MicroMillions 4: Colossal come-from-behind win for noeschi; binks Event #94 ($5 Rebuy)

Victory seemed improbable for noeschi. When it got heads-up, noeschi trailed MakeItReign by over 100 million in chips. The massive deficit did not deter noeschi who quickly doubled up to avoid an elimination, then immediately seized the lead, and eventually delivered a stunning knock-out blow to win Event #94.

After a wondrous festival of poker that spanned 100 events, MicroMillions 4 reached its tenth and final day. MicroMillions 4 Event #94 $5.50+R NL attracted 17,804 runners, who added 13,185 re-buys and 6,016 add-ons. They fervently boosted the prize pool to $185,025. The top 2,250 places paid out with $21,650.48 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team Online Pro "Shaniac" was the only Team Pro to advance to the money in Event #94. Shaniac just squeezed into the money when he cashed in 2,002nd place.

With 100 players to go, HustlaStylez (Germany) sat on the biggest stack with 6.3 million. With four tables remaining and 36 players to go, HustlaStylez slipped to third overall while edgaras2 (Lithuania) occupied the top spot with over 18 million. With two tables left and 18 to go, edgaras2 chipped up to over 20 million. One-time front-runner, HustlaStylez busted in 14th place and with 13 to go, ionutbib (Romania) seized the lead with almost 28 million.

With ten remaining, action went hand-for-hand and ionutbib retained the biggest stack with 40 million. Short-stacked jliberta146 made a final stand with K♥8♠ but ran into ionutbib's Q♠Q♥. Canada's jliberta146 unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #94 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: edgaras2 (26,107,636)
Seat 2: resque (9,783,008)
Seat 3: voleybolistt (22,571,291)
Seat 4: 13dewalt13 (11,203,412)
Seat 5: Reborn_Jobi (6,615,292)
Seat 6: MakeItReign (29,042,347)
Seat 7: swanbod (16,963,034)
Seat 8: ionutbib (52,243168)
Seat 9: noeschi (10,495,812)

The final table commenced during Level 50 with blinds at 400K/800K and a 100K ante. Still in first was ionutbib with 52.2 million, while Reborn_Jobi brought up the rear with 6.6 million.

Reborn_Jobi eliminated in 9th place

The last nine tussled for a full level before someone became the first player to bust at the final table. MakeItReign kicked off the hand with a min-raise to 2,000,000. Reborn_Jobi shoved from the big blind for 5,890,292. MakeItReign insta-called with A♣K♠ and Reborn_Jobi trailed with A♥J♥. The board ran out 8♣4♣3♦3♠Q♠. Neither player improved their hands. MakeItReign won the pot with Ace-King high. Brazil's Reborn_Jobi got out-kicked and was knocked out in ninth place, which paid $1,110.15.

swanbod eliminated in 8th place

Sometimes you run into a cooler and there's nothing you can do about it. In this particular hand... resque opened to 4 million, swanbod bombed it all-in for 14,642,025, and resque called. Alas, swanbod picked up T♦T♥ but got ambushed by resque's K♠K♦. The board ran out Q♦5♦4♦K♥9♥. Even though both players picked up a flush draw on the flop, resque held a higher diamond. As is, resque won the pot with a set of Kings. the U.K.'s swanbod took home $1,665.22 for eighth place.

edgaras2 eliminated in 7th place

The one-time chip leader finally met his fate... edgaras2 min-raised to 2 million, ionutbib bumped it up to 5 million and edgaras called. The flop was T♥8♦8♥ and ionutbib fired out 7 million, edgaras2 moved all-in for 16,932,636, and ionutbib called. Although ionutbib led with Q♠Q♣ against edgaras2's A♥5♥, edgaras' entire tournament life was on the line with a flush draw and an overcard. The turn was the 2♣ and the river was the 3♣. Alas, edgaras failed to make a flush and big-stacked ionutbib shipped the pot. For seventh place, edgaras2 collected $3,145.42.

With six remaining, ionutbib continued to guard the lead with 81 million, while 13dewalt13 hung out in the basement with 9.9 million.

13dewalt13 eliminated in 6th place

Short-stacked 13dewalt13 moved all-in for 9,556,824 and monster-stacked ionutbib called. Coin flip time... 13dewalt13 raced with A♦K♦ against ionutbib's 9♣9♠. The board ran out 4♣2♦3♦8♠3♣ and 13dewalt13 failed to improve Ace-King, as ionutbib's pair of nines held up. Austria's 13dewalt13 hit the rail in sixth place, which paid out $4,625.62.

voleybolistt eliminated in 5th place

Five-handed went quick because voleybolistt made a final stand with A♥9♦ against MakeItReign's T♠T♦. Voleybolistt opened with a raise to 2.52 million, MakeItReign raised to 4,878,999 four-bet all-in for 19,217,764, and MakeItReign snap-called. The board ran out K♦9♣8♠2♠K♥. Although voleybolistt flopped a nine, the hand (pair of nines) failed to improve. MakeItReign's pocket tens held up and voleybolistt was knocked out. Russia's voleybolistt earned $6,475.87 for a fifth-place finish.

With four remaining, ionutbib retained the lead with 92 million.

resque eliminated in 4th place

Super shorty resque moved all-in for 1,992,293. MakeItReign and noeschi both called. Three-way. MakeItReign and noeschi both checked it down to the river. The board ran out A♣8♠2♠4♥K♥ and noeschi tabled K♠7♦ to win the pot with a pair of Kings. MakeItReign and resque both mucked their hands. For fourth place, Denmark's resque won $8,326.12.

With three players remaining, ionutbib was ahead with 79.4 million but noeschi was right behind with 69.7 million. By default, MakeItReign was the short stack with 35.8 million.


With three to go, action slowed down and no one busted for at least forty minutes, which is astonishing consider the blinds were escalating every ten minutes. Somehow, ionutbib finally coughed up the lead after MakeItReign won nine out of 11 pots to jump to over 92 million. Two hands later, ionutbib went down.

ionutbib eliminated in 3rd place

MakeItReign opened to 5.4 million, ionutbib bumped it up to 15 million, MakeItReign four-bet shoved for 89,069,590, and ionutbib called all-in for 38,053,162. Classic race. MakeItReign A♥K♣ vs. ionutbib's Q♥Q♠. The board ran out A♠T♥2♥9♦4♦. MakeItReign flopped an Ace to take the lead and win the flip with a pair of Aces. It almost seemed like ionutbib was going to coast to a victory, but MakeItReign wasn't about to let that happen. Romania's ionutbib was knocked out in third place and won $12,026.62 for a gutsy performance.

HEADS-UP: MakeItReign (Canada) vs. noeschi (Germany)
Seat 6: MakeItReign (143,060,252)
Seat 9: noeschi (41,964,748)

With two to go, noeschi trailed by almost 100 million.

MakeItReign eliminated in 2nd place; noeschi wins Event #94!

Insane come from behind victory. Despite the huge advantage, MakeItReign failed to knock out noeschi early on. It happened when noeschi avoided an elimination with A♠T♥ vs. A♦8♥. Momentum quickly shifted and MakeItReig lost the lead when Noeschi came from behind to win a 149 million pot with Q♠J♦ against MakeItReign's A♦7♣. Only 11 hands later, noeschi delivered a stunning knock-out blow.

On the final hand... noeschi moved all-in for 129,120,979, an MakeItReign called for 52,154,021. MakeItReign trailed with A♦3♦ against noeschi's 4♦4♥. The board ran out Q♣T♦7♠3♥T♣. MakeItReign failed to improve and busted in second place. MakeItReign collected $15,727.12 for a runner-up finish. Germany's noeschi won the hand with pocket fours and shipped MicroMillions 4 Event #94.

Congrats to noeschi, who earned $21,650.48 for first place.

Check out the final hand in the re-player:

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Event #94 $5.50+R NL - Final Table Payouts:
Entrants: 17,804
Re-buys: 13,185
Add-ons: 6,016
Prize Pool: $185,025
Places Paid: 2,250

1. noeschi (Germany) - $21,650.48
2. MakeItReign (Canada) - $15,727.12
3. ionutbib (Romania) - $12,026.62
4. resque (Denmark) - $8,326.12
5. voleybolistt (Russia) - $6,475.87
6. 13dewalt13 (Austria) - $4,625.62
7. edgaras2 (Lithuania) - $3,145.42
8. swanbod (United Kingdom) - $1,665.22
9. Reborn_Jobi (Brazil) - $1,110.15

To check out the leader board and final stats, visit the MicroMillions 4 homepage.

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