Micromillions 4: A show of force by gobalmighty in Event #70 ($5.50 NLHE)

It was a highly-contested final table and the chip lead switched hands several times. More than once, a player got the lead after an elimination and was the next one on the chopping block. The blinds were huge and the swings swung far, but eventually, gobalmighty overcame all to win Event #70.

There were 11,253 players that signed up for Event #70, creating a prize pool of $56,265, nearly double the $30,000 guarantee. 1,440 of those players would cash for a minimum of $9, and the final nine lucky enough to hit the final table would be guaranteed $382.60.

The final table

Reaching those final nine would take 8 hours and 30 minutes. The few who did make the final table for Event #70 were:

Seat 1: lloyd94 -- 11,126,370
Seat 2: ROSHICRAZY -- 4,383,752
Seat 3: kypros90b -- 6,519,596
Seat 4: SpadeSmilja -- 1,498,196
Seat 5: FouTight -- 8.039,232
Seat 6: gobalmighty -- 7,477,132
Seat 7: kacinskas -- 3,342,867
Seat 8: ttic24 -- 8,931,865
Seat 9: $dambi$90 -- 4,945,990

Rapid fire

SpadeSmilja was the short stack and the first to go. With 100,000/200,000 blinds and a 25,000 ante, ttic24 raised to 500,000 from middle position and both lloyd94 and ROSHICRAZY called. SpadeSmilja moved all-in for for 1,148,196 from the small blind and the three players called the additional 648,196.

The flop came 3♠Q♣2♠ and everyone checked. The turn brought a K♦ and another round of checks. A K♠ fell on the river and ttic24 checked again, lloyd94 bet 1.4 million and ROSHICRAZY called.

ROSHICRAZY showed A♦K♥ while lloyd94 turned over K♣J♦. With no more kings in the deck, SpadeSmilja mucked and finished in 9th, earning $382.60.

One more

kacinskas had been chipped down to just under three big blinds and was the next to go.

With 150,000/300,000 blinds and a 37,500 ante, kacinskas moved all-in for 854,932 from early position and got called by FouTight in the big blind.

kacinskas turned A♣J♦ and seemed to be in good shape against FouTight's 8♣3♥. But that was until the flop came K♦8♥5♣. The turn was a 3♣, giving FouTight two-pair and not even the A♠ on the river saved kacinskas.

kacinskas became our 8th place finisher and earned $562.65 in the process.

Short-stack feud

$dambi$90 and kypros90b had the same number in their names and were also the tournament short stacks. They kept loosing their stacks bit by bit to the other players and then $dambi$90 couldn't hold on any longer:

$dambi$90 was out in 7th and got $1,125.30 deposited into his PokerStars account for the effort.

Rising up


The final six

While kypros90b was the short stack after $dambi$90's elimination, the status wouldn't last long. kypros90b managed to win a few key pots and then brought the tournament down to it's final five players.

With 250,000/500,000 blinds and a 62,500 ante, ttic24 moved all-in from the cutoff for 4,116,604.

Action was folded to kypros90b in the big blind who went for the call. The at-risk player turned over A♠8♠ and was up against kypros90b's 9♣9♦. The 9♠3♠4♥ flop gave ttic24 the flush draw and kypros90b a set.

The turn brought a 4♦ and kypros90b hit a full house, nullifying any flush for ttic24. Then the river brought a K♠ to taunt ttic24, who was eliminated in 6th place with the nut flush.

ttic24 won $1,687.95 for his final table and got a bit of advice from FouTight:

FouTight: GG Ttic24 great playign with ya
FouTight: congrats dont spend it all in 1 tournament
FouTight: Ticc, take a screenshot of the tourney lobby and post that on fb , its how the pros do it

Hanging on

kypros90b would be the next to fall, but it'd take some time. There were seven double-ups and one split all-in before kypros90b finally eliminated. Despite being 2nd in chips after eliminating ttic24, three of the seven double-ups went to kypros90b.

With 300,000/600,000 blinds and a 75,000 ante, the blinds quickly shrunk kypros90b's stack. A few preflop raises followed by folds also took more than a million off at a time.

Then, when kypros90b was down to 4.3 million, the short stack moved all-in from the button. lloyd94 called with A♦6♥ and kypros90b showed 7♠7♣. kypros90b's 7s held and he got his first 5-handed double up.

Soon enough, kypros90b dipped back down to 2.1 million and moved all-in again. lloyd94 called again. This time lloyd94 showed the better hand, A♥J♠, dominating kypros90b's A♠4♠.

But kypros90b hit the 4♦9♣4♣ hard. He hit the board even harder when the 4♥ came on the turn. kypros90b doubled up to 5 million with quads.

The blinds had gone up to 400,000/800,000 with a 100,000 ante and few hands later, kypros90b found his stack shorter than ever, 1.7 million. ROSHICRAZY raised to 2.4 million from the cutoff and kypros90b called all-in from the button. FouTight re-shoved for 10.4 million and ROSHICRAZY folded.

FouTight showed 6♦6♣ and kypros90b held Q♣Q♠. The board ran A♥[10h]7♣9♦[10c] and kypros90b got another double up to 7.8 million.

kypros90b moved all-in the next hand and FouTight called again. kypros90b had FouTight's A♦9♦ dominated with A♥[10c].

Another kypros90b double-up looked imminent, but the 5♣3♠J♣K♥3♥ board gave players a split pot.

Then FouTight got revenge.

kypros90b was down to 4.4 million again and moved all-in from the small blind. FouTight re-shoved from the big blind and lloyd94 -- who had called from the cutoff -- folded.

kypros90b: [10s][10d]
FouTight: A♥K♥

The board came 5♣Q♣3♥K♦A♦ and kypros90b was eliminated in 5th, earning $2,250.60.

From hero to zero

With four players left and 19.8 million chips, lloyd94 was our chip leader. But an unfortunate series of all-ins would see the leader out in 4th. First, ROSHICRAZY doubled:

Blinds were up to 500,000/1,000,000 with a 125,000 ante and gobalmighty moved all-in for 6,883,528 from the small blind. lloyd94 called and was left with slightly more than half a big blind, 586,244.

lloyd94 was in the lead with K♥8♠ to gobalmighty's J♣2♠.

The A♠2♦3♣ flop fell in gobalmighty's favor though and the a J♠ on the turn sealed the deal.

lloyd94 was on the small blind and -- after the ante -- was automatically all-in. FouTight and gobalmighty folded and lloyd94 was up against ROSHICRAZY in the big blind.

lloyd94: J♦4♣

The board came 9♣8♠[10d][10s]A♦ and while it missed both players, ROSHICRAZY's queen won the pot. lloyd94 was out in 4th and got $2,813.25 for the finish.

Mighty rise

When three-handed play started, gobalmighty was the short stack with 14.1 million, FouTight was second with 19 million and ROSHICRAZY was in the lead with 23 million.

That wouldn't last.

With the big blind at 1 million, things changed quickly. gobalmighty scored an early double-up against ROSHICRAZY when his pocket 3s held up against ROSHICRAZY's A♦Q♦.

gobalmighty was up to 20 million while ROSHICRAZY dipped below 10 million.

Then gobalmighty repaid the favor and doubled ROSHICRAZY up when the latter's Q♥[10h] held up against the former's [10c][10d].

Then, million by million, gobalmighty got ROSHICRAZY down to 4.4 million while growing his lead to 34.5 million. The blinds were at 600,000/1,200,000 with a 150,000 ante and gobalmighty moved all-in from the button. ROSHICRAZY called from the small blind and FouTight folded.

gobalmighty: K♦Q♠

The board ran 7♠[10h]K♥4♣7♣ and ROSHICRAZY was out in 3rd, earning $4,051.08.

Heads up

It seemed to have become habit. Start four-handed play with a massive chip lead, finish fourth. Start three-handed play with the lead, out in third.

But the streak ended there.

gobalmighty started the heads-up match with 40.5 million to FouTight's 15.6 million. With the pot starting at 1.5 million, gobalmighty used the giant lead and constant aggression to get FouTight down to 9.3 million.

Then FouTight finally called one of gobalmighty's all-ins with J♠[10h]. gobalmighty showed Q♥7♦ and the K♦J♣7♣J♦2♦ board fell heavily in FouTight's favor.

FouTight was up to 19 million, but there'd be nothing left of that stack three hands later.

FouTight raised to 2.4 million from the button and gobalmighty moved all-in for 31.9 million. FouTight called and we had the final showdown of the tournament.

FouTight: A♠6♦
gobalmighty: A♥4♥

gobalmighty was dominated and the 7♦9♦J♣ flop didn't improve his hand. Then a 4♣ fell on the turn and gobalmighty took the lead. The river was a Q♣ and gobalmighty became the champion for Event #70.

FouTight became the runner-up finisher, earning $5,739.03 while gobalmighty became the newest Micromillions champion. That title comes with bragging rights and $7,883.72.

Micromillions 4 Event #70 ($5.50 NLHE) Results:

Entries: 11,253
Prize pool: $56,265
Places paid: 1,440

1st: gobalmighty (United Kingdom) -- $7,883.72
2nd: FouTight (Canada) -- $5,739.03
3rd: ROSHICRAZY (Argentina) -- $4,051.08
4th: lloyd94 (Canada) -- $2,813.25
5th: kypros90b (United Kingdon) -- $2,250.60
6th: ttic24 (Lithuania) -- $1,687.95
7th: $dambi$90 (Poland) -- $1,125.30
8th: kacinskas (Lithuania) -- $562.65
9th: SpadeSmilja (Slovenia) -- $382.60

Event #70 has been entered, played and won. There are still a few more days of Micromillions left though, including the $1 million guarantee Main Event. Be sure to check out the Micromillions homepage for a schedule of the remaining events. If you can't find one that fits your bankroll there's also a full list of satellites to each event.

Until next time.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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