MicroMillions 4: DaWal numbs field and wins Event #32 $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo

Austria's DaWal held a sizable lead down the stretch and even began the final table as the chipleader. Not even a minor setback midway through the final table could stop DaWal from decimating the remaining field en route to a victory in Event #32 Stud Hi/Lo.

MicroMillions 4 Event #32 $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo attracted 6,623 runners who created a prize pool worth $19,869. The top 880 places were paid out with $2,984.79 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Online Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra from Portugal went the deepest and cashed in 81st place. With 100 or so to go, acoimbra was near the bottom of the pack in in chips. He made a final stand but busted out in a three-way pot. After fading over 6,500 players, Coimbra scratched and clawed his way to an 81st-place finish, which paid $24.83.

Croatia's bingohr bubbled off the final table in ninth place. Bingohr lost with 8♦6♠7♣4♥A♦K♣Q♣, holding only Ace-high and a decent low with 8-7-6-4-A. However, DaWal scooped with a pair of deuces and a better low 7-5-3-2-A, holding A♣7♠K♦2♠5♥3♥2♣. The final table of eight was set.


Event #32 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: capsAA (1,102,173)
Seat 2: uvyiah (3,677,186)
Seat 3: neskoromna88 (6,559,727)
Seat 4: SCHWElGER (5,041,192)
Seat 5: Neo__11600 (1,610,357)
Seat 6: MJ23AIRMAN (737,581)
Seat 7: Chykot (5,341,807)
Seat 8: DaWal (9,044,977)

The final table commenced during Level 40 with blinds at 250K/500K. DaWal held the lead with 9 million.

capsAA eliminated in 8th place

On the second hand at the final table, one of the short stacks hit the road when capsAA made a final stand with Q♦8♣8♦9♠5♦A♠7♥. The naked pair of eights lost to Chykot's trip nines and 9♦9♥7♦9♣5♣8♥4♣. Without a qualifying low, Chykot dragged the entire pot. Australia's capsAA became the first player to get knocked off the final table. For eight place, capsAA earned $124.18.

Neo__11600 eliminated in 7th place

On the third hand of the final table, more fireworks occurred when another player busted in consecutive hands. Neo__11600 bombed it all-in on 5th street against the monster stack of DaWal. Neither player had a qualifying low. Neo__11600's 4♦4♠4♣8♦3♣K♣2♣ and trip fours lost to DaWal's 6♣6♥5♣6♠4♥5♦J♠ full house. Neo__11600 earned $238.42 for seventh place. DaWal chipped up to over 10.7 million.

MJ23AIRMAN eliminated in 6th place

On 6th street, MJ23AIRMAN was all-in with a straight draw, but whiffed and finished up with only a pair of nines and 9♠9♥7♠6♣J♣8♣4♠. Without a qualifying low hand, uvyiah won the pot with two pair -- Aces and fours, holding A♦2♠4♦J♦A♣4♥3♣. Bulgaria's MJ23AIRMAN took home $518.77 for sixth place.

With five to go, DaWal held a slight lead with 8.09 million and uvyiah was right behind in second with 8.02 million.

Chykot eliminated in 5th place

On 5th street, Chykot got it all-in and made a final stand. At showdown, Chykot lost with 9♠J♣4♣4♦5♣7♦K♥ and a pair of fours against neskoromna88's pair of nines and J♠6♦A♠9♣T♠2♥9♥. Without a qualifying low, neskoromna88 won the entire pot. Chykot hit the rail in fifth place, which paid out $894.10.

neskoromna88 eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked neskoromna88 bombed it all-in on 4th street against SCHWElGER. When the dust settled, there was not a qualifying low and SCHWElGER won with A♣7♠8♠7♣5♥9♦8♣ and two pair. It was better than neskoromna88's two pair with [Kd 3c 3d 8h Ah 8d 6s]. Ukraine's neskoromna88 collected $1,291.48 for fourth place.


With three remaining, SCHWElGER held over 16 million, DaWal was second with 10.7 million and uvyiah was the short stack with 6 million. Action was paused so the three could discuss a deal. After crunching the numbers, a deal was not reached when it was rejected by uvyiah. Unable to come to terms, the discussions were ended and play resumed.

uvyiah eliminated in 3rd place

Short-stacked uvyiah got it all-in on 5th street against big-stacked SCHWElGER. Without a qualifying low, SCHWElGER prevailed with 3♣Q♦A♠8♣A♦8♠J♣ and two pair -- Aces and eights. The "Dead Man's Hand" beat uvyiah's 4♣2♦3♦J♥A♥4♠9♠. For a third-place finish, uvyiah won $1,688.86.

HEADS-UP: SCHWElGER (Austria) vs. DaWal (United Kingdom)
Seat 4: SCHWElGER (20,594,828)
Seat 8: DaWal (12,520,172)

With heads-up set, DaWal trailed SCHWElGER by 8 million in chips.

DaWal won the firs few hands and took a lead. Action was paused so the final two could discuss a deal. Numbers were reached right away. DaWal locked up $2,476.07 and SCHWElGER got 2,394.96, with $200 left on the table for first place.

SCHWElGER eliminated in 2nd place; DaWal wins MicroMillions Event #32!

It didn't take very long before DaWal had the rest of SCHWElGER's chips. On the final hand, DaWal won the pot with 7♦9♠7♠8♣Q♠2♥9♥ and two pair against SCHWElGER's 6♣Q♥A♣K♣5♠4♥K♦ and a pair of Kings. SCHWElGER was out in second place.

Austria's SCHWElGER earned $2,394.96 for a runner-up performance.

Congrats to DaWal who shipped MicroMillions 4 Event #32 and won $2,676.07 for first place.

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Event #32 $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo - Final Table Payouts and results:
Entrants: 6,623
Prize Pool: $19,869
Places Paid: 880

1. DaWal (United Kingdom) - $2,676.07 **
2. SCHWElGER (austria) - $2,394.96 **
3. uvyiah (Ukraine) - $1,688.86
4. neskoromna88 (Ukraine) - $1,291.48
5. Chykot (Russia) - $894.10
6. MJ23AIRMAN (Bulgaria) - $518.77
7. Neo__11600 (Georgia) - $238.42
8. capsAA (Australia) - $124.18

** denotes a deal was struck between the final two players

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