Micromillions 4: A happy victory for hahahasucker in Event #53 ($3.30 NLHE Ante Up 6-Max)

Ante up and listen up ladies and gentlemen.

hahahasucker has become our most recent Micromillions champion, winning $1,400 in the process.

Event #53 had a few traits that piqued the interest of thousands of players. The buy-in was a very affordable $3.30 and tables had a maximum of six players, providing lots of leg room. Also, the blinds never went up.

The antes went up every 10 minutes though.

Ante Up is a fairly new variation of NLHE and players have welcomed it with open arms. Pros and amateurs alike have Tweeted, blogged and sent postcards to friends and family raving about Ante Up tournaments

There were three Ante Up tournaments this Micromillions with Event #53 being the last. One player who took part in the final Ante Up of Micromillions 4 was PokerStars Team Online Tyler "frosty012" Frost.

Frost is currently attempting to become the Micromillions Player of the Series. While Frost didn't get a win this tournament, he did finish 707th and cashed for $5.33. This finish will earn frost another 5 points, bringing his total up to 135. Frost will need to double that to catch up with the current leader, FENOMENICO, who has 265 points.

Our victor this tournament was hahahasucker, who managed to beat millsy630 heads-up. For a while, millsy630 had such a commanding chip lead it seemed like no one could take it away. It started when play got down to the final six tables.

With 3.2 million, millsy630 was already 1 million chips ahead of second place with about 30 players left. Then the monster stack just continued to grow.

The blinds, of course, were 5/5, but the ante had grown to 12,500. bat84man raised to 27,500 from the UTG and got two callers. Action was on millsy630 on the big blind who three-bet to 165,470.

bat84man took this opportunity to shove his remaining 1,030,281 chips into the pot. Action folded to millsy630 who made the call.

millsy630: A♦K♦
bat84man: K♣[10c]

The board came 7♠6♣4♠6♥9♥ and millsy630 had the better kicker to take down one of the biggest pots of the tournament. millsy630's stack grew to 4,173,154, putting the chip leader nearly 2 million ahead of the pack.

millsy630 took advantage of the stack and it grew up to 8.8 million by the time we got down to the final table.

While millsy630 was causing devastation all tournament long, Renato China burst the final table bubble. With a 100,000 ante, PokerMurphy1 raised to 121,000 and Renato China moved all-in for 2,978,241.

PokerMurphy1 called all-in and we had ourselves a flip. PokerMurphy1 showed 7♦7♥ while Renato China turned over A♥9♥.

The 5♣8♥A♠ flop gave Renato China an ace and a 9♣ came on the river to seal PokerMurphy1's fate.

Our final table was set.

Final Table


Seat 1: KleopatraRTS -- 2,890,701
Seat 2: millsy630 -- 8,894,999
Seat 3: Renato China -- 5,598,781
Seat 4: hahahasucker -- 2,917,446
Seat 5: Anth777 -- 6,063,714
Seat 6: sexymudfish -- 3,254,359

Double kill

Players immediately suggested a deal but KleopatraRTS -- who got to the final table as the short stack -- refused. KleopatraRTS then had a change of heart after a double up.

Anth777 raised to 102,987 from middle position and KleopatraRTS moved all-in for 3,390,731 from the button. millsy630 called from the small blind and Anth777 folded. KleopatraRTS showed A♥K♥ and was up against millsy630's J♥J♦.

The flop was all low cards, but the turn brought a K♠ to tip the outcome in favor of KleopatraRTS. The double up gave KleopatraRTS the chip lead with 7,484,454 and shortstack-turned-chipleader was ready to discuss a deal.

hahahasucker was still reluctant though. Then we went down to four players:

sexymudfish was out in 6th and earned $266.58 while Renato China became our 5th place finisher, winning $503.83.

Deal time

hahahasucker agreed to look at the numbers but could not find the info tab on his iPad and refused to switch to his laptop. A moderator came in, paused the game manually and gave players numbers based off of chip counts.

At the time of the deal, players had the following chip counts:

millsy630 -- 15,472,237
KleopatraRTS -- 6,859,439
Anth777 -- 4,792,906
hahahasucker -- 2,495,418

hahahasucker: know it's going to be way too much to millsy

millsy630 did indeed get a sizable amount of cash from the deal:

millsy630 -- $2,551.83
KleopatraRTS -- $1,601.24
Anth777 -- $1,373.16
hahahasucker -- $1,119.58

There would also be $200 left for 1st place. If millsy630 would win, he'd get slightly more than what was originally intended for first. Everyone agreed to the deal except for hahahasucker.

hahahasucker: no o yay let's tango

But other players weren't about to give up on the deal. Anth777 asked hahahasucker what he'd need. $1,200 was the answer.

Anth777 took hahahasucker's request as an opportunity to get a bit more cash for the other players as well.

He suggested that his cut rise to $1,400, $1,700 be given to KleopatraRTS and millsy630 could keep the rest.

Anth777: ur still huge mills

The deal left millsy630 with $2,345.81 and all the players agreed.

hahahasucker: what ever I guess just cause I've been up all night

The deal was set and the remaining four players were left playing for $200.

Evening it out

millsy630's dominance seemed to continue as his stack grew to 17 million shortly after the deal. Victory seemed within reach until a series of double-ups made the once gigantic chip leader the tournament short stack.

First, millsy630 doubled hahahasucker up when his A♥2♠ fell to hahahasucker's J♥9♥. hahahasucker hit a nine on the flop and doubled to 6.3 million, leaving millsy630 with 15.1 million.

Then Anth777 doubled up:

Anth777 then gave a lot of those chips to hahahasucker the following hand. The board read J♥8♦7♥9♠2♠ and there was 2.5 million in the pot. Anth777 had been betting the whole way and millsy630 and hahahasucker called down.

Anth777 fired another 591,595 on the river, millsy630 called and said:

millsy630: i have to pee so bad lol

hahahasucker moved all-in for 3.7 million and only Anth777 called. Anth777 showed [10c]7♠ for a jack-high straight while hahahasucker showed [10s]Q♥ for a queen-high straight. hahahasucker was up to 10.6 million and Anth777 was down to 4.6 million.

Then it was KleopatraRTS's turn to double up through millsy630. The stacks went all-in preflop and millsy630 showed 9♠9♣ to KleopatraRTS's A♣Q♥.

KleopatraRTS hit a queen on the flop and doubled up to 8.9 million. Despite the loss, millsy630 still had the lead with 10.4 million. Then millsy630 doubled Anth777 up again.

It was an unraised family pot and the flop read 5♥8♦7♠. millsy630 bet 399,600, hahahasucker folded and Anth777 moved all-in for 4.1 million. KleopatraRTS folded and millsy630 called with top pair, 8♠3♠.

Anth777 also had top pair with 8♥9♣, the 9♣ was also a better kicker. The turn was an A♦ and the river brought a 9♠, doubling Anth777 up to 8.9 million.

Striking back

This made Anth777 the chip leader and the new leader used this new power to get a new elimination. KleopatraRTS moved all-in from UTG for 5,630,751 and Anth777 called from the big blind.

Anth777: 7♠7♥
KleopatraRTS: A♥[10d]

The board came 3♥K♠8♣2♥J♣ and KleoptraRTS became our 4th place finisher, earning the agreed upon $1,700. Anth777's lead grew to 15 million, but two key hands saw him out in 3rd.

With 175,000 antes, Anth777 moved all-in for 14,778,590 and millsy630 called all-in from the big blind.

Anth777 showed a pair of 5s but millsy630 turned over 8s. The pocket 8s prevailed and millsy630 was back in the lead with 11.4 million.

Then millsy630 finished Anth777 off.

hahahasucker called from the button and Anth777 raised to 202,595. millsy630 three-bet to 1 million and Anth777 moved all-in for 10 million. millsy630 called.

millsy630: A♣Q♠
Anth777: A♦K♦

The board came 9♦3♣Q♦6♣2♥ and Anth777 was eliminated in 3rd, earning $1,400.

Heads up

millsy630 held 22.8 million and hahahasucker started the match with 6.8 million. The tables would quickly turn though.

With a 200,000 ante, millsy630 raised to 4,348,425 from the small blind and hahahasucker moved all in for 6,495,995. millsy630 showed 5♦5♥ and was flipping against hahahasucker's A♣Q♥.

The turn gave hahahasucker an A♦ and 13.4 million chips.

hahahasucker won a few more million before ending the tournament. In an unraised pot, both players were faced with a K♦J♥8♠ and millsy630 bet 1,739,980. hahahasucker had millsy630 covered and moved all-in for 15.1 million. millsy630 called and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

millsy630: J♠3♣
hahahasucker: K♥Q♦

The turn was a 2♠ and the river brought a 5♠. millsy630 was our runner-up finisher but won the most amount of money, $2,345.81.

This made hahahasucker the champions of Event #53, a title that earned hahahasucker $1,400.

Event #53 $3.30 NLHE 6-Max Ante Up Final Table Results:

Entrants: 5,924
Prize Pool: $17,772
Places Paid: 780

1st: hahahasucker (Canada) -- $1,400*
2nd: millsy630 (Canada) -- $2,345.81*
3rd: Anth777 (Canada) -- $1,400*
4th: KleopatraRTS (Poland) -- $1,700*
5th: Renato China (Brazil) -- $503.83
6th:sexymudfish (New Zealand) -- $266.58

* Reflects a four-way deal with $200 left for first.

That's it for Event #53. It's gone forever and hahahasucker will always be its champion. The Micromillions is far from over though. For a full list of remaining events, satellites and the Micromillions leader board, check out the Micromillions homepage.

Until next time Micromillionaires.

Alexander Villegas freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in MicroMillions