MicroMillions III: ESTRATEGA 18 swaggers to Event #44 $11 NL Hold'em title

Uruguay scored their first win in the MicroMillions III today, and only their second ever, when ESTRATEGA 18 won Event #44, an $11 no-limit hold'em event and a first prize of $6.092.68. ESTRATEGA 18 displayed great flair as well as a ruthless streak as he picked him moment at the final, overcoming LameR25, from Ukraine, heads-up. It may be that the Ukrainian is still rubbing his head wondering what happened.

Going into the heads-up phase the scores had been level. LameR25 had suggested a deal on various occasions, but ESTRATEGA 18 was having none of it, or at least not unless he got more than his opponent. LameR25, not unreasonably, asked why. ESTRATEGA 18 suggested LameR25 check out his heads-up stats and that "that was how deals worked". Whether he agreed or not LameR25 played on, and looked at least as good as ESTRATEGA 18, who was on the ropes on more than one occasion.

And yet ESTRATEGA 18 never really lost touch. With the stacks almost level, the chips went in, both players showing ace-queen. Then came along a lightning bolt of luck for ESTRATEGA 18 who crucially had A♦Q♦. Two diamonds struck the flop and another on the river.

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"hohoho," said ESTRATEGA 18. "is my time". He was right, albeit to the misfortune of LameR25 who was reduced, one imagines, to shaking his fist at his computer screen. The pittance he had left was soon gone. ESTRATEGA 18 took the title and an untouched first prize.

It had all looked so different an hour and 20 minutes beforehand when the final table had started. ESTRATEGA 18 had been one of the shorter stacks at a table dominated by two big ones:

Taedes, Brazil, 683,078
Kerenos, Russia, 629,310
LameR25, Ukraine, 1,738,748
ESTRATEGA 18, Uruguay, 2,159,706
Yawade, Belgium, 962,920
Slamdunk2bit, New Zealand, 5,556,898
Mysterio90, Norway, 1,598,832
IvIitch, New Zealand, 1,088,826
Jayjayme, Canada, 4,824,182

E44 final.jpg
The final table begins

First to go...

Kerenos, a SuperNova from Brazil, was first to move all-in. On the first try nothing happened but minutes later he was called by lvlitch who opened with A♥8♠ to 180,000 before Kerenos 3-bet to 660,000 with J♠J♣. lvlitch then shoved for 961,326 which Kerenos called all-in with his last 29,310. The flop brought an A♠ but the J♥hit the turn. lvlitch was crippled, down to 264,000.

It was the sort of amount to prompt an immediate shove, and lvlitch did just that, doubling through Kerenos, although it left him still in need of chips. Actually they both were. So too was Taedes who would beat them both to the rail.

He moved all-in with K♦A♣ after a bet from lvlitch before slamdunk2bit called, flexing his muscles with 8♣8♦. The board ran out 5♥Q♦Q♠5♠2♣ which was enough to send Taedes to the rail in ninth place, earning $310.40.

Kerenos immediately followed in a big hand, all-in against jayjayme which would leave jayjayme with more than 6 million:

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Five minutes later it was finally lvlitch's turn. He opened, LameR25 moved all-in for a million, and yawade followed for slightly more:

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It sent lvlitch out in seventh place, collecting $873. But the departures were not finished yet. A minute later yawade, crippled in the three way all-in, clicked his 146,000 chips forward against jayjayme with A♠J♥ and LameR25 with 8♠6♦. The board was checked down as it came Q♦8♠7♥K♣Q♣, sending the chips to LameR25. Yawade didn't show and departed in sixth place, collecting$1,261.

Back at the front...

Jayjayme and slamdunk2bit remained in the lead, with no love lost when they clashed on the virtual felt, and in the chat box. As they eyed each other up Mysterio90 moved up with 2 million with a set of nines while LameR25 shoved three times before he doubled to 2.9 million, his aces toppling jayjayme's jacks, a hand that increased slamdunk2bit's lead.
Mysterio90 would not last much longer. All-in again, he turned over A♥Q♦ and must have felt good against LameR25's A♦8♠. But that soon changed with the flop bringing an 8♦. Mysterio90 was out in fifth place, collecting $1,649.

Down to three...

Play went three-handed just two minutes later when jayjayme, whose stack had slumped, 3-bet shoved with 8♥8♠ and was called by his rival slamdunk2bit who turned over A♣A♦. It was perfect timing for slamdunk2bit who faded anything nasty on the board to soar to an enormous lead.

Slamdunk2bit: 11.1 million
ESTRATEGA 18: 4.3 million
LameR25: 3.9 million

It was about now that a deal was first suggested by LameR25.

"Chip deal sucks," replied ESTRATEGA 18 before adding with great modesty: "I'm the best here. Check stats. I probably go to win."

While the others tried to work out whether he was joking or not, play continued with a 4 million pot that seemed to prove ESTRATEGA 18 right:

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That levelled him with slamdunk2bit at around 7.5 million, although slamdunk2bit quickly assumed the lead again shortly after when he forced a fold from ESTRATEGA 18 in a pot worth nearly 4 million.

But it was only the start of a period of unstable chip stacks. ESTRATEGA 18 would be up to ten million minutes later:

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Was slamdunk2bit sunk? Down to 3 million and now the short stack? The answer was yes. When LameR25 moved all in minutes later with A♣J♦ slamdunk2bit called all-in with A♠T♠. He'd swan dived spectacularly and this was the moment he went splat. No ten came and he was out in third place for $3,201.

It left LameR25 and ESTRATEGA 18 to do their stuff, a 20 minute heads-up battle that ESTRATEGA 18 swaggered through, securing his first MicroMillions title, and some glory for Uruguay:

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Congratulations to ESTRATEGA 18, winner of Event #44 and a first prize of 6092.68, none of which he had to share.

MicroMillionsIII Event #44 $11 NL Hold'em
1. ESTRATEGA 18, Uruguay, $6,092.68
2. LameR25, Ukraine, $4,539.60
3. Slamdunk2bit, New Zealand, $3,201.00
4. jayjayme, Canada, $2,231.00
5. Mysterio90, Norway, $1,649.00
6. Yawade, Belgium, $1,261.00
7. Lvlitch, New Zealand, $873.00
8. Kerenos, Russia, $485.00
9. Taedes, Brazil, $310.40

Entrants: 3,880
Prize pool: $38,800
Places paid: 495

That leaves 56 events still to play in the MicroMillions III. Visit the MicroMillions page for more information and a full tournament schedule.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in MicroMillions