MicroMillions 4: Alfons777999 wins third MM title in Event #48 ($3.30 PLO Hi/Lo)

One of the Russians at the final table of Event 48 had the chip lead and the chance to win a third tournament. Many would crumble under that pressure, but not Alfons777999. Never losing the chip lead, Alfons777999 stayed aggressive and chipped up when possible. At certain points, that chip lead seemed almost insurmountable, and despite a late surge from scart888, Alfons777999 was determined to win.


Almost midway through the MicroMillions 4 series, Day 6 offered options of Pot Limit Omaha, HORSE, and several variations of Hold'em. Event 48 was the ever-popular PLO of the high/low persuasion, and it boasted of a $10K guarantee for the bargain buy-in of $3.30. More than 6,000 players were in the mood for that action, and as with so many of the tournaments thus far, the guarantee was blown out of the virtual water.

The final numbers for this tournament were:

Players: 6,197
Guarantee: $10,000.00
Prize pool: $18,591.00
Paid players: 810

Players burst through the money bubble a few hours into play, but it took until the 7.5-hour mark to thin the field to just two tables. Play was rather fast and took to hand-for-hand play at seven minutes past the 8-hour point.

Podar0k was the short stack and pushed all-in UTG. Väijykone called, as did koolshefu90. They checked the J♦8♣K♥ flop, but the 9♥ on the turn prompted an all-in bet from koolshefu90. Väijykone called with 9♠9♦2♥A♦, and koolshefu90 showed Q♦7♠6♠T♠. Podar0k turned over Q♠4♦A♥6♣, and nothing about the 2♦ on the river changed anything. Koolshefu90 scooped with the straight, and Podar0k left in tenth place with $110.61.

Alfons777999 seeks third MM title

The final table began in Level 44, with blinds of 100K/200K and starting stacks as follows:

Seat 1: BeaverMan85 (4,533,230 in chips)
Seat 2: TBAPb25 (7,024,708 in chips)
Seat 3: koolshefu90 (2,011,111 in chips)
Seat 4: väijykone (425,223 in chips)
Seat 5: trampek (2,314,915 in chips)
Seat 6: scart888 (4,339,617 in chips)
Seat 7: firehand2512 (1,339,558 in chips)
Seat 8: Alfons777999 (7,857,434 in chips)
Seat 9: seiw (1,139,204 in chips)

MM 4 - Event 48 FT.JPG

On the third hand of action, väijykone pushed all-in UTG with the shortest stack, and koolshefu90 called from the big blind with A♦K♣Q♥A♥. Väijykone showed 4♦8♦3♦A♠, and the board brought 5♠5♣T♦4♠T♥. Koolshefu90 had the better two pair, and väijykone vanished in ninth place with $148.72.

2 final tables, 1 day for koolshefu90

It was a feat that few players in any series can tackle. Koolshefu90 made the final table of Event 45 in this exact series and finished in ninth place. Koolshefu90 then showed up for some PLO and made another final table.

But on the very hand after koolshefu90 eliminated the ninth place player in this event, a big hand started with TBAPb25, who was the initial button raiser. Koolshefu90 reraised, and when TBAPb25 did the same, koolshefu90 called all-in with A♦7♦A♥5♠. TBAPb25 showed 8♦A♠7♠K♥, and they both made two pair on the 3♥5♣7♣K♦J♣. But TBAPb25 made the better two pair, as well as a low hand, and koolshefu90 had to leave in eighth place with $232.38.

Alfons777999 on a rampage

Trampek doubled through TBAPb25, and the two battled again, that time resulting in a split pot. Firehand2512 doubled through scart888. And all the while, Alfons777999 was on a tear, chipping up to well over 10 million chips.

And when firehand2512 moved all-in, Alfons777999 reraised, which prompted original raiser TBAPb25 to fold. Alfons777999 showed A♠3♠J♠Q♦, and firehand2512 had A♣A♥6♣T♠. But the board of 5♣T♣2♦2♠4♥ gave Alfons777999 the straight and the low, and eliminated firehand2512 in seventh place with $418.29.

Scart888 did double through alfons777999, but the latter was still flirting with the 20 million-chip mark.

BeaverMan85 was anxious to play and raised UTG. Seiw called all-in from the big blind with 5♦6♦4♣7♠, and BeaverMan85 showed A♣4♠A♦2♥. The board of T♣T♦3♥Q♥3♠ gave BeaverMan85 two pair, and seiw had to leave in sixth place with $604.20.

Trampek was the next player at risk, pushing all-in with Q♥2♣7♦Q♣. Alfons777999 and BeaverMan85 both called from the blinds, but after the flop came 3♥7♣K♣, Alfons777999 bet, and BeaverMan85 folded. Alfons777999 showed A♠7♥9♦5♥ and finished with the best hand after the 4♦ and 9♥ completed the board. Trampek exited in fifth place with $790.11

Scart888 soars for a second

BeaverMan85 doubled through scart888 and then again through TBAPb25. TBAPb25 then doubled through BeaverMan85, leaving the latter fairly short-stacked. So BeaverMan85 moved all-in on the very next hand with 2♠5♦Q♦9♥, and scart888 called with 2♥Q♠4♦Q♣ from the big blind. The board came T♣A♦9♦T♠4♣, and BeaverMan85 was out in fourth place with $1,050.39.

Scart888 scored a 12 million-chip double-up though Alfons777999, though TBAPb25 was able to double through scart888. Just a few hands later, scart888 and Alfons777999 got involved again. The raised flop came 5♣J♥Q♠, and scart888 bet. Alfons777999 raised, and scart888 called all-in with A♦2♠J♠8♥. Alfons777999 had K♦4♦4♥K♠ and made a set of kings on the K♣ turn. The 2♣ on the river changed nothing, and scart888 was out in third place with $1,530.96.

Alfons777999 determined to take third title

The heads-up match began with these chip counts:

Seat 2: TBAPb25 (6,993,676 in chips)
Seat 8: Alfons777999 (23,991,324 in chips)

No matter the progress that TBAPb25 made in small increments, Alfons777999 took those chips back.

Nearly 30 hands into the battle, the two tangled in a big hand. TBAPb25 raised and Alfons777999 called to see the 9♠T♥K♦ flop. TBAPb25 bet, and Alfons777999 check-raised. TBAPb25 moved all-in with 8♥7♠A♥6♣, and Alfons777999 called with 9♣A♠7♦9♦. Neither the 5♣ on the turn nor 5♥ on the river did anything for TBAPb25, who finished in second place for $2,165.85.

Alfons777999 took it down with the full house and won the tournament for $2,911.34. The Russian can now claim three (!) MicroMillions titles. The first happened in the first running of the series in a PLO tournament , and the second came in a NLHE Turbo event in MicroMillions III. Congrats on this third win, Alfons777999!

MicroMillions 4 Event #48 ($3.30 PLO H/L) Results:

Total players: 6,197
Paid players: 810

1st place: Alfons777999 (Russia) - $2,911.34
2nd place: TBAPb25 (Russia) - $2,165.85
3rd place: scart888 (Ireland) - $1,530.96
4th place: BeaverMan85 (Russia) - $1,050.39
5th place: trampek (Poland) - $790.11
6th place: seiw (Russia) - $604.20
7th place: firehand2512 (Germany) - $418.29
8th place: koolshefu90 (Romania) - $232.38
9th place: väijykone (Finland) - $148.72

There are many more tournaments remaining in the fourth edition of this series. For any and all information about MicroMillions, check out its main tournament page.

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