MicroMillions: Winning prescription for .Medicate_~0 in Event #14 ($3.30 Stud H/L)

MicroMillions logo.pngHi/Lo games contain quite a few swings, and no one knows that better than .Medicate_~0. The chip leader at one point with two tables remaining, .Medicate_~0 took second place on the leaderboard at the start of the final table but soon found very tough competition in subiremos. and AARON661. But despite some tough hands, .Medicate_~0 took the lead into three-handed play and never conceded it. That aggression paid off in the final heads-up match with fellow Russian AARON661, and .Medicate_~0 won the title.


On the second day of MicroMillions action, players had some non-hold'em options for the small buy-ins characteristic of the series. Besides some NLHE turbo and rebuy action, there was an Omaha Hi/Lo tournament and this Limit Stud Hi/Lo.

While many players stick to hold'em, especially when first grinding out a bankroll, others see the value in becoming adept at mixed games, of which stud is one. And learning the hi/lo variation of poker is also necessary for anyone looking to be a well-rounded poker player. So while this tournament was one of the lower guarantees with only $5K, thousands of people registered to participate and nearly tripled that number for the resulting prize pool. The final numbers were:

Players: 4,865
Guarantee: $5,000.00
Prize pool: $14,595.00
Paid players: 640

Out of the plethora of Team PokerStars Pros who have joined the vast numbers playing the MicroMillions, only three were willing to take on this stud variation. Of those three, Marcel Luske was the first to exit in 3235th place, and Marcin "Goral" Horecki was next in 2862nd place. Martin Staszko would've won any last longer bets, as he stayed in until a 1350th place exit.

The money bubble approached just before the 3.5-hour mark, and the 641st place finish of raudi07 was unfortunate except it allowed the rest of the field to make some money from the tournament. T00ty was the first to cash for $5.25 in this event. Three-figure payouts weren't in the cards until the final table, though, so much more play was in store for those looking for bigger profits.

Prior to the 6.5-hour break, there were only two tables remaining, and play tightened quite a bit with the final table in sight. Chip leaders were jerker23 and .Medicate_~0, but it was still anyone's game. Both of those remained in the top five as the field was reduced to 10 players, but AARON661 jumped into a significant lead.

The tenth place elimination of valerian65 initiated hand-for-hand play, and it took only a few minutes to eliminate another. MANEYHOLDEM$ moved all-in on third street, and FrankyJoJoJo and GJStewart111 played along. FrankyJoJoJo bet all-in on fifth street, and GJStewart111 called.

GJStewart111: 4♦6♥3♠2♦K♣A♣2♠
FrankyJoJoJo: T♠T♦3♦7♠7♥Q♥2♥
MANEYHOLDEM$: K♥K♠4♥3♣7♣9♣Q♠

FrankyJoJoJo was saved by taking the high, and GJStewart111 took the low, as MANEYHOLDEM$ exited in tenth place with $80.27.

AARON661 holds massive lead

When the final table began, players were in Level 38, with blinds of 250,000/500,000 and a 60,000 ante. Their starting chip stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: FrankyJoJoJo (792,017 in chips)
Seat 2: GJStewart111 (3,142,960 in chips)
Seat 3: Da_Tweeka459 (2,334,673 in chips)
Seat 4: subiremos. (1,477,935 in chips)
Seat 5: .Medicate_~0 (5,830,553 in chips)
Seat 6: MidgetGemz89 (1,917,532 in chips)
Seat 7: jerker23 (956,773 in chips)
Seat 8: AARON661 (7,872,557 in chips)

MM FT - Event 14.JPG

On the third hand of action, AARON661 took a pot worth 4.4 million chips from Da_Tweeka459, leaving the latter on a short enough stack to be all-in with the ante two hands later. The two players to come along on third street were .Medicate_~0 and AARON661. They checked fourth street, made a bet and call on fifth, and checked the rest of the way.

.Medicate_~0: A♣5♥5♠J♥7♣K♥6♦
AARON661: T♦A♦2♠9♥T♠8♥Q♥
Da_Tweeka459: 8♦T♣3♥Q♦7♥2♣J♠

AARON661 took the pot with the pair of tens, and DaTweeka459 had to leave in eighth place with $109.46.

FrankyJoJoJo was working a very short stack and risked it all on third street against AARON661 and GJStewart111. The two took it all the way to the river, at which point AARON661 showed A♣A♥J♥Q♦7♣Q♠9♦ for two pair. With no low, GJStewart111 mucked what started with 7♥8♥A♦9♣, and FrankyJoJoJo mucked his 2♠J♠J♦4♣ before leaving in seventh place with $182.43.

GJStewart111 doubled through AARON661 to stay in action, though AARON661 still held a massive lead with over 10 million chips. Subiremos. claimed several substantial pots to climb into second place and even take over the lead briefly from AARON661.

Brazil takes lead from two Russian players

AARON661 continued to lose ground, and subiremos. held a solid lead while .Medicate_~0 was in a close third on the leaderboard.

Short-stacked MidgetGemz89 finally took a stand with an all-in move on third street, and .Medicate_~0 was along for the ride. MidgetGemz89 ended up with 2♥6♣7♣8♦6♠T♥Q♣, but .Medicate_~0 showed K♦A♠2♦4♥3♦6♦9♦ for the flush and a 6-4-3-2-A low. MidgetGemz89 left the tournament in sixth place with $423.25.

On the very next hand, jerker23 raised all-in on third street and found a caller in subiremos. Jerker23 could only produce a pair of sevens with 8♠9♣K♣4♣7♦7♣2♥, while subiremos. dominated with J♥J♠4♥8♦5♠2♠3♥ - a better pair for the high and 8-5-4-3-2 for the low. Fifth place money of $715.15 went to jerker23.

Shorter-stacked GJStewart111 couldn't seem to gain much traction and finally got involved with .Medicate_~0 showing 8♠ against his opponent's 5♠. It wasn't until sixth street that GJStewart111 moved all-in with 3♦A♦8♠6♥K♠T♥, and .Medicate_~0 had A♠6♠5♠K♦J♥5♦. The pair of fives was good enough as the Q♦ on the river did nothing for GJStewart111 but leave him out in fourth place with $1,007.05.

.Medicate_~0 has a prescription for the chip lead

The lead was in .Medicate_~0's hands, as AARON661 struggled and subiremos. sat on the shortest of the three stacks.

Only a few hands later, subiremos. got involved with .Medicate_~0. The all-in move came on fifth street as subiremos. held 4♦2♣6♠4♣2♠, and .Medicate_~0 called with Q♠T♦Q♥T♠5♠. Subiremos. acquired the Q♦ and A♠ to end with two pair, but .Medicate_~0 already had the better two pair, as nothing changed with the 4♠ and A♣. Subiremos. of Brazil departed in third place with $1,298.95.

Russians battle for the win

The last two players in the tournament started their match with these counts:

Seat 5: .Medicate_~0 (16,622,259 in chips)
Seat 8: AARON661 (7,702,741 in chips)

.Medicate_~0 only increased the lead by taking a significant 8.2 million-chip pot from AARON661, and the latter was ready to risk it all a few hands later.

The hand started with a Q♠ for .Medicate_~0 and 8♣ for AARON661 on third street. They checked their respective 9♦ and J♦ cards on fourth, though .Medicate_~0 bet the 4♣ on fifth. AARON661 called with 7♣. When the Q♥ appeared on sixth for .Medicate_~0, a bet was made. AARON661 raised with T♥, and another raise led to AARON661 calling all-in. After the river, their entire hands were:

.Medicate_~0: Q♣Q♦Q♠9♦4♣Q♥5♠
AARON661: 4♠9♥8♣J♦7♣T♥3♥

The straight simply could not beat .Medicate_~0's quad queens, and with no qualifying low, AARON661 had to settle for second place in the tournament and the $1,601.65 that went with it.

.Medicate_~0 claimed the title in this MicroMillions tournament and walked away with $2,301.74 for the outright win. Congratulations!

MicroMillions Event #14 ($3.30 Stud H/L) Results:

1st place: .Medicate_~0 ($2,301.74)
2nd place: AARON661 ($1,601.65)
3rd place: subiremos. ($1,298.95)
4th place: GJStewart111 ($1,007.05)
5th place: jerker23 ($715.15)
6th place: MidgetGemz89 ($423.25)
7th place: FrankyJoJoJo ($182,43)
8th place: Da_Tweeka459 ($109.46)

The MicroMillions just began, but there are plenty more on the schedule with 100 tournaments in all. Check out the main page for all tournament and satellite information, as well as the Leaderboard and Statistics pages.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in MicroMillions