MicroMillions: Wil_PipA shoves through Event #72, $3.30 NLHE

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngWhen the final table of Event #72 started there was a clear chip leader, made 1n U$$R, who sat with 6,475,427, more than double what anyone else held. On the second hand a raise to 200,000 was put in, a call was made and the action arrived on made 1n U$$R who squeezed it to 632,363 and took the pot to extend his chip lead further, the iron man from Russia ready to aggressively batter the table. It appeared that this was to be the way of the final table, but that mirage did not last long.

"Pause," requested made 1n U$$R. The man of steel wanted to discuss a deal with nine players left and a large chip lead? Looking through his results you could find out that this was made 1n U$$R's sixth tournament on PokerStars and only his second ever cash, the first being for $3.49 in February with an 8th place finish in a $1.23 buy-in. Suddenly the call for a deal made a lot of sense, this was a massive final table.

event 72 final table edit.jpg

It was a major final table for the micro grinders

There had been no resounding chorus of support to look at the numbers so play carried on. Ol464458 was the first to go losing a flip for his tournament life with T♦T♥ against Siberianmax's A♠K♦. More money locked up for the deal money. made 1n U$$R asked the table to consider a deal for a second time. Lee-anne agreed but no-one else did. Still no joy.

godfather558: I don't want discus in this time
made 1n U$$R: please
godfather558: maybe later

Turning down a deal...
The usual irony of refusing a deal came into effect shortly after when godfather558 (7th, $357.54) and Mojamoja1 (8th, $198.63) were both sent to the rail, perhaps wishing they'd had the power of hindsight to agree to an eight-way chop. mojamoja1 lost a flip with A♣K♠ to Wil_PipA's 5♦5♥ when the small pair flopped a set. Godfather558 was unlucky to run into Siberianmax's pocket kings when trying to steal the blinds with a J♥4♠ button shove. He managed to flop a gutshot draw but the full straight failed to materialise sending him to the virtual rail.

Six players remained and Wil_PipA, who had momentarily claimed the chip lead, open shoved all-in from under-the-gun for 53 big blinds. It was a bold tactic, possibly used to exert the only other large chip stack, made 1n U$$R, who had made it clear that he was after a deal. Or perhaps he was fast playing a big hand...

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made 1n U$$R: wtf.... Why u played with all-in

Indeed Wil_PipA had open-shoved aces flashing them after successfully stealing the blinds. Maybe his paranoia had some legitimate grounds, the very next hand Siberianmax had a set cracked by Lee-anne's open-ended straight draw which tripped up. Although it didn't knock him out it did leave him short with less than seven big blinds. Despite a small rally he was forced to get it in with A♦3♠ from the button and kieromoney78 snapped him off with J♥J♠. No help on the flop, turn or river and Siberianmax found himself left out in the cold.

Deal negotiations finally begin
After some patter back and forth a chip-chop deal was settled on with $200 to go to the winner. All five players had guaranteed themselves a four-figure score. Lee-anne was the first of the pact to leave, perhaps emboldened by the deal to play for first snapping off a three-bet shove from the chip leader with 3♠3♥. made 1n U$$R held A♠J♦ and promptly rivered the nut flush giving the Russian around 40% of the chips in play with four left. This also was not to last.

Dropping the hammer
Big stacks can apply a lot of pressure but when a deal has been made, your opponent holds both position and top pair with a pretty good kicker then some of that torque slips away. Cue a 9,500,000 pot going towards Chilean Wil_PipA and with it the chip lead, this time for good.

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Wil_PipA extended his lead first by knocking out ostromila raise-calling with K♠Q♦ against the Bulgarian's 7♣7♦. The 8♠J♠Q♥T♦T♣ board gave ostromila few options to draw out. kieromoney78 departed the next hand when Wil_PipA made an audacious call from the 200,000 big blind with 6♦4♦ against the 4,002,288 button shove from kieromoney78. Perhaps he was happy taking a spin for the chance to take a two-to-one chip lead into the heads up. If so, it seemed to work. kieromoney78 tabled A♠8♠ but Wil_PipA rivered two-pair on the K♦4♥T♣9♥6♠ board.

made 1n U$$R had all the work to do but labour as he did he failed to make ground. He check-raised a 7♦2♥T♥ flop which he had to give up on when Wil_PipA came back over the top and had a walk when he held (and showed) pocket jacks. He finally decided enough was enough and drew a line in the sand when his Chilean opponent shoved on him once again but his 7♦4♦ failed to catch anything against Wil_PipA's Q♣8♣. That sent the additional $200 and the title to the Chilean.

1st: Wil_PipA, Chile, $1,917.80*
2nd: made 1n U$$R, Russia, $1,583.21*
3rd: kieromoney87, Spain, $1,050.38*
4th: ostromila, Bulgaria, $1,502.93*
5th: Lee-anne, Netherlands, $1,177.71*
6th: Siberianmax, Russia, $516.45
7th: godfather558, Russia, $357.54
8th: mojamoja1, Russia, $198.63
9th: Ole64458, Germany, $127.12

*Denotes a deal was made

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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in MicroMillions