MicroMillions 4: Enough chat, 111_win_111 wins Event #72 ($1 + R NL Hold'em)

It's not always hard to tell what's going on during a final table. It's not just the speed of hands played - and being a Turbo Event #72 flew by fast enough -- but when the chat box fills with a lot of words, none of which make any sense, it can cloud your mental picture of how things are shaping up.

That was the lasting impression towards the end of the $1 plus dollar re-buys no-limit hold'em event, played by 9,857, between whom 44,776 rebuys were bought and 4,983 add-ons paid for. From that field 1,260 players finished in the money, with the whole thing wrapped up inside of six hours.

Russian player 111_win_111 was the overwhelming chip leader coming into the final stage and survived a major swing in chips, some potential abuse, and a lengthy deal to collect $7,567.09 for first place, just the latest Russian to bag a MM4 title. Kosmosas99 settled for second place and $6,250.00.

The final table lined up as follows:

Seat 1. Staffnutz - 34546972
Seat 2. Killer2910 - 12273188
Seat 3. Crokilla27 - 31611910
Seat 4. Tolir077777 - 11260980
Seat 5. Libbes - 29457877
Seat 6. Maksim KR - 143,011
Seat 7. Kosmosas99 - 23765488
Seat 8. Faaaarst - 63920589
Seat 9. 111_win_111 - 99808985

First out was Maksim KR, from Russia, who with ten left actually folded his blind with less than a small big blind in reserve. It had proved to be a profitable decision for on the other table BastiWiesel, from Germany, was showing no such "never say die" spirit. The German ultimately departed in tenth place, leaving the presumably beaming Maksim KR to conquer ninth. He didn't even need to do anything. Left with $143,000 (less than the $150,000 ante), he sat and watched his two callers, one of which had a hand strong enough to beat Maksim KR's 'less than one ante' range.

111_win_111 leads going into the final

At this point 111_win_111 had been chip leader and held a convincing advantage over the competition. Faaaarst and Kosmosas99 in the two seats to his right were to be his principle rivals, the trio swapping the lead between them throughout the half hour of play.

111_win_111 was helped when he knocked out two more players. First Tolir077777, one of four Russians at the table, went in eighth place when his ace-ten rumbled past Tolir077777's jack-ten. Then, libbes, from Holland, shoved with ace-six. 111_win_111 had king-queen and got help from the board, reducing the final table to six and taking his own stack up to 100 million. That was some 34 million ahead of second place Faaaarst who swiftly closed the gap by winning this pot worth $82 million against Kosmosas99.

Both Kosmosas99 and 111_win_111 had roughly 90 million now and, with the blinds at a comical 1.2m-2.4m with a 240,000 ante, it was up to the short stacks to get a little pro-active.

Crokilla27 tried, and failed, moving in with ace-ten and leaving his chips to Faaaarst who backed into an unlikely ten-high straight on the turn and river, holding eight-six. Killer2910 managed to double, so too Staffnutz, which hampered 111_win_111 who had paid out. He got it back however, crushing Killer2910 and sending them to the rail in fifth.

It was at this point the words began to appear. The "British" player Kosmosas99 typed "BOT GOVNO?" in capital letters, which, thanks to the Urban Dictionary - the first port of call for anyone looking up the meaning of an unusual username, for it usually means a foreign or profanity - was revealed to be something unpleasant.

But that was all that could be translated. With four left staffnutz proposed a chop, to which 111_win_111 agreed. Kosmosas99's reply was "NO MNE PO CIPAM". It quickly transpired that Kosmosas99 was no Brit. He also liked shouting, or its typed equivalent of capital letters. So whatever "NO MNE PO CIPAM" meant, it was taken as a "No".
111_win_111 had agreed to a deal and after the next hand may have cursed those who denied it.

It cut his stack to 40 million (the big blinds would shortly increase to 3.2 million), while Faaaarst scorched his way to 90 million. It was to be a short lived swing. On the very next deal the Gods wiped the slate clean.

Kosmosas99's reaction to 111_win_111's return to the chip lead was as emphatic as it was indecipherable. "TEPER DOBIT ETOGO GADA," he said. It was still hard not to think of him shouting. Any irritation however was quelled quickly when staffnutz moved all-in with ace-six. Kosmosas99 found queens and called, taking his stack up to more than 140million, and into the lead.

At this point, with three left, both 111_win_111 and Kosmosas99 began talking. To Faaaarst, a Portuguese player sitting between the two, it was hard to make out what "Dabivamim ego I delim?" meant when Kosmosas99 said it. Nor "Aga Davai," which 111_win_111 typed in reply. Either way he wasn't happy and demanded English only at the table, an order swiftly enforced by the host.

But it was little matter when Faaaarst departed seconds later, caught in a pincer between 111_win_111 on his left and Kosmosas99 on his right.

And so the deal discussions began, the host admitting that he would need a second to track down a Russian speaker. There was a little more Govno talked in the chat box while they waited - the host presumably dashing frantically around the office asking if there was anyone in the building that spoke Russian** -- but soon negotiations were under way, or at least typing was.

It was hard to tell what was being decided. There were some words, some numbers, there were even words with numbers in the middle of them. It was left to Host Danieli to unravel both sides and come up with something definite, finally saving the day after 16 minutes by explaining it all in Lithuanian. If you're ever in a fix with someone and cannot come to an agreement - try Lithuanian, which seemed to work for Danieli.

111_win_111 - 222 million
Kosmosas99 - 90.8 million

With both players finally in agreement, with a "KAK DELIM" thrown into the chat box by Kosmosas99, play restarted, and lasted for about ten seconds.

It brought the final to a close, ending an almost wire-to-wire performance for 111_win_111 who collected first prize money and the MM title. Congratulations to all players involved. Now on to the next.

MicroMillions 4 Event #72 Results
Entrants: 9,857 (with 44,776 re-buys and 4,983 add-ons)
Prize pool: $54,250.56 ($30,000 gtd)
Places paid: 1,260

1st.111_win_111 (Russia) - $7,567.09*
2nd. kosmosas99 (United Kingdom) - $6,250.00*
3rd. Faaaarst (Portugal) - $4,068.79
4th. staffnutz (Australia) - $2,712.52
5th. killer2910 (Russia) - $2,170.02
6th. crokilla27 (Greece) - $1,627.51
7th. libbes (Netherlands) - $1,085.01
8th. tolir077777 (Russia) - $596.75
9th. Maksim KR (Russia) - $420.44

(* denotes two-way deal)
(** PokerStars actually do have speakers of various languages ready for this eventuality)

More than $5 million in prize money has been guaranteed for this the fourth MicroMillions series. A total of 100 events will be running until March 24th across various poker disciplines, leaving three days of play. To find out more go to the MicroMillions 4 home page where you'll find the full schedule of events as well as statistics, coverage, leader boards and much more.

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