was the 7♥ to give constman61 the pair, and the rest of the cards came 5♠J♦8♠4♦. Sas101088 was eliminated in fourth place with $11,000.00.

Surfchico on the rocks

WelchViking continued to stay aggressive, to the point that surfchico commented, "u don't have fold button?" Surfchico took the brunt of the aggressive plays and was reduced to a stack of less than 10 million. The damage continued until surfchico doubled up once through constman61.

A few hands later, surfchico did it again:

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Constman61 was then on the shortest stack of the three and got involved with WelshViking. The raised flop came A♦7♦2♦, and constman61 moved all-in with 9♥7♥ for middle pair. WelshViking had A♠3♠, though, which turned into a full house when the board completed with 2♠A♥. Constman61 left in third place with $9,090.24.

Sailing to heads-up

The final two players began their battle with these stacks:

Seat 2: WelshViking (45,201,688 in chips)
Seat 4: surfchico (24,803,312 in chips)

It didn't take long for surfchico to lose ground and move all-in with A♣9♠. WelshViking called with A♦Q♥ and turned the winning hand into an even better one on the 4♣5♦A♥Q♦8♦ board. Surfchico had to settle for second place and $8,999.47.

WelshViking of Norway won the MicroMillions title and $13,500.00. Congrats!

MicroMillions Event #50 ($11 NLHE) Results (reflects deal):

1st place: WelshViking ($13,500.00)*
2nd place: surfchico ($8,999.47)*
3rd place: constman61 ($9,090.24)*
4th place: sas101088 ($11,000.00)*
5th place: unluckymannn ($10,751.76)*
6th place: vandorbab ($4,060.29)
7th place: monikalove ($2,660.19)
8th place: mikeoertel ($1,260.09)
9th place: Neryuslu ($840.06)

*Numbers based on a five-way chop with $1,500 added to winner's money

The MicroMillions is well underway, but there are plenty more tournaments on the schedule with 100 tournaments in all. Check out the main page for all tournament and satellite information, as well as the Leaderboard and Statistics pages.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in MicroMillions