MicroMillions 4: Crown52 claims bounties and title in Event #71 ($11 NLHE Turbo SuperKnockout)

When half the tournament prize pool is placed on the heads of your opponents, it presents some interesting decisions along the way. Do I fold and play to win the tournament or do I gamble to claim the bounty? Well Russian Crown52 not only collected more knockout bounties than any other player but also went on to win the MicroMillions title, proving that indeed it is possible to do both. The only thing that Crown52 missed was the top cash prize after a three-way deal awarded the lion's share of the cash to Sweden's s0ft3r.

Event #71 of the MicroMillions 4 series was the $11 No Limit Holdem Turbo Super Knockout event which attracted a field of 6,137 players. The prize pool of $64,438.50 would be split in two with half going towards the regular payouts for the top 810 players while the other half was allocated to the bounties put on each player which were worth $5.25 apiece.

Team PokerStars representative Tyler Frost was out early while Randy Lew made an appearance in the MicroMillions and picked up one knockout bounty before being eliminated.

One of the good things about a knockout tournament is that you don't have to go home empty-handed if you miss reaching the money stage. That proved handy for poulet6949 from Canada who bubbled in 811th place but pocketed two bounties to at least get the buy-in back.

Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome made it to 314th place and with a payout of $13.85 plus a total of seven bounties, it wasn't a bad return for the PokerStars Team Online member.


When a short-stacked VitorLima_pt was eliminated in 10th place, our final table line up was formed:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: s0ft3r (7,035,539 in chips)
Seat 2: bosotaRigi (1,170,453 in chips)
Seat 3: 1Takedown1 (1,103,616 in chips)
Seat 4: zottolita (3,027,550 in chips)
Seat 5: Crown52 (2,884,950 in chips)
Seat 6: VixenKoala (3,695,638 in chips)
Seat 7: pedra0 (4,197,295 in chips)
Seat 8: folydr (6,249,523 in chips)
Seat 9: grosfus (1,320,436 in chips)

s0ft3r was a clear chip leader but the final kicked off with a bang as Crown52 found a remarkable double up against folydr:

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Crown52 defied the odds to crack the aces and set the tone for the rest of the final table.

As the groans and grumbles filled the chat box, folydr was able to get some consolation with the elimination of grosfus when folydr's A♦K♥ was up against grosfus'A♣Q♣. The board was spread 7♠6♣4♥J♦8♠ to see grosfus out in 9th place for a $257.75 collect.

VixenKoala was next to fall after a suck, re-suck situation:

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VixenKoala had straight and flush outs and connected on the turn, but s0ft3r's set improved to a full house on the river to end VixenKoala's run in 8th place for $402.74.

1Takedown1 struggled to get anything going and threw in the last two big blinds in a gamble with K♦6♣. It was the best hand against bosotaRigi's J♠T♥ but that changed on the T♣2♥3♥T♠9♣ board. bosotaRigi's trip tens eliminated 1Takedown1 in 7th place for a $724.93 collect.

Crown52 was once again challenging for the lead after claiming the bounty of zottolita. There was a button raise from zottolita, followed by an all-in bet from Crown52 with K♠J♠ in the small blind. With over half a stack already in the middle, zottolita was committed to call with K♦9♦ which couldn't improve on the board of 7♠6♣6♠A♣3♥. zottolita took home $1,047.12 plus a healthy 16 knockout bounties for 6th place.

pedra0 was quick to follow on the very next hand. Action folded to pedra0 in the small blind and the steal attempt was on with 8♦6♥ but folydr was quick to call in the big blind with a powerful A♦K♣. The flop of 9♦7♠6♦ was kind to pedra0, but the K♥ handed the advantage back over to folydr. pedra0 needed help from the river but the 2♥ was as bricky as you could get, leaving pedra0 to pocket $1,820.38 for 5th place.

The action didn't slow as two hands later, the short-stacked bosotaRigi was all in with A♣3♥ with two opponents making the call. s0ft3r fired a bet on the A♠5♠9♣ flop which was enough for Crown52 to fold as s0ft3r opened A♦Q♦ to be in good shape. It only got better for s0ft3r as the Q♣ turn and Q♠ river iced the cake to leave bosotaRigi to head to the rail in 4th place for $1,820.38 in prize money.

The final three players were quick to enter into deal negotiations but it wasn't all smooth sailing. The chip chop numbers were presented, with Crown 52 and s0ft3r quick to agree. folydr took a little more persuading but eventually typed "I agree" into the chat window.

It was at this point that folydr realised that the numbers were chip chop (default for PokerStars) and not ICM. folydr wasn't happy and wanted to renege on the deal, stating that it was to be ICM numbers or play on.

Unfortunately, PokerStars follow the policy of having players clearly type "I agree" into the chat window to avoid players "changing their mind" so that there simply is no room for confusion. The numbers were presented, it was stated that it was chip chop, and the players all agreed. There could be no reneging.

With $400 and the title left to play for, the cards were back in the air, along with a degree of tension as the players continued to chat with some vigour.

folydr was flustered and unable to recover, moving all in a short time later with Q♣9♦ only to run into s0ft3r's A♣Q♥. It was all but over on the flop as the board ran out A♠4♦Q♠8♣2♦ giving s0ft3r two pair and the pot. folydr collected a total of $3,277.05 following the deal for 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: s0ft3r (9,745,503 in chips)
Seat 5: Crown52 (20,939,497 in chips)

Crown52 won the first significant pot to extend the lead before s0ft3r secured a double with a dominant ace. However s0ft3r was unable to get back into contention, with the final hand unfolding a short time later. s0ft3r moved all in for a little under twenty big blinds holding A♠3♣ but this time Crown52 had the dominant ace with A♥T♣. The board arrived 8♦2♠7♦A♦8♣ to see Crown52 take the pot and the win! s0ft3r pocketed the most cash from the deal with $4,114.70 for 2nd place as Crown52 took the title, a massive 20 knockout bounties and $4,057.91 in prize money. Congratulations!

MicroMillions 4 Event #71 Results

Entrants: 6,137
Prize pool: $64,438.50
Places paid: 810

1st Crown52 (Russia) - $4,057.91* (+20 KOs)
2nd s0ft3r (Sweden) - $4,114.70* (+15 KOs)
3rd folydr (Belarus) - $3,277.05* (+9 KOs)
4th bosotaRigi (Latvia) - $1,820.38 (+10 KOs)
5th pedra0 (Brazil) - $1,369.31 (+10 KOs)
6th zottolita (Argentina) - $1,047.12 (+16 KOs)
7th 1Takedown1 (Romania) - $724.93 (+10 KOs)
8th VixenKoala (Canada) - $402.74 (+7 KOs)
9th grosfus (Brazil) - $257.75 (+8 KOs)

* denotes three-handed deal

We're now approaching the home straight in the MicroMillions 4 series, but with 100 events in total there are still plenty of opportunities to get among the action before the series ends on March 24th. Head to the MicroMillions 4 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

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