MicroMillions 4: Millions won, many more to be had

You must have heard that MicroMillions has started. You just must have. More so, you really must give it a go. But why? We'll tell you

Are you a micro-stakes hero?
These huge guaranteed prize pools are simply not to be missed. You can turn a few bucks into thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Not only that but you'll get to play the widest range of games and structures that PokerStars has to offer. Check the full schedule of events here.

Are you a mid-stakes grinder?
Is the MicroMillions too, well, micro for you? Yes? No! Consider the MicroMillions to be a training ground for games that you're not used to. Give your Draw tournament strategy a spin at the low stakes. Tighten up your Razz fundamentals without paying the price of a learning curve. If you run deep then you stand the chance to get your hands on some four- or five-digit payouts. Suddenly it's not quite so micro after all.

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki twice won the Player of the Series trophy (and a free PCA package) showing that it can even be worth the grind for players more akin to EPT Main Event grinds than five dollar frenzies. Good news for leader board hopefuls: Horecki told us that he wouldn't be trying to make it three times lucky.


Marcin Horecki (at EPT London last week)

To read about any of yesterday's final tables just click on through the title of the event below. And you can see all the reports by clicking here.

MicroMillions-37: $5.50+R NL Hold'em (1R1A)
Entries: 3,694 (4,668 rebuys, 1,415 add-ons)
Prize pool: $29,331
Winner: haspel (Germany) - $4,548.66

MicroMillions-38: $5.50 NL Hold'em
Entries: 11,198
Prize pool: $55,990
Winner: bezerdicova1 (Russia) - $4,761.40*
* adjusted for seven-way deal

MicroMillions-39: $3.30 8-game
Entries: 15,256
Prize pool: $14,967
Winner: Korol Archi (Russia) - $2,286.20

MicroMillions-40: $5.50 NLHE 6-max (turbo KO)
Entries: 20,010
Prize pool: $102,051
Winner: zsolt230 (Hungary) -- $10,228.42 (plus 18 bounties worth $1 each)
* adjusted for two-way deal

MicroMillions-41: $1+R (3x-Turbo)
Entries: 37,225 (176,619 rebuys, 20,741 add-ons)
Prize pool: $213,472.35
Winner: gamblerkk (Austria) - $18,142

MicroMillions 4 continues today with these events. Good luck.
(Times are all ET)

  • 05:00 -- $11 NL Hold'em (6-Max, SuperKnockout) -- $25,000 guaranteed
  • 07:00 -- $1+R NL Hold'em (3x-Turbo) -- $50,000 guaranteed
  • 09:30 -- $3.30 PL Omaha Hi/Lo -- $10,000 guaranteed
  • 12:00 -- $8.80 HORSE -- $15,000 guaranteed
  • 14:00 -- $4.40 NL Hold'em (4-Max,4x Chance) -- $100,000 guaranteed
  • 16:30 -- $2.20+R NL Hold'em (Ante Up,2x-Turbo) -- $50,000 guaranteed
  • 19:30 -- $5.50 NL Hold'em -- $30,000 guaranteed
  • 23:00 -- $3.30 NL Hold'em (6-Max, Ante Up) -- $10,000 guaranteed
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