MicroMillions 4: A-OK for Marin-oki in Event #23 ($1+R NLHE 3xTurbo)

Turning pocket change into life-helping amounts of money is what the MicroMillions is all about, and there's no greater example of that than the popular dollar rebuy super-turbo tournaments. It's minefield upon minefield, but what a fun ride it must be to survive all the bad beats and suckouts to reach the final table and turn your dollar investment into five-figures of good fortune. Just ask Russia's Marin-oki, who not only achieved that feat today, but also claimed the elusive MicroMillions title.

It was Event #23 of the MicroMillions 4 schedule which brought a massive field of 37,173 players for the $1 No Limit Holdem Rebuy Event. The players combined for a staggering 186,594 rebuys and another 20,008 add-ons to create a whopping prize pool of $221,835.25, with the top 4,950 set to be paid.

Like searching for a needle in a haystack, we managed to spot a few red spades among the sea of humanity and they belonged to PokerStars Team Pros Toni Judet, Caio Pessagno and Mickey Petersen. Unfortunately they were eliminated short of the cash, as was lowpro500 from Canada who was the unfortunate bubble in 4,951st place to narrowly miss out on the $11.09 min-cash.

MicroMillions crusher Andre Coimbra was the only Team PokerStars Pro we could find in the money with 2,734th place good for $15.52.

In the space of six hours, 37,173 players had been reduced to just nine with gambling2004 bubbling the final table with 8♠Q♥ failing to connect on board to better Marin-oki's J♣A♠. The final table line up was as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: 1nlove4natur (39,123,280 in chips)
Seat 2: denzel99999 (66,879,418 in chips)
Seat 3: Plutonowy (249,392,420 in chips)
Seat 4: boyce_iom (83,706,220 in chips)
Seat 5: steve101a (30,933,642 in chips)
Seat 6: Marin-oki (122,604,536 in chips)
Seat 7: Madviolet69 (408,992,790 in chips)
Seat 8: DeSwinne (195,503,080 in chips)
Seat 9: Nesju57 (74,405,614 in chips)

Madviolet69 held the chip lead on a diverse final table which featured nine players, each of different nationalities, and with the final table blinds starting at 3.5M/7M/700k there were a few players under pressure. With healthy five-figure sums to be won for a $1 tournament, it was no surprise, even if a little ambitious, for players to start tossing up the idea of a nine-way deal. A number of them were interested, but before all nine could click the "deal" button, steve101a was all in with Q♣J♥ against Plutonowy's A♠3♦. The flop was a dry 7♦5♦4♠, but the Q♦ turn gave steve101a the lead with a pair of queens. However the ace from space A♥ landed on the river to ship the pot to Plutonowy to eliminate steve101a in 9th place for $987.16 in prize money.

With eight players left there were several still keen to look at the numbers, but the situation quickly changed after a massive double elimination hand that involved five of the eight players:

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denzel99999's "Big Slick" had been cracked by a dominated hand to see him crash out in 8th place for $1,677.07, while 1nlove4natur had been roped into the hand with a suited connector. 1nlove4natur flopped a pair and flush draw, and even turned a straight draw for a ton of outs, but the river bricked to see 1nlove4natur out in 7th place for $2,464.58.

As the blinds were kicked up, Nesju57 had only a little over two and a half big blinds to move all in from under the gun with K♥T♥. boyce_iom re-raised all in to isolate the short stack with A♦J♠ which held through the board of J♥6♣5♠8♥3♣. Nesju57 took home $3,549.36 for 6th place.

The remaining five players quickly paused the clock to take a look at deal numbers. Considering this was a $1 tournament, and the blinds were getting rather silly, it seemed the wise thing to do. The ICM numbers were presented and accepted with the title and $1,200 left to play for.

DeSwinne landed a big double up with pocket nines flopping a set, but boyce_iom was unable to do the same. boyce_iom shoved from under the gun with A♠6♠ but didn't get past the T♥T♦ of Plutonowy who called in the big blind. The board ran out 2♥6♣K♥2♦J♥ leaving boyce_iom to collect $8,613.48 for 5th place after a favourable deal.

Next hand Marin-oki caught an ace with A♠9♦ to crack DeSwinne's J♥J♠, before finishing off the job a short time later. This time it was DeSwinne who held the A♣9♦ but ran into Marin-oki's K♥K♠. The community cards fell 5♦7♦T♦2♥T♠ which were no help to DeSwinne who fell in 4th place for $9,046.22.

The three players were pretty even in chips, but that all changed when Marin-oki and Madviolet69 went to war preflop. Madviolet69 three-bet and then called it off with 6♦6♠ to be racing with Marin-oki's A♠Q♥. It took until the river on the board of 5♠K♥T♠3♦A♦ for Marin-oki to grab the lead and the massive pot. Madviolet69 was sent to the exit in 3rd place but $12,079.89 should be good consolation.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: Plutonowy (417,481,758 in chips)
Seat 6: Marin-oki (854,059,242 in chips)

Marin-oki held a two-to-one-chip advantage but that all changed when Marin-oki had a chance to win it all:

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Marin-oki had the nut flush draw and a couple of overcards to win it, but the board bricked out to see Plutonowy take over the lead.

However a bit of a cooler of a hand swung the advantage back to Marin-oki. The chips were all in on the river on a board of 4♠K♣5♥7♠A♠ with Plutonowy's 7♥5♣ trumped by the bigger two pair of Marin-oki holding K♦5♦.

Marin-oki regained the lead and never gave it up again, although it took a bit of luck for Marin-oki to finally get over the line. The final hand saw Plutonowy three-bet shove all in with A♣J♦ with Marin-oki making the call with A♥8♠. With over one billion chips in the middle, the board presented 7♥9♠9♦K♣8♦ with Marin-oki spiking a three-outer river eight-ball to snatch victory!

Plutonowy collects $11,893.34 for a fine result as Marin-oki takes the MicroMillions title to Russia along with $12,107.69 in prize money.

MicroMillions 4 Event #23 Results

Entrants: 37,173
Rebuys: 186,594
Add-ons: 20,008
Prize pool: $221,835.25
Places paid: 4,950

1st Marin-oki (Russia) - $12,107.69*
2nd Plutonowy (Poland) - $11,893.34*
3rd Madviolet69 (Switzerland) - $12,079.89*
4th DeSwinne (Belgium) - $9,046.22*
5th boyce_iom (Isle of Man) - $8,613.48*
6th Nesju57 (Mexico) - $3,549.36
7th 1nlove4natur (Germany) - $2,464.58
8th denzel99999 (Uzbekistan) - $1,677.07
9th steve101a (Canada) - $987.16

* denotes five-handed deal

There's over $5 million guaranteed during the fourth MicroMillions series, with 100 fantastic events running until March 24th across a wide range of poker disciplines. Head to the MicroMillions 4 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.