2013 MicroMillions 4: Ramesh2409 preserves victory in Event 84 ($8.80 NLHE)

Being in the right place at the right time is a great skill - especially in poker. In 2013 MicroMillions 4 Event 84, $8.80 NLHE, Ramesh2409 allowed another player at the final table to do most of the heavy lifting. Then, when the payout mattered most, when it came time to decide who would receive the champion's set-aside after a six-way deal, Ramesh2409 pounced and claimed victory.

$50,000 guaranteed for the total prize pool? How about (almost) $50,000 guaranteed for just the final table payouts in Event 84. The guarantee for the event was exceeded by more than double when 13,400 players entered. 1,710 would exit with something to show for their sweat, their coolers, the bad beats and their brilliant play. The top dog stood to earn $14,371.14.

After a lengthy final table bubble that saw leemahf eliminated in 10th place, that top dog had only eight other players to beat:

MM4 Event 84 final table.png

Seat 1: heteli (9420280 in chips)
Seat 2: tm230 (1792618 in chips)
Seat 3: Ramesh2409 (11656070 in chips)
Seat 4: littleminx17 (4656270 in chips)
Seat 5: sunys9 (2673410 in chips)
Seat 6: xxxALBxxx (15067043 in chips)
Seat 7: marcotmiguel (7454251 in chips)
Seat 8: allezsedanYB (7382476 in chips)
Seat 9: 0Adas0 (6897582 in chips)

Level 48: 150k-300k blinds, 37.5k ante
Average: 7,444,444 (25 BBs)

The short stack, tm230, doubled through the chip leader, xxxALBxxx, on the second hand of the final table with A♠Q♠ besting K♠8♣, all in pre-flop. From there players settled in for what promised to be a toughly contested final table.

It thus fell to littleminx17 to exit the final table first. Down to 3.8 million in chips in the 200k-400k level, littleminx17 opened to 1.2 million from under the gun. xxxALBxxx, still 2nd in chips with 12.4 million, three-bet to 3.8 million. Action passed all the way to heteli on the button, who four-bet shoved for 8.14 million. littleminx17 called all in and xxxALBxxx called as well, creating a three-way all-in situation!

littleminx17: K♠K♥
xxxALBxxx: T♦T♣
heteli: A♦K♣

The board came with an ace and four clubs, either of which facets by itself was enough to give heteli the pot and the chip lead.

littleminx17 was eliminated in 9th place on that hand. xxxALBxxx finished a hard-luck 8th place four hands later by three-betting all in for 3.49 million over Ramesh2409's open-raise to 1.2 million. Ramesh2409 called with pocket jacks, bad news for xxxALBxxx's pocket 8s. There wasn't much to sweat on a board of 6♣4♣3♦3♠9♥.

xxxALBxxx's elimination left 0Adas0 as the shortest stack of the remaining seven players. 0Adas0 tried open-shoving from the button with K♦T♦ but walked right into big blind tm230's A♣K♠. A nine-high rainbow flop wasn't any help to 0Adas0, who hit the rail when the turn and river also blanked out.

Holding the chip lead, heteli suggested players consider a deal. They did, just as the 7pm break rolled around. The players requested to see what a chip-count chop would look like. Upon receiving the numbers from a table host, all six players agreed to the deal, leaving just $1,000 up for grabs.

On the first hand back from the break, tm230 moved all in for more than 7 million with pocket 9s. allezsedanYB called with A♠7♠ and spiked an ace on the turn to end tm230's run in 6th place. The short-stacked marcotmiguel soon followed tm230 to the rail. marcotmiguel was dealt K♣Q♣ and moved in pre-flop, right into the face of heteli's A♥K♠. There was no saving marcotmiguel's stack after an ace flopped, though two clubs on the board by the turn at least provided a sweat.

Two hands later it was sunys9's turn to die. With just 3.51 million, sunys9 moved all in pre-flop with the best of it, K♦J♣, against Ramesh2409, who had opened with 5♣9♣. Ramesh2409 was the only one to connect with a 5♠A♣8♣A♦A♠ board. sunys9 finished in 4th place.

Three-handed play pitted heteli (26.5 million) against Ramesh2409 (21.7 million) and allexsedanYB (18.6 million) with blinds at 300k-600k. Ramesh2409 took over the chip lead by getting full value on the nuts courtesy of allezsedanYB:

heteli finished off allezsedanYB three hands later by calling allezsedanYB's pre-flop shove. allezsedanYB was drawing live with K♠9♣, but heteli's A♠Q♣ prevailed. heteli made top two pair by the turn, leaving allezsedanYB drawing dead.

Ramesh2409 took down the first three heads-up pot, but on the fourth heteli secured a full double-up. After the pot was three-bet pre-flop by heteli, Ramesh2409 shoved an A♥K♥3♣ flop with Q♠J♦. heteli got right in there with A♣Q♣ and held on through the river. The pot was worth 42.3 million of the 67 million chips in play.

Ramesh2409 clawed back. Within another eight hands the two players were virtually level. From there it was almost all Ramesh2409. By the time play ended, Ramesh2409 rattled off 11 straight pots to secure an extra $1,000 as the champion of Event 84. The final blow was the biggest of them all and saw the chips go in on the river:

2013 MicroMillions 4 Event 84 $8.80 NLHE results (* denotes 6-way deal):

1st: Ramesh2409 ($11,478.17)*
2nd: Heteli ($11,840.27)*
3rd: allezsedanYB ($6,390.61)*
4th: sunys9 ($4,687.47)*
5th: marcotmiguel ($4,471.79)*
6th: tm230 ($5,960.49)*
7th: 0Adas0 ($2,144.00)
8th: xxxALBxxx ($1,072.00)
9th: littleminx17 ($643.20)

It's not too late to join the MicroMillions 4 fun. The series ends tomorrow but there are still several opportunities to turn a micro buy-in into a big bankroll between now and then. Check out all the options on the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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