MicroMillions 4: Brad 'Brad52286' Panton rejects deal, wins big

Turning $3.30 into $8,198.25 is the kind of spin up that Warren Buffet would be proud of, a tidy 248,300% return on investment netted in nine hours. Any aggressive gains on the stock market come thanks to a certain level of risk acceptance and Brad 'Brad52286' Panton's win in MicroMillions Event #12 ($3.30 NLHE Big Antes) was no different. When five players remained and Panton was the short stack he refused to make a deal. If he bust in 5th for $2,464 then so be it, but the Australian croupier felt that he had an opportunity to get a lot more than that. He didn't buckle.

"I thought it was really strange that (3rd place finisher) KEHOE86 didn't take the offered deal because of $47 when there was five runners left. It just made me angry because he was being greedy. I knew he was a very loose player so I didn't agree to the deal," said Panton.

MicroMillions winner.jpg

Brad 'Brad52286' Panton

He may only be 21-years-old but Panton used his day job (or should that be night job) experience to realise that he was in a good position.

"I'm definitely not a poker pro but poker is a big part of my life. I work as a croupier at Crown Casino Perth. I guess watching people gamble all day gets me in the mood to come home and put big stints into poker," he said.

"This win is great because I can finally start taking poker that one step further and hopefully get another win on the board. Nothing beats searching your own username and seeing big pay days next to it."

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