MicroMillions 4: jamni slam dunks championship in Event #30 ($3.30 NL Heads-Up Turbo)

14 heads-up matches. That's how many opponents Slovenia's jamni valiantly faced, then conquered in order to win MicroMillions 4 Event #30 $3.30 NL Heads-Up. It took almost 12 hours, but jamni patiently dispatched opponent after opponent. As each hour passed, jamni kept surviving and advancing to the next round eventually making the money and then going deeper and deeper and all the way to the final table. It took less than 15 minutes in the final match before jamni knocked out Gu$tavO-BR from Brazil. After all that hard work, jamni's easiest opponent was the last one.

MicroMillions 4 Event #30 $3.30 NL Heads-Up (Turbo) attracted an impressive field of 16,384 runners. The prize pool was $49,152. The top 2,048 places got a cut with $3,596.82 originally set aside to the eventual champion.

Players started every match with 5,000 in chips. Blind levels increased every five minutes in the turbo format.

No one from Team PokerStars Pro or PokerStars Team Online advanced to the money in this event. The pros were shut out of this heads-up battle royale.

Elite 8

When the final eight players took their seats, the match-ups were:

vidos46 vs. Drughiii
Gu$tavO-BR vs. petrovich870
jamni vs. r.s.moura
kapucino1 vs. BallsQ

petrovich870 eliminated in 8th place

On a board of Q♣4♣A♣T♠, petrovich870 got it all-in on the turn with A♦K♥. Gu$tavO-BR's flopped a flush with 8♣5♣. The river was the Q♥. Gu$tavO-BR won the hand and advanced to the Final Four. Russia's petrovich870 busted in eighth place, which paid out $635.04

r.s.moura eliminated in 7th place

Super-short, r.s.moura made a final stand with A♥2♥, but lost to jamni's 8♣8♠. Brazil's r.s.moura collected $635.04 for seventh place. That meant jamni advanced to the Final Four.

BallsQ eliminated in 6th place

BallsQ took 9♦8♥ into battle against kapucino1's A♥K♥ The board ran out A♣5♣4♠4♦J♦ and kapucino1 won the pot with Aces up. The U.K.'s BallsQ hit the road in sixth place and won $635.04. Alas, kapucino1 advanced to the Final Four.

Drughiii eliminated in 5th place

Drughiii took A♦J♠ into battle against vidos46's J♦J♥, but the pair of Jacks held up when the board ran out Q♦6♣4♠K♥8♣. Drughiii won $635.04 for fifth place and vidos46 became the last player to advanced to the Final Four.

The Final Four

Gu$tavO-BR vs. vidos46
kapucino1 vs. jamni

Out of the final four players, two of them resided from Slovenia.

kapucino1 eliminated in 4th place

In their heads-up match, jamni got out to an early lead and kapucino1 could not get anything going on. With board reading K♠8♠4♥A♥, jamni bet 1,830 and kapucino1 called all-in for his last 1,030. The river was the A♣. jamni won the pot with A♠K♥ and running Aces to make a full house. kapucino1 flipped over K♣2♥ and only had two pair. For a fourth-place finish, Czech Republic's kapucino1 collected $1,152.61.

vidos46 eliminated in 3rd place

The match between Gu$tavO-BR and vidos46 seemed like it would never end. The two were relentless against each other, yet no one could deliver a knock-out blow. That was, until... someone finally connected when vidos46 bombed it all-in with K♥8♣ against Gu$tavO-BR's A♥8♦. The board ran out J♦4♠3♦6♦5♠. Gu$tavO-BR won the pot with Ace-high and vidos46 was knocked out in third. For third place, xxx took home $1,152.61.

HEADS-UP: Gu$tavO-BR (Brazil) vs. jamni (Slovenia)


With the final two set, action was paused so they could discuss a deal. They chopped up the remaining money for an even split of $2,689.47 and left $500 on the table for first place.

Gu$tavO-BR eliminated in 2nd place; jamni wins MicroMillons 4 Event #30!

The two were almost even in chips when they both walked into a cooler. They limped in this hand. The flop was A♣9♥7♣ and jamni bet 100 and Gu$tavO-BR called. The turn was the 7♦, and jamni bets 226 and Gu$tavO-BR called. The river was the 5♦. That's when things got interesting when jamni checked, Gu$tavO-BR bet 820, jamni check-raised to 1,760, Gu$tavO-BR raised all-in to 4,542, and jamni called. Gu$tavO-BR showed K♥7♠ for trip sevens, however, jamni rivered a nine-high straight with 8♥6♦. Alas, jamni won the pot and shipped the tournament. Gu$tavO-BR was knocked out in second place.

Brazil's Gu$tavO-BR collected $2,689.47 for a gutsy runner-up performance. Congrats to the new MicroMillions 4 champion, Solevinia's jamni, who earned a payday worth $3,189.47.

Check out the final hand in the re-player....

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Event #30 $3.30 NL Heads-Up - Final Eight Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 16,384
Prize Pool: $49,152
Places Paid: 2,048

1. jamni (Slovenia) - $3,189.47 **
2. Gu$tavO-BR (Brazil) - $2,689.47 **
3. vidos46 (Slovenia) - $1,152.61
4. kapucino1 (Czech Republic) - $1,152.61
5. Drughiii (Hungary) - $635.04
6. BallsQ (United Kingdom) - $635.04
7. r.s.moura (Brazil) - $635.04
8. petrovich870 (Russia) - $635.04

** denotes a deal was reached between the final two players

For more information including the remaining schedule of event and to view the leader board, visit the MicroMillions 4 homepage.

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