MicroMillions 4: malefactor9 can do no wrong in Event 49 ($8.80 HORSE)

There's an old saying that it's better to be lucky than good. I've never thought much of that saying. The obvious-to-me response to it has always been, "Why not be both?" The champion of 2013 MicroMillions 4 Event 49, $8.80 HORSE, malefactor9, proved to be a lucky player on the Road to 90 Billion hands on PokerStars by winning one of the milestone hands. At today's final table, malefactor9 proved to be a good player too.

3,854 players felt that this HORSE tournament was worth their $8.80. That put the prize pool north of $30,000 (doubling the $15,000 guarantee) and ensured that the winner would receive five large. To get that far, the eventual champion would have to swim through the field to the bottom money spots at 520th place ($13.56), then fight the long slog through another 65 tables of players.

Two members of PokerStars Team Online dipped their toe into the HORSE pond today as well. Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen didn't have much luck and crashed out early. Petersen's teammate Tyler "frosty012" Frost fared better, making it about halfway through the money before faltering in 207th place ($19.11).

That meant nobody would sport the Red Spade at the final table. That was ok. The final eight players of Event 49 had enough star power of their own. They included two "milestone" hand winners (malefactor9; mmleandro on the Road to 65 Billion), a Sunday Million final table player (Caetana), and a player with SCOOP and previous MicroMillions final tables (Pr0fiteer).

MM4 Event 49 final table.png

Seat 1: warwickman (1860129 in chips)
Seat 2: malefactor9 (2636867 in chips)
Seat 3: Mr.Szecs (2483123 in chips)
Seat 4: XZ.24 (1831762 in chips)
Seat 5: jffj13 (594088 in chips)
Seat 6: mmleandro (3335944 in chips)
Seat 7: Caetana (3466623 in chips)
Seat 8: Pr0fiteer (3061464 in chips)

Level 72: 200k-400k Razz
Average stack: 2,408,750 (6 big bets)

The final table started on razz. Everybody would have to start out going low in order to reach high. jffj13 was the short stack but caught a quick double-up with a 7-6 against Caetana's 8-6 to barely stay in the game. Three hands later a 6-4 was more than enough to double up again, courtesy of Pr0fiteer. jffj13 was back to an average stack.

Those double-ups meant that when XZ.24 dropped the first hand of 200k-400k Stud to Pr0fiteer, Pr0fiteer merely regained Pr0fiteer's original chip stack and crippled XZ.24. Pr0fiteer raised fourth street and led the rest of the way, 3♦4♣ / 7♦5♣6♦K♠ / 3♠. XZ.24 called every bet, then said "the debil" after the hand was done. Two hands later XZ.24 after starting 6♣7♣ / A♠ and failing to improve against Pr0fiteer, who rivered two pairs, 9s and 4s.

The deal that wasn't

After XZ.24's elimination, a double-up for warwickman in 250k-500k Stud H/L leveled all the stacks to between 2 million and 3 million. It would be a race to the finish for the winner.

The players began to take note of that fact at the 7pm break. Several suggested considering a deal, including jffj13, who thought an even chop was the right way to go. The tournament didn't pause, however, until after warwickman and malefactor9 had both pushed their counts to 4.5 million. At that point Pr0fiteer and Mr.Szecs each had about 1.7 million. An equal chop seemed unlikely.

warwickman suggested chopping 50% of the prize pool evenly and playing it out for the rest. Three players agreed to that before the host even calculated those numbers. Pr0fiteer requested to see how the ICM numbers differed from those. Unfortunately the table host misunderstood how the players wanted the first calculation to be done. It would take extra time to get everything right.

Meanwhile, he posted the ICM numbers, which ranged from $2,949.13 (just better than 3rd place) for chip leader malefactor9 to $1,879.19 for Mr.Szecs (just worse than 4th place). The host also posted chip chop numbers that were more favorable to the big stacks and less favorable to the short stacks.

Pr0fiteer immediately said, "That won't work," and pushed for ICM. The chip leader malefactor9 refused to budge off of chip chopping. "Chip chop only guys." That was all she wrote for a deal. Pr0fiteer broke off negotiations after almost 20 minutes had elapsed and asked for play to resume.

Heads will roll

Back from break, stakes immediately moved up to 300k-600k Omaha H/L followed by 300k-600k Razz. Stack sizes ranged from two to eight big bets. There was zero margin for error or bad luck. Yet bad luck found Mr.Szecs in this hand against the chip leader, malefactor9:

The final table moved to six players. For the first time, one of them - malefactor9 - had more than 10 big bets. That didn't last long, however. The game soon changed to 400k-800k Stud, then 400k-800k Stud H/L. malefactor9 check-raised Pr0fiteer in a pot on 4th street and took the pot down on 5th street to keep pace with the blinds.

Nearly everyone else was short-stacked. jffj13 made a stand with buried 6s, 6♣6♦ / 3♣. Caetana had three wheel cards, A♥3♦2♠, and went for the kill. jffj13 improved to two pairs, 10s and 6s, without a low hand. Caetana rivered aces and 5s to scoop the pot and end jffj13's tournament in 6th place.

The next hand mmleandro was the player to make a stand, deciding that three clubs 4♣J♣ / T♣ were good enough. Caetana started with three babies again, 6♣2♠ / 8♠. All of mmleandro's chips were in on 4th street. Caetana only improved to a pair of jacks with no low, but that was all it took against mmleandro's pair of 4s, no low. mmleandro was gone in 5th place; Caetana was resurgent.

Caetana and malefacor9 traded a few pots while Pr0fiteer and warwickman both tried to hang on. The game switched to 500k-1MM hold'em. Two quick lost pots left warwickman with less than 1 big bet. It went in from the big blind with [10s]2♣ against malefactor9's A♣K♣. warwickman never came close to the flop, turn or river.

Closing things out

malefactor9 had the chip lead three-handed. Caetana and Pr0fiteer each had roughly 4 million in chips to malefactor9's 11 million. It seemed likely that either Caetana or Pr0fiteer would finish in 3rd place. It turned out to be Pr0fiteer, in a hand that was capped pre-flop and on the flop. Take a look:

The tournament ended in Omaha H/L. The crippling hand was raised pre-flop by Caetana to 1 million. malefactor9 called to a flop of 9♥Q♠T♦ that both players checked. malefactor9 bet and three-bet the 9♣ turn and bet the river T♥. Caetana called all the way down but couldn't beat Q♣Q♥6♣4♥, queens full of tens. The loss left Caetana with just 564,000 in chips, which all went to malefactor9 the next hand when 7♠Q♠6♦6♣ scooped 5♦Q♣2♠8♠ by making a 7-6 low and two pair, aces and 6s, on a 9♦4♥A♣5♠A♦ board.

During the deal discussion, Pr0fiteer complained that malefactor9 was over-valuing the size of his stack in relation to the blinds by insisting on a chip-chop deal. Maybe so, or maybe not. It doesn't matter once you have all of the chips. malefactor9 used his big stack to bludgeon the table after the deal fall apart. For that, malefactor9 is the latest MicroMillions champion.

2013 MicroMillions 4 Event 49 $8.80 HORSE results:

1st: malefactor9 ($5,012.78)
2nd: Caetana ($3,567.26)
3rd: Pr0fiteer ($2,774.88)
4th: warwickman ($2,158.24)
5th: mmleandro ($1,541.60)
6th: jffj13 ($924.96)
7th: Mr.Szecs ($462.48)
8th: XZ.24 ($277.48)

This was MicroMillions 4 Event 49. That means there are 51 more MicroMillions 4 events that you can enter. Get all of the latest schedules, results, point standings and more at the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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