MicroMillions: Yo-yo dealing sees yoyomir win Event #80 $2.20 NLHE

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngAnother day and more opportunities for micro-limit players to experience true championship poker with huge fields and ever bigger prize pools, thanks to the PokerStars MicroMillions.

The final event of the day was Event #80 of the schedule. A $10,000 guarantee was offered for the $2.20 No Limit Holdem Event but once again that number was obliterated as 10,721 entrants threw in two shiny coins to create a prize pool of $20,542 - more than double the guarantee.

The top 1,350 players would finish in the money but seb3456 from Canada wasn't one of them. Seb3456 finished on the bubble in 1,351st place and missed out on the min-cash of $3.49.

Also missing the money were the two members of Team PokerStars who took part. Marcin "Goral" Horecki from Poland was again among the micro-stakes action but didn't add to his MicroMillions tally, falling in 4,458th place while Canadian Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome could only manage a couple of places better in 4,452nd place.

When Ireland's Wicus74 and his pocket fives lost a race against king-jack to be eliminated in 10th place, the final table was formed:


Final table lineup
Seat 1: reginagir313 (1,919,550 in chips)
Seat 2: smlpok17 (2,760,752 in chips)
Seat 3: sally247 (7,875,852 in chips)
Seat 4: Federiverrr (1,546,946 in chips)
Seat 5: AnyeLord (2,244,531 in chips)
Seat 6: yoyomir (10,930,364 in chips)
Seat 7: flopsuper (7,777,274 in chips)
Seat 8: #1CAPOstatus (7,700,749 in chips)
Seat 9: VILAVICENCIO (8,598,982 in chips)

The blinds were at 100k/200k/25k when the final table kicked off with yoyomir out in front, but it didn't take long for the deal discussions to surface.

AnyeLord said, "any body wants to made a deal?"

A nine-way deal appeared to be a little hopeful. We've seen it happen before in major tournaments, but in a micro-stakes tournament? Surely not?

VILAVICENCIO said, "$ 500 for all"
AnyeLord said, "anybody else?"
sally247 said, "i would go for a chip count deal"
VILAVICENCIO said, "$500 for all and the rest 1st 40% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% 4th 10%"
reginagir313 said, "im in"
Federiverrr said, " good deal ;)"

For a moment, it seemed that perhaps this deal talk actually had some legs as there was some interest, but it was no surprise to see a little resistance.

yoyomir said, "no"
#1CAPOstatus said, "no pause"
#1CAPOstatus said, "no deal"

It was game on and the players started to fall. Federiverrr was first to go in 9th place after blinding down to the point of no return. Federiverrr was all in with T♠9♠ but couldn't get past the A♦9♦ of smlpok17 on the 7♠A♥3♥5♠5♦ board, collecting $143.79 for a fine tournament.

Reginagir313 and AnyeLord both found double ups, but despite AnyeLord trying again for a deal, it wasn't going to happen. AnyeLord couldn't find any more good fortune and was out next with 5♦4♦ failing to improve on a board of 7♦9♣9♦6♣2♣ against the A♣Q♥ of flopsuper. AnyeLord picked up $225.96 for 8th place.

Again there were some deal discussions seven-handed and the clock was paused briefly, but a silent flopsuper held back negotiations and the clock was re-started.

sally247 said, "guess one of us will have to knock him out, he must not see his chat"

When reginagir313 and #1CAPOstatus saw a flop of T♥K♥3♦ the chips went flying with reginagir313 shoving all in with A♣K♠ for a strong top pair, but #1CAPOstatus held a monster with K♣K♦ for top set! The Q♠ turn and 8♥ river left reginagir313 on the rail in 7th place for $410.84 in prize money.

#1CAPOstatus was into a healthy chip lead, but after doubling up a couple of short stacks, #1CAPOstatus was brought back to the pack. The first one saw sally247 double with a sets of tens against ace-nine, while the second hand stung a little more:

RSS readers click through to see replay

#1CAPOstatus was able to extract a little revenge as sally247 moved all in with A♥5♥ but #1CAPOstatus called with a powerhouse Q♦Q♥ which held on the board of 7♠4♦9♠Q♣9♦. Sally247 won $616.26 for 6th place.

Another attempt at a five-handed deal fell through with flopsuper again quiet. That changed somewhat after the following hand went down:

RSS readers click through to see replay

A nasty river saw yoyomir double through flopsuper to put him onto the short stack but flopsuper found two double ups to get back into contention. One was against #1CAPOstatus who appeared to have a small breakdown with some hyper-aggressive play that backfired, doubling up opponents with jack-six and then jack-five in successive preflop clashes.

Eventually the luck turned and #1CAPOstatus claimed the scalp of flopsuper who moved all in preflop with Q♣9♠. #1CAPOstatus made the call with 8♦8♣ which spiked a river from heaven on the board of 9♥A♠J♦3♣8♥. The set of eights sent flopsuper to the cashier in 5th place for $821.68 which once again opened up deal negotiations.

The clock was paused with the chips as follows:

#1CAPOstatus (21,354,782 in chips)
smlpok17 (12,994,026 in chips)
yoyomir (12,496,456 in chips)
VILAVICENCIO (4,509,736 in chips)

With VILAVICENCIO on such a short stack with just six big blinds, the chip-chop deal didn't really provide pleasing numbers. The others agreed that it was a tough deal for VILAVICENCIO and all agreed to give $70 each from their share to make the deal happen. The final numbers were quickly agreed to as follows:

#1CAPOstatus - $2,347.98
smlpok17 - $1,803.43
yoyomir - $1,771.02
VILAVICENCIO - $1,530.82

The winner would also receive an additional $200.

With the numbers locked in, the cards were back in the air and it took just one hand for our tournament to be reduced to the final three. VILAVICENCIO found a monster Q♥Q♠ with all the chips in preflop, but fell to yoyomir's 8♦A♦ when the board was spread 4♠K♦3♣A♣T♥. It was a great deal in the end for VILAVICENCIO who pocked $1,530.82 for 4th place.

A huge double up for smlpok17 with A♣7♣ against #1CAPOstatus' Q♥T♣ shot smlpok17 into the chip lead as #1CAPOstatus was crippled.

#1CAPOstatus found two double ups to stay alive but couldn't make it three in a row. It was T♦9♦ for #1CAPOstatus and actually the best hand against yoyomir's 8♦7♦ but yoyomir flopped the world on the board of 9♠5♦6♥K♣2♥. A straight for yoyomir consigned #1CAPOstatus to 3rd place but the $2,347.98 payout would make him the biggest cash winner of the tournament.

Smlpok17 held a two-to-one chip advantage entering heads-up play but yoyomir grabbed the lead when his overpair of kings held against the flush draw of smlpok17. The small pots were exchanged back and forth before the final hand saw yoyomir open with a raise, smlpok17 moved all in and yoyomir called it off with A♥3♣. Smlpok17 showed 9♠9♥ but fell behind when the board landed 8♦A♦2♦4♥K♠.

Smlpok17 found $1,803.43 heading to the bankroll for 2nd place as yoyomir wins the MicroMillions title and $1971.02 in prize money!

Final Table Results
1st yoyomir (Argentina) - $1,971.02*
2nd smlpok17 (Romania) - $1,803.43*
3rd #1CAPOstatus (Canada) - $2,347.98*
4th VILAVICENCIO (Brazil) - $1,530.82*
5th flopsuper (Spain) - $821.68
6th sally247 (Canada) - $616.26
7th reginagir313 (Canada) - $410.84
8th AnyeLord (Mexico) - $225.96
9th Federiverrr (Poland) - $143.79

* denotes deal

The PokerStars MicroMillions is rounding the corner into the home straight so you'd better hurry and jump into the action so you don't miss out on the opportunity to turn a few dollars into a little slice of fame and fortune. For a complete rundown of the rest of the schedule, as well as results, statistics and more, head over to the MicroMillions Main Page.