MicroMillions 4: Ifkata binks Ante-Up (Event #51 $2.20+R NL)

MicroMillions 4 is always expanding and innovating. The beauty of a 100-event series is that you have the opportunity to play a variety of games that you normally wouldn't play on a daily basis. One of those innovative tournaments included Event #51 $2.20+R NL Ante-Up, which wasn't just your ordinary turbo re-buy because the blinds remained the same (at 5/5) but antes escalated at the start of every new level. The turbo format guaranteed a ton of action. When the dust settled, Bulgaria's Ifkata emerged as the latest MicroMillions 4 champion.

PokerStars Team Online Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen and George "Jorj95" Lind embarked on deep runs in this event, but only one of them would make the money.

Team Online Jorj95 was knocked out 2,536th place just before the money bubble popped. Jorj95 met his fate in a multi-way pot when his A♠Q♠ lost to manulito222's J♥J♠.

Team Online mement_mori was the only notable to cash in this event. Alas, mement_mori busted in 1,301st place when he lost with 9♥9♣ against AcademicAces's A♣5♠. AcademicAces flopped an Ace and mement_mori could not come from behind to avoid an elimination.

With ten remaining, action went hand-for-hand for only a couple of minutes before Lystig raised to 1,353,092, konradp20 shoved all-in for 6,736,204, and Lystig called. Lystig trailed with A♠J♠ against konradp20's K♣K♥. However, the flop was K♠8♠5♠ and Lystig flopped a flush to take the lead. However, konradp20 flopped a set and picked up a full house re-draw. The turn was the J♦, and the river was the 2♣. Lystig's flush held up and konradp20 bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #51 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Cornel55555 (26,525,251)
Seat 2: Dornbrötchen (14,022,827)
Seat 3: Recloud (5,555,865)
Seat 4: Lystig (20,822,830)
Seat 5: andru.kras (25,985,545)
Seat 6: maverik26rus (18,427,485)
Seat 7: Ifkata (22,887,709)
Seat 8: TheBluffCy (34,876,988)
Seat 9: 03AAS (13,171,500)

The final table commenced during Level 63 with blinds at 5/5 and antes at 900K. TheBluffCy held the lead with 34.8 million and Recloud held the short stack with 5.5 million.

Recloud eliminated in 9th place

Dornbrötchen opened to 2 million, Recloud re-raised all-in for 7,167,575, and Dornbrötchen called. Recloud led with A♥K♥ against Dornbrötchen's A♣4♣. The board ran out T♦8♣2♠4♠5♦. Recloud did not improve his Big Slick and Dornbrötchen won the pot with a pair of fours. Recloud became the first player to bust at the final table. For ninth place, Recloud won $711.33.

03AAS eliminated in 8th place

Short-stacked 03AAS bombed it all-in for 521,455, Cornel55555 re-raised all-in for 21,619,666 to isolate and everyone else folded. 03AAS took K♥T♠ into battle against Cornel55555's K♠K♣. The board ran out 5♣4♣4♥8♦4♦. Cornel55555 won the pot with a full house. 03AAS took home $1.067.00 for eighth place.

Lystig eliminated in 7th place

Big-stacked Dornbrötchen opened to a shade over 3 million, Lystig called all-in for 2,322,795, and everyone else folded. Heads-up. Lystig was behind with K♥9♠ versus Dornbrötchen's A♣3♥. The board ran out A♥J♦8♦2♥5♠. Dornbrötchen wont he pot with a pair of Aces. Lystig was knocked out in seventh place, which paid $2,074.73.

With six to go, Dornbrötchen held the lead with over 53 million.

Cornel55555 eliminated in 6th place

Cornel55555 open-shoved for 30,908,165 and andru.kras called. Cornel55555's A♥7♥ trailed andru.kras' K♦K♠. The flop was A♠4♠2♠ and Cornel55555 took the lead with a pair of Kings. The turn was the 3♠ and andru.kras re-gained the lead with a four-flush. The river was the J♣ and andru.kras' hand held up. Cornel55555 hit the rail in sixth place, which paid $3,201.01.

maverik26rus eliminated in 5th place

Family pot. Everyone limped in. The flop was Q♥9♦7♠... maverik26rus bet 2,434,875, Ifkata bumped it up to 5,450,065, three players folded, and maverik26rus called. The turn was the 2♣. maverik26rus checked, Ifkata bet 10,889,780, maverik26rus check-raisesd all-in for 20,359,566, and Ifkata called. maverik26rus showed Q♠6♦ for top pair, but Ifkata led with two pair, holding 9♠7♦. The river was the 7♥. Ifkata won the pot with a full boat and maverik26rus went out in fifth place. Russia's maverik26rus earned $4,386.57 for a fifth-place finish.

With four remaining, Ifkata held the lead with 87 million.

TheBluffCy eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked TheBluffCy open-shoved for 3,438,802 and both blinds called -- andru.kras and Ifkata. Both blinds checked it all the way down to the river. The board ran out 8♥6♥2♠6♠J♥. Holding 5♣5♠, andru.kras won the pot with two pair. Both TheBluffCy and Ifkata mucked their hands. TheBluffCy earned $5,572.13 for fourth place.

Dornbrötchen eliminated in 3rd place

Dornbrötchen raised all-in for 10,090,082, and Ifkata called. Ifkata led with K♥2♠ against Dornbrötchen's Q♥J♠. The board ran out 9♥6♠4♥7♦2♣ and Ifkata rivered a pair of deuces to win the pot. Dornbrötchen busted out in third place, which paid $7,943.25.

HEADS-UP: Ifkata (Bulgaria) vs. andru.kras (Russia)
Seat 5: andru.kras (87,940,145)
Seat 7: Ifkata (94,335,855)

Ifkata held a slight chip lead, but with the escalating "antes" they decided to pause the action to discuss a deal.


Both players agreed to chop up the money. Ifkata locked up  $12,150.11 and andru.kras was guaranteed $12,028.06. They left $1,000 left on the table for first place.

andru.kras eliminated in 2nd place; Ifkata wins Event #51!

On one of the first big hands after the deal, Ifkata crippled andru.kras in a 91 million pot. Ifkata chipped up to 161 million while andru.kras was left with approximately 20 million. Seven hands later the tournament was over.

On the final hand... andru.kras shoved all-in for 23,531,630, and Ifkata called. Ifkata led with K♦6♠ versus andru.kras's 5♣4♣. The board ran out Q♥J♦J♥6♥9♣. Ifkata  turned two pair and won the pot. Russia's andru.kras hand failed to improve and was knocked out in second place.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, andru.kras earned $12,028.06.

Congrats to Ifkata for shipping MicroMillions 4 Event #51 and winning $13,150.11.

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Event #51 $2.20+R NL (Ante Up) - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 14,975
Prize Pool: $118,556
Re-Buys: 36,338
Add-Ons: 7,965
Payouts: 2,025

1. Ifkata (Bulgaria) - $13,150.11 **
2.  andru.kras (Russia)  - $12,028.06  **
3. Dornbrötchen (Germany) - $7,943.25
4. TheBluffCy (United Kingdom) - $5,572.13
5. maverik26rus (Russia) - $4,386.57
6. Cornel55555 (Romania) - $3,201.017. Lystig (Norway) - $2,074.73
8. 03AAS (Romania) - $1,067.00
9. Recloud (Czech Republic) - $711.33

** Denotes a chop between the final two players.

For more information including the remaining schedule of event and to view the leader board, visit the MicroMillions 4 homepage.

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