MicroMillion 6: Parisg7 sizzles to win Event #9 title ($8.80 PL Omaha)

It's often what happens before a final table that determines what happens during it. So it went in Event #9 of MicroMillions 6, won today by parisg7 in convincing style.

With two tables remaining play seemed to linger on 16 players left. For half an hour they slugged it out without a single player departing. The effect was to leave half the field desperately short of chips and the other half eager to get the final underway as the blinds began to bite.

So when the final nine took their seats, four had fewer than ten big blinds. The result, a quick final, wrapped up in a little less than an hour.

E9 final pic.jpg
The final table of Event 9 gets underway

Finishing runner-up was Maikle 1987, who had held a narrow lead over parisg7 coming into the final during which both excelled. But despite a commanding presence, and a bold attempt to wrestle back the lead heads-up, Maikle 1987 fell short of the title. Here's how.

Seat 1. Zanetti312 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2201893
Seat 2. #$#1977#DK (Russia) 2,558,840
Seat 3. YodaIRL (Ireland) 812,300
Seat 4. Zykerman (Ukraine) 563,354
Seat 5. Clasp78 (Germany) 768,912
Seat 6. Maikle 1987 (Russia) 4,706,463
Seat 7. KrisAlex (Cyprus) 446,654
Seat 8. parisg7 (Greece) 4,072,742
Seat 9. 2G00D2F0LD (Netherlands) 2,068,842

In much the same way as play stalled prior to the final, it took several tense minutes before the action forced any major movement. When it came it came from KrisAlex, out in ninth place, calling all-in with hand of KKJJ and running it into the trip aces of YodaIRL.

With blinds up yet again no one was particularly deep stacked, not least Zykerman whose one big blind went into the pot minutes later. Somehow he managed to make a hand of tens and sixes to triple up, which would mean a seventh place finish rather than eight. Instead that went to 2G00D2F0LD, in spectacular style.

With the dust settled Zykerman departed next, closely followed by #$#1977#DK in sixth place who shoved, got three callers. Zykerman hoped for the best but watched them check it down and the last of his chips pushed to Zanetti312, who showed queens and fives.

By now YodaIRL and Clasp78 were against the wall. Clasp78 shoved first for less than 400,000. YODA, who had only twice that amount, felt strong enough to call, but watched powerless as Clasp78 made a nine-high straight, effectively switching their stacks around.

Second later YodaIRL shoved for 341,000. Maikle 1987 called in the small blind and parisg7 did so from the big, the former making kings and sevens to bust him in fifth and move his own stack up to 7.4 million.

Back from the break an energised Clasp78 shoved and doubled with three deuces, taking his stack up to seven figures for the first time. However, it would prove a short-lived high.

Three handed, things were getting close:

Maikle 1987 - 6.9 million
parisg7 - 6.6 million
Zanetti312 - 4.3 million

But any suggestion that we were in for a drawn-out war of attrition were quickly dispelled by the biggest hand of the tournament so far.

parisg7 now had a near two-to-one advantage and asked Maikle 1987 to deal. Maikle 1987 responded as if he'd been asked to surrender outright, turning down any thought of a compromise, even hinting that it would be wrong to given parisg7's sizeable lead.

parisg7 didn't entirely follow his logic, but wished Maikle 1987 good luck anyway. He pressed on until Maikle 1987 pulled back to almost level and immediately agreed to a deal.

With the admin complete play continued. But unlike before the deal, play now seemed to suit parisg7; first making a set of kings, then jacks full of threes to stretch his advantage to 13.3 million against Maikle 1987's 4 million.

Maikle 1987 actually pulled back to his pre-deal stack, but like a man trying desperately to reach the top of a greasy pole, he fell back down again, parisg7 making a ten-high straight to take what would prove an unsurmountable lead. The proof came seconds later.

A solid performance from parisg7 who showed admirable skill to the job done. The full result is below.

MicroMillions-009: $8.80 PL Omaha
Entrants: 3,640
Prize pool: $29,120
Places paid: 495

1st. parisg7 (Greece) $4,216.00
2nd. Maikle 1987 (Russia) $3,765.13
3rd. zanetti312 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) $2,402.40
4th. Clasp78 (Germany) $1,674.40
5th. YodaIRL (Ireland) $1,237.60
6th. #$#1977#DK (Russia) $946.40
7th. zykerman (Ukraine) $655.20
8th. 2G00D2F0LD (Netherlands) $364.00
9th. KrisAlex (Cyprus) $232.96

* Denotes two-way deal.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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