MicroMillionsIII: Powertom_65 wins whirlwind Event #45 Big Game final ($3.30 PNL Hold'em)

The last two players had survived the carnage of what was a 24 minute final table, not including the seven minute deal break. Each finalist had hurled chips at each other until they had either succumbed in the bun fight or wound up in the last two. With a deal done three-handed, and just two of that trio remaining, Powertom_65 and KRAG311 got down to playing Event #45 to a close.

With the stacks level at 11 million each at 10.48 ET there was little call for ceremony. There was no finessing, just the satisfying noise of players getting their chips in. Rapid fire bet calling. Maybe a second to think then click, decision made. Then the final all-in, Powertom_65 taking the title, and a hundred bucks, when his pocket Queens knocked the feet from under KRAG311's pocket sevens.

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With a deal in place that secured Powertom_65 a first prize of $1,814.66. To win the German had outlasted a field of 4,578 players that had bumped up the prize pool from its guaranteed $5,000 to $13,734. It took eight hours 12 minutes to get that number of entrants down to nine. It then took half an hour to wrap up the final. And what a final.

Event 45 - final tabel.png
The final table line up. Don't blink...

The format for the event was "Big Game", identical to the PokerStars TV show that uses pot-limit hold'em pre-flop and then no-limit hold'em afterwards. The idea is to see more flops, and it worked. It just did nothing to make it last any longer.

The final table line-up...

1. Jwjhooper, United Kingdom, 1,478,752
2. Valenokudav, Russia, 2,559,394
3. Powertom_65, Germany, 4,264,675
4. KRAG311, Belarus, 1,669,024
5. AlexKayz, Ukraine, 792,096
6. GolemInside, Russia, 4,681,006
7. Amme77, Germany, 4,183,345
8. Danish7, India, 2,438,410
9. Luc 126, Canada, 490,798

10.17 ET (27 minutes remaining)

AlexKayz is the first player all-in and the first out. With blinds at 70,000-140,000 with a 17,500 ante, jwjhooper opened for 290,000 with A♣J♣ before AlexKayz moved all in with 529,596. jwjhooper then called with K♦Q♠. The board came K♣Q♥8♥3♥J♥ sending the chips to jwjhooper and sending the Ukrainian out in ninth place, earning $109.87.

10.18 ET (26 minutes remaining

With blinds up to 80,000-160,000 with a 20,000 ante, luc 126 was all in next. GolemInside opened with K♠4♠, making it 337,600 to play before luc 126 moved all-in for his last 138,238 holding A♦5♥. The flop paired GolemInside's four to seal luc 126's fate, out in eight for $171.67.

At around the same time Powertom_65 had taken a clear lead, up to 6.3 million after a pot worth 2.6 million against the unpredictable German, Amme77. Then danish7 used the all-in button to add some ballast to his stack in a hand against Valenokudav. Amme77 continued to use unpredictability to his disadvantage shortly after:

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That left six, with Amme77 collecting $309.01 for seventh place.

10.26 ET (18 minutes remaining)

KRAG311 secured a double up against Powertom_65, with aces against queen ten. That cut Powertom_65 down a little, thrusting GolemInside back into the lead in his place.

10.27 ET (17 minutes remaining)

jwjhooper departed in sixth, sent to the rail by Powertom:

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10.29 ET (19 minutes remaining)

Valenokudav opened for 459,999 with K♥7♦ before GolemInside 3-Bet from the big blind with K♣8♣, making it 1.6 million. Valenokudav then moved all-in, making it 2,296,894, which GolemInside called. Valenokudav caught a seven on the turn to overtake GolemInside, 4.7 million to 4.5 million.

10.31 ET (17 minutes remaining)

Danish7 moves all-in on a flop of 2♠7♠7♦. It's a 3 million pot and it sends Powertom_65 into the tank. He reappeared to fold, down to 5.5 million. Danish7 climbed to 4.9 million.

10.32 ET (16 minutes remaining)

KRAG311 is all in this time with a pair of welcome aces which easily topple the pocket tens of Valen. A hand later Valenokudav is out. He pushed his 1.4 million in with Q♥T♣ after a bet from GolemInside with A♦9♥, who then called. Valenokudav needed help all the way and was finally seen off by the ace on the river. He was out in fifth collecting $583.69.

10.33 ET (15 minutes remaining)

Suddenly GolemInside is crippled in a massive hand against Powertom:

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GolemInside shoved in the next hand but could only split a pot with danish7 as Powertom sits behind a stack worth around 10.5 million.

10.34 ET (14 minutes remaining)

GolemInside takes a walk outside, sent there by Danish7. GolemInside shoved pre-flop with 644,796, holding A♥9♠ which Danish7 raised to 1,089,592 with A♠J♠. The flop brought an ace that did nothing to change the scores and that's how it finished, Danish7 outkicking GolemInside who departed in fourth place, earning $789.70.

10.34:50 ET (13 minutes 10 seconds remaining)

Play pauses as Danish asks if they want to see numbers, with the chip counts as follows:

Danish7: 5.4 million
Powertom_65: 10.3 million
KRAG311: 6.4 million

10.43 ET (five minutes remaining)

With deal in place and $100 still up for grabs play resumes. Danish7 celebrates his new found wealth by moving all-in, but only after some betting and calling:

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10.44 ET (four minutes remaining)

Powertom_65: 15.8 million
KRAG311: 6.7 million

10.45 ET (three minutes remaining)

The scores are levelled again at 11 million each and neither player shows any shyness with their chips. Powertom_65 eventually secured the win the last hand, flopping a set of sevens. Congratulations to him on a great win and a wildly entertaining final.

MicroMillionsIII Event #45 $3.30 PNL Hold'em [The Big Game Format]

Powertom_65, Germany, *$1,814.66
KRAG311, Belarus, *$1,587.59
Danish7, India, *$1,496.36
GolemInside, Russia, $789.70
Valenokudav, Russia, $583.69
Jwjhooper, United Kingdom, $446.35
Amme77, Germany, $309.01
Luc 126, Canada, $171.67
AlexKayz, Ukraine, $109.87

Entrants: 4,578
Prize pool: $13,734
Places paid: 585

That leaves 55 events still to play in the MicroMillions III. Visit the MicroMillions page for more information and a full tournament schedule.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in MicroMillions