MicroMillions winner has her own super Nova shine

Thumbnail image for MicroMillions logo.pngOn the fringe of the Este River floodplain, on the outer edge of endless acres of rich farming fields, sits the city of Buxtehude, Germany. Forty thousand people live up and down the tree-lined streets, and the vast majority of them have to get their hair cut at one point or another. That's an important part of this story, but before we get there, let's first meet a beautiful young woman from the same city.

Twenty-seven year-old Anett Sandke considerers herself a typical woman. She enjoys shopping and the occasional sporting event. The majority of her free time, however, is spent playing poker on PokerStars. She sticks to the low limits, a place that allows her to learn without risking her all hard-earned money.

"That will not change for now," Sandke said.

For most poker players, the low-limit handcuffs would almost certainly come off after what happened to Sandke this weekend. With some free time and a few bucks to spare, she entered the MicroMillions $8 NLHE rebuy event with more than 5,100 other people. She beat them all and pocketed $17,000. It's the biggest poker bankroll she's ever had, and she admits it's not sunk in yet.

"It's such a great feeling to be win such a big tournament as a woman," she said.

Euphoria aside, don't expect to see that MicroMilliions money playing big stakes today. Sandke is hitting the cash out button. She has her reasons.


Anett "netti.S1984" Sandke

Two years ago, Sandke fulfilled a life long dream and opened Nova Hair Design in Buxtehude.

"It's my baby," she said.

Though she's obsessed with poker and plays it, in her words, "every spare minute," her true love revolves around her entrepreneurial efforts. She's focused on making the business a success before she lets her head get too big about winning $17,000 in a few hours. Or put another way, when she hears the words "super" and "nova," she thinks first of her little hair shop in Buxtehude.

And so that's where Sadke's winnings are going.

"The largest portion of the money I'm going to put in my shop," Sandke said. "Otherwise I will treat myself to a great holiday."

Congratulations to Anett Sandke, both for her win, and for keeping a level head with all that new money.

For everyone else, the PokerStars MicroMillions continues for another week. Go get that money while you still can.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in MicroMillions