MicroMillions 4: Matter of fact victory for shattocks in Event #63 ($5.50 NL Hold'em)

Sometimes a final table just naturally gets down to business. Players could talk, but they don't talk. Play could contain massive swings, but there are no massive swings. There could have been a tense, drawn out heads-up conclusion, but there was no tense, drawn out conclusion. Event #63 of Micro Millions 4 just wanted to get itself done, and it did, in a little more than 40 minutes. It was won by shattock, from the United Kingdom.

Shattock's display was unremarkable, uncontroversial and as matter-of-fact as you could ask for, although that should take nothing away from the performance, one that netted shattock -- whose name sounded like something you would yell after being busted form a poker tournament -- $4,901.37 in prize money. That came after beating a field of 6,262 that had smashed the $15,000 guarantee, leaving $31,310 in the prize pool.

In second place was Kev_unlimit, who had actually led with nine to play. It was be nice to think there was something remarkable with Kev_unlimit too, but no, just a good player going about the business of trying to win a poker tournament. Their day ended in a convincing second place.

In fact looking back it was hard to find anything out of the ordinary with Event 63, which was wrapped up in 41 minutes and was played without a peep from anyone. All except Tcproject, eventual fourth place finisher, who twice popped up to suggest a deal and was roundly ignored by the others on both occasions.

The final table gets started

So who were those others? Here's how they lined up.

Seat 1. Djqst - $1,508,178
Seat 2. JNuado - $4,894,143
Seat 3. MATZZZZZ - $3,258,687
Seat 4. Kev_unlimit - $6,707,150
Seat 5. Tcproject - $5,212,198
Seat 6. Checkavailab - $1,445,789
Seat 7. Shattock - $5,452,595
Seat 8. Naplovas - $1,295,230
Seat 9. Goallandec - $1,136,032

It took just three minutes to lose the first player. Checkavailab checked out almost at once, running pocket eights into Shattock's pocket jacks, which immediately sent the eventual winner into the lead ahead of Kev_unlimit. A minute after Goallandec would follow, shoving for 756,000 (blinds were 80,000-160,000 with a 20,000 ante), with ace-deuce, only for Tcproject to find pocket queens.

With blinds up it wouldn't take long before the short stacks, naplovas and djqst were forced to take action.

Naplovas tried something first. Admittedly his options were limited, but an ace was enough to persuade him to move all-in. Kev_unlimit also had an ace but he also had a king, which squished the four that went with naplovas's hand. That was the Hungarian eliminated in seventh.

Djqst had his go two minute later, shoving with ace-king and doubling through against shattock's speculative ten-nine. Relief was only temporary though. Djqst got two callers when he next moved all-in. Queens for Shattock. "Shattocks!" for Djqst.

With blinds up again, and Tcproject's suggestion of a deal unnoticed, play went on, with shattocks taking more and more chips. His stack was now up to 12.6 million and the sound of hands being folded filled the ears as chips were sent his way.

JNuado, however, was intent on stopping this. I pictured him taking a few deep breaths, holding his nose and leaping off the cliff's edge, shoving four times in three minutes, adding small amounts to his stack, before running with king-jack smack bang into MATZZZZZ's ace-jack. JNuado might have yelled "shattocks!" but the word he saw when he came round, like a 60s Batman special effect, was probably "MATZZZZZ!"

By now shattock was the clear leader with more than 15 million chips, more than eight million ahead of Kev_unlimit. That gap grew even greater when, with the big blinds at 300,000, Tcproject shoved.

That left Shattock with nearly two thirds of the chips in play, and the Gods, fickle by nature, decided that today was not a day they would start messing with people's heads. When JNuado shoved next behind a pair of jacks, he not only ran into shattock's ace-queen, but he was undone without mercy on the flop, shattock flopping two pairs. The entire final had moved at quite a clip, reaching the heads up stage in little more than 35 minutes. But somehow it didn't' look like it was going to last long.

Shattock - 24.4 million
kev_unlimit - 5.5 million

Two minutes later it was more like 28.3m vs. 2.4 m. Struggling for a realistic solution, Kev_unlimit put his weight behind ace-five and shoved. Shattock, who was simply following convention, called with pocket queens. Three seconds later, the formalities complete, the screen said the table was closed.

And that was that. Everyone went their separate ways with some money in their pocket. Shattock won, and hearty congratulations to him. But now, on to the next.

MicroMillions 4 Event #63 Results
Entrants: 6,262
Prize pool: $31,310.00 ($15,000 gtd)
Places paid: 810

1st. shattock (United Kingdom) - $4,901.37
2nd. kev_unlimit (Hong Kong) - $3,647.61
3rd. JNuado (Russia) - $2,578.37
4th. tcproject (Estonia) - $1,769.01
5th. MATZZZZZ (Canada) - $1,330.67
6th. djqst (Russia) - $1,017.57
7th. naplovas (Hungary) - $704.47
8th. Goallandec (Russia) - $391.37
9th. checkavailab (Argentina) - $250.48

The numbers are big - more than $5 million in prize money guaranteed during this, the fourth MicroMillions series. A total of 100 events will be running until March 24th across various poker disciplines. To find out more go to the MicroMillions 4 home page where you'll find the full schedule of events as well as statistics, coverage, leader boards and much more.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter

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