2013 MicroMillions 4: None strong as Oxsalis75 in Event 58 ($2.20+R NLHE, Big Antes, 2x-Turbo)

The beauty of the MicroMillions is that it levels the field for everybody by making the buy-ins the very definition of affordable. Yesterday, in Event 49, the final table included a few players who've seen some love on the PokerStars Blog in the past. Today, the final table for 2013 MicroMillions 4 Event 58, $2.20+R NLHE (Big Antes, 2x-Turbo) featured nine players who are largely unknowns but who used skill, stamina and run-good to earn what, for many, was the biggest payout of their online poker careers. One of them, Oxsalis75, is now a MicroMillions champion.

Two dollars doesn't get you much these days, but two dollars and twenty cents got a player a seat at the table in Event 58. More than 14,000 eventually signed up. They executed 35,718 re-buys and 8,161 add-ons to swell the prize pool to almost $116,000. Grinding down to 1800 players remaining in the tournament was worth $13.91, the lowest payout available. Up top was more than $15,000 for the champion.

Event 58 started at noon server time. The combination of the big antes and the turbo structure ensured that only five hours were needed for the tournament to collapse all the way to its final table of nine players.

MM4 Event 58 final table.png

Seat 1: Oxsalis75 (7837177 in chips)
Seat 2: Rasskaz223 (20188288 in chips)
Seat 3: hungnguyen83 (10997490 in chips)
Seat 4: tmoneey20 (34065589 in chips)
Seat 5: TimmyRussia (30763296 in chips)
Seat 6: Bart808 (23411096 in chips)
Seat 7: dougy1982 (6527834 in chips)
Seat 8: Cartman.DG (23038331 in chips)
Seat 9: enemynines (24384899 in chips)

Level 54: 800k-1600k blinds, 320k ante
Average: 20,134,188 (12.5 BBs)

No repeat for hungnguyen83 as short stacks fall

Two players were exceptionally short at the start of the final table: Oxsalis75 and dougy1982. Oxsalis75 doubled up early by collecting the blinds and antes a few times.

Those wins came largely at the expense of hungnguyen83, a player who came into the final table of a similar MicroMillions 1 event last year as the chip leader before finishing in 2nd place for $16,808.44. This time around hungnguyen83 was the first player out.

The end started when hungnguyen83 opened a later pot pre-flop to 3.2 million. Cartman.DG called from the big blind with 5♠6♥ and flopped the join, 7♠8♦4♥. hungnguyen83 committed on the flop with air, Q♥T♥, perhaps hoping to drive Cartman.DG out of the pot. That obviously didn't happen. The turn 5♥ gave hungnguyen83 some heart hope, but the river J♣ snatched it away. hungnguyen83 was the first to bow out.

dougy1982 followed a few hands later by calling all in for less than the big blind with K♣8♣. Oxsalis75 picked up pocket kings the same hand and isolated with a pre-flop raise. The case king flopped, leaving dougy1982 drawing dead on the flop.

After Oxsalis75 secured a full double-up through Cartman.DG by having jacks hold up against A♥6♥, TimmyRussia notched the next elimination. In the 1MM-2MM level, TimmyRussia shoved from under the gun for 31.8 million. Action passed to small blind Rasskaz223, who called all in for about 10.5 million total with T♣8♣. TimmyRussia showed Q♣Q♠. The flop was about as good as Rasskaz223 could hope for in this situation, 9♦7♥8♠, but the board blanked out from there.

That pesky "discuss deal" checkbox

Blinds went up again to 1.25MM and 2.5MM. Oxsalis75 suggested it was time to deal. The players didn't all check the "discuss deal" option, however, so play continued. Oxsalis75 caught another double-up on this hand to take over the chip lead:

It was then that all players finally agreed to pause the tournament and consider a deal. A table host produced chip-chop numbers, but tmoneey20 quickly demurred from a deal. "No for me. Would rather try and run it up."

Play resumed with tmoneey20 doing exactly that. In the space of two hands, tmoneey20 doubled up and then knocked out Bart808. The first double-up, to about 16 million total, came courtesy of Oxsalis75, when Oxsalis couldn't improve Q♣9♣ against tmoneey20's K♠8♥. The next hand, Bart808 opened all in for 13.7 million. tmoneey20 called with pocket 6s and out-flipped A♥T♦ on a K♠4♠Q♥2♥4♦ board.

The tournament paused a second time. This time everyone agreed to chip-chop.

"My biggest catch," said Cartman.DG. "Already won sometimes 5k and less but never more than 5."

"I once won 86k in a bad beat jackpot playing 1-2," said tmoneey20.

Turbo madness to close it out

With sizable payouts secured for all, enemynines, the short stack, went for broke and raised all in to 4.5 million total. tmoneey20 made the easy call from the 3-million big blind with T♠7♣ and made two pair to take out the A♦4♠ of enemynines.

Actually got plenty crazy from there. Cartman.DG doubled up huge through TimmyRussia by making presto (5♠5♦) hold up against A♥3♦. tmoneey20 finished off TimmyRussia one hand later when TimmyRussia called all in with A♣5♣ and got badly out-flopped by tmoneey20's 9♣6♣, 9♥3♣9♦.

This was the hand of the tournament for Cartman.DG:

Losing that pot left Cartman.DG with 24.5 million chips. That seems like quite a bit, but blinds were already at 2MM-4MM. Cartman.DG called all in the next hand against an open-shove from tmoneey20. Cartman.DG flopped best, making a pair of 8s with 7♣8♣ on an 8♠3♥5♣, but tmoneey20's A♣9♠ rivered the A♥ to knock Cartman.DG out in 3rd place.

That elimination left tmoneey20 and Oxsalis75 to battle it out for the MicroMillions title and the extra $1,000 reserved for the champion. tmoneey20 started with 147.9 million in chips to 33.2 million for Oxsalis75. It was a tall mountain that Oxsalis75 climbed in exactly six hands.

The final hand didn't see any all-in action until the turn. tmoneey20 limped the button for 5 million; Oxsalis75 checked out of the big blind. Both players checked a 7-high flop, 2♣7♦5♦. On the turn 3♣ Oxsalis75, who started the hand with a 2-to-1 chip lead, bet 5 million. tmoneey20 raised all in to 55.7 million. Oxsalis75 quickly called with Q♣7♥ and had to fade only the river card against tmoneey20's pair-and-gutshot combination with "The Spanish Inquisition", 6♠3♠. (Why "the Spanish Inquisition"? Because "nooooooooobody expects" you to be holding 6-3.) The river blanked out K♣ to seal the victory for Oxsalis75.

It wasn't a ruthless, dominating victory by Oxsalis75, but to be fair few of these turbo final tables ever are. They're usually a blend of picking your spots and crossing your fingers. Oxsalis75, the player who brokered the five-way deal, did the best at picking those spots and running good when needed. That's what it took to be the MicroMillions champion in Event 58.

2013 MicroMillions 4 Event 58 $2.20+R NLHE (Big Antes, 2x-Turbo) results (* denotes 5-way deal):

1st: Oxsalis75 ($11,034.92)*
2nd: tmoneey20 ($8,505.97)*
3rd: Cartman.DG ($9,074.39)*
4th: TimmyRussia ($10,451.10)*
5th: enemynines ($5,104.99)*
6th: Bart808 ($3,361.85)
7th: Rasskaz223 ($2,202.59)
8th: dougy1982 ($1,043.33)
9th: hungnguyen83 ($695.55)

The 2013 MicroMillions 4 ends this Sunday. Between now and then there are more than 40 events that you can enter, all for buy-ins that are designed to be affordable for small-stakes and micro-stakes players. The MicroMillions home page has all the details.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Dave Behr
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