MicroMillions 4: German quinella as OxECara wins Event #14 ($3.30+R NLHE)

One of the great things about the MicroMillions is that we see players from all backgrounds come together to play. From World Champions and professional poker players, to recreational and micro-limit players - it's a level playing ground for all. We also see many weird and wonderful countries represented. Usually there's a nice spread of players of different nationalities on the final tables, but today it was the dominance of the Germans that grabbed our attention. Team Germany filled three of the top four spots with OxECara grabbing the victory for a nation which is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the finest in the poker world.

It was Event #14 of the MicroMillions 4 schedule, a $3.30 No Limit Holdem Rebuy Event which attracted a field of 11,804 players. Throw in 16,663 rebuys and another 8,056 add-ons and we had ourselves a six-figure prize pool. Nice! A total of $109,569 was up for grabs and would be distributed to the top 1,530 players.

Chris Moneymaker was the only Team PokerStars Pro we could spot in the lobby, but he fell short of the cash. So did Deletco from Belgium who was the unfortunate bubble, finishing in 1,531st place to miss out on the $16.43 min-cash.

Rebuy tournaments often produce deep stacks, so it was a real grind to get to the final nine, especially when the final two tables were reached. When MachadinhaRS ran pocket sevens into dhilton12's pocket kings, MachadinhaRS was crippled and all in moments later with A♣2♦ against Cracker2179's A♥9♦. The board ran out Q♠9♣T♥2♣K♣ to see MachadinhaRS eliminated on the final table bubble in 10th place.

After nine and a half hours of play, our final table was set as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: goodes37hall (36,088,890 in chips)
Seat 2: fungyou (16,793,146 in chips)
Seat 3: OxECara (44,972,247 in chips)
Seat 4: speedyhanh (20,292,259 in chips)
Seat 5: Cracker2179 (33,101,562 in chips)
Seat 6: vanlakos (1,994,333 in chips)
Seat 7: dhilton12 (19,839,804 in chips)
Seat 8: JimmyGrande (17,198,125 in chips)
Seat 9: AngelinaWins (12,474,634 in chips)

vanlakos said, "deal? :D"

It was a bold attempt by the short-stacked vanlakos who entered the final table with barely two big blinds, but vanlakos looked a chance to climb a pay jump when a big pot unfolded in the early stages of the final table:

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It was a strange hand with goodes37hall flatting preflop with kings, and then JimmyGrande check-calling after catching the best hand. There could've been more carnage but it wasn't enough for vanlakos to avoid being the first eliminated. Once the big blind rolled around, vanlakos was all in with J♦5♦ and happy enough to have live cards after fungyou raised with A♥K♦. The board of K♠K♥T♦3♠9♣ was firmly in favour of fungyou as vanlakos fell in 9th place for $690.28.

AngelinaWins was next to go after putting in a cold four-bet jam with A♥Q♥. Cracker2179 was the original raiser and was happy to get out of the way, but JimmyGrande wasn't going anywhere with a dominant A♣K♥. The board ran out 4♦K♠2♥T♣8♦ to pair up the king to see JimmyGrande jump into the chip lead. Despite her name, AngelinaWins was unable to win on this occasion with 8th place worth $1,095.69.

Supernova Elite and PokerStars 2012 TLB winner David "dhilton12" Hilton was a fearsome opponent to see sitting down at a micro-limit tournament such as this. Perhaps his opponents didn't realise his prowess, but the seven shiny stars alongside his avatar probably gave them a clue.


The MicroMillions attracts players of all backgrounds, but the MicroMillions title eluded Hilton on this occasion with an ugly elimination:

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Hilton had the right read but goodes37hall was happy to gamble, ultimately rivering a straight to eliminate Hilton in 7th place for $2,191.38 in prize money.

The action didn't slow as speedyhanh made a move for around 16 big blinds from early position holding Q♠J♠. Only problem was that JimmyGrande called with a powerful A♥Q♣ which was too strong on the 4♥4♣Q♦3♠5♦ board. speedyhanh sped to the cashier to collect $3,287.07 for 6th place.

We then saw the biggest pot of the tournament unfold as JimmyGrande got a little frisky with T♥9♥ in a battle of the blinds. Cracker2179 opened with a raise and JimmyGrande put in the three-bet. Cracker2179 four-bet and JimmyGrande made the call in position to see a 9♦3♣5♠ flop. Cracker2179 led out with a bet before JimmyGrande moved all in with top pair, only to find Cracker2179 make the call with A♠9♣ for top pair with a better kicker. The K♣ turn and 7♥ river jumped Cracker2179 into the chip lead.

However those chips were passed over to goodes37hall in a hand that saw goodes37hall get two barrels of value with two pair holding A♦4♣ on a board of 9♣A♥Q♠3♣4♦.

fungyou was the next to make a move, with an all-in bet holding K♥J♥ but OxECara made the call with A♥Q♦. The flop was an interesting T♠Q♣T♣ as OxECare hit the queen but fungyou picked up an open-ended straight draw. The turn was a bricky 4♣ and the river J♦ wasn't enough as fungyou departed in 5th place for a very nice $4,382.76.

goodes37hall was in the chip lead, but that changed as another aggressive move backfired. goodes37hall three-bet jammed with A♥5♦ but ran into Cracker2179's J♥J♠ which held on a low board.

JimmyGrande's rollercoaster ride was ultimately brought to an end in 4th place. After JimmyGrande bet the flop, the chips went flying on the turn on a board of 7♠8♦4♣K♠. OxECara held A♥K♦ for top pair, top kicker, but JimmyGrande was drawing huge with 5♠9♠ for straight and flush possibilities. JimmyGrande would need to bink the river but the 8♣ was a miss, leaving JimmyGrande to collect $5,478.45 for a great tournament.

OxECara was into the chip lead and extended that even further when goodes37hall again went for broke. OxECara opened with a min-raise holding T♥T♦. goodes37hall three-bet, OxECara four-bet all in and goodes37hall called it off with A♥8♦. goodes37hall would need to find some good fortune but the board was laid out 5♠9♣Q♣8♣7♣ to leave the pocket pair in front. It was an entertaining run as goodes37hall's tournament ended in 3rd place for $7,669.83 in prize money.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 3: OxECara (175,913,750 in chips)
Seat 5: Cracker2179 (26,841,250 in chips)

It was down to the two Germans with OxECara holding a commanding chip advantage. Cracker2179 attempted to talk potential deals but with OxECara holding such a healthy lead, play continued. However the heads-up battle was certainly not a cakewalk. OxECara would grind Cracker2179 down with some aggressive play and a couple of very nice calls, but then Cracker2179 would respond with a double up to stay alive. This process happened on several occasions before OxECara had seen enough and agreed to take a look at the numbers.

After a little negotiating, the players agreed to a split with $1,200 put in the middle to play for.

Cracker2179 managed to fight back to a three-to-one chip deficit but after another bluff was picked off, Cracker2179 was left with just one move in the arsenal. Cracker2179 found A♥7♦ and moved all in but OxECara made the call with a superior A♣9♥. The final board would read 3♠5♦2♣J♠6♥ as OxECara's ace-nine was enough to grab the pot and the win! Cracker2179's 2nd place was worth a post-deal amount of $11,500 as OxECara took the MicroMillions title and $14,705.53 in prize money. Not bad for a $3.30 tournament!

MicroMillions 4 Event #14 Results

Entrants: 11,804
Rebuys: 16,663
Add-ons: 8,056
Prize pool: $109,569.00
Places paid: 1,530

1st OxECara (Germany) - $14,705.53*
2nd Cracker2179 (Germany) - $11,500.00*
3rd goodes37hall (Australia) - $7,669.83
4th JimmyGrande (Germany) - $5,478.45
5th fungyou (Canada) - $4,382.76
6th speedyhanh (Austria) - $3,287.07
7th David "dhilton12" Hilton (Costa Rica) - $2,191.38
8th AngelinaWins (Canada) - $1,095.69
9th vanlakos (Estonia) - $690.28

* denotes heads-up deal

There's over $5 million guaranteed during the fourth MicroMillions series, with 100 fantastic events running until March 24th across a wide range of poker disciplines. Head to the MicroMillions 4 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

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