MicroMillions 4 begins Thursday

Mark your calendar. Set an alarm. Call your neighbor and have him knock on your door. MicroMillions 4 begins Thursday, and if you miss it...well, let's just say it: you're not very smart.

Here's the thing, people: this is a tournament series for everybody.

I understand how there might be some confusion. High Rollers look at the buy-ins and think, "Well, that's not worth my time." Low-limit grinders see the prize pools and think, "I'll never be able to afford that."

Well, you're all wrong.

MicroMillions 3 paid out nearly $8.3 million in prize money with buy-ins as small as eleven cents and no bigger than $22. Are you getting this? You could win life-changing money for the cost of a candy bar.

And, yes, that's why if you miss it, you're not very smart. And that's why you're getting this reminder.


MicroMillions begins Thursday and runs until March 24. You'll find a hundred--yes a hundred--events across just about every kind of poker variety you know. And that includes Zoom tournaments.

Here's the full MicroMillions 4 schedule.

As always, PokerStars will have a big team of bloggers covering every final table of the MicroMillions 4 series. Win an event, and you could very well see your face on the front page of this blog.

So, set that alarm. Ask for a wake-up call. Do whatever it takes. If you don't...well, you know.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in MicroMillions