MicroMillions 4: nobre13 rewrites the sequel in Event #35 ($5.50+R NLHE 1R1A)

It was a script that seemed familiar. A story we'd written before. A tale of good versus evil. One of overcoming the odds. Looser Vogel was cast in the role of the villain. He's probably a lovely guy, but as you'll read a little later, it was a role he'd played before. And the hero was nobre13, a Portugese warrior, who brought the happily-ever-after ending to the tale with victory.

The drama unfolded in Event #35 of the MicroMillions4 series. We saw 4,464 players come together for the $5.50 No Limit Holdem Event which permitted one rebuy and one add-on per player. 3,180 players took advantage of the rebuy and 1,363 of them added on to swell the prize pool to $45,035.

Tyler Frost was the only Team PokerStars Pro we spotted in the field, but his quest for the MicroMillions Player of the Series didn't add any points in this one as he fell short of the money.

When osoblue from Ecuador bubbled in 586th place, the remaining 585 players had locked up a profit with a min-cash worth $17.56.

It took a little over eight hours before tripv's ace-four wasn't able to improve to get past Bruno198670's ace-queen to see our final table formed:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: Looser Vogel (10,134,397 in chips)
Seat 2: Rickelloko (3,314,581 in chips)
Seat 3: sild (3,342,870 in chips)
Seat 4: SaraISS (7,056,314 in chips)
Seat 5: nobre13 (6,202,811 in chips)
Seat 6: Renanr0x (5,083,112 in chips)
Seat 7: Bruno198670 (4,860,999 in chips)
Seat 8: faxer128 (2,640,278 in chips)
Seat 9: shirvaluebet (2,399,638 in chips)

Now it's not often we see a familiar player on these MicroMillions final tables with such enormous fields, but a quick glance at the avatar of seat one rang a few bells.


I've seen that avatar before. This is where the story began. A quick Google search uncovered I'd written about this character before when Looser Vogel won a MicroMillions title early last year. I wrote that the avatar looked like a horror movie character and said, "The best horror movies are the ones where the villain gets away with it - it means that we get a sequel". Well, that day had arrived. Here we were, almost one year later to the exact day, and the villain was back for the sequel! Would we see a similar story line? Would evil conquer all once again or would someone slay the villain this time around?

Well, Looser Vogel held a big chip lead when the final table started, so it was quite possible that all was going to go to script for the villain.

faxer128 was the first victim after making a move at the pot on a board of J♦J♥Q♣8♥. faxer128 held A♥7♥ for the nut flush draw but shirvaluebet was quick to call with A♣J♠ for three jacks. The river was a heartless 6♦ to see faxer128 out in 9th place for $360.28.

sild landed a double up with pocket sevens making a full house to better Renanr0x's ace-queen, before nobre13 did similarly, winning a huge coin flip with ace-king against SaraISS's pocket jacks when an ace spiked on the river.

It would be shirvaluebet who was next to go, moving all in preflop with 9♠9♥ to be racing with Looser Vogel's A♠K♠. The board fell 5♦A♦3♠2♦6♠ to pair the ace and leave shirvaluebet to collect $562.93 for 8th place.

Rickelloko was soon to follow to the virtual rail. Rickelloko three-bet shoved all in with A♥J♦ but Bruno198670 made the call and turned over a dominant A♠Q♥. The board of A♦Q♣7♥4♣6♦ sealed the deal for Bruno198670 with two pair as Rickelloko pocketed $1,013.28 for 7th place.

Three hands later and six became five:

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Renanr0x ran top pair into SaraISS's set of fours which resulted in Renanr0x crashing to the rail in 6th place for $1,463.63 in prize money.

Looser Vogel was still out in front and his dominance continued when he extended that advantage even further in a massive clash with the second largest chip stack which belonged to Bruno198670. Looser Vogel three-bet with Q♠Q♥ and then called it off when Bruno198670 four-bet shoved A♥K♥. It was a game-changing coin flip and it went the way of Looser Vogel on the board of T♦2♠7♣J♣J♥. No ace or king for Bruno198670 meant elimination in 5th place for $1,913.98.

nobre13 landed a cheeky double up with queen-nine pairing the nine to get past SaraISS's pocket threes, but sild wasn't so fortunate. sild opened with a raise from under the gun and then committed the entire stack holding K♠Q♣ after Looser Vogel raised all in. Unfortunately it was terrible timing for sild as Looser Vogel found A♣A♠. The board bricked out 2♠8♣7♥4♣5♣ to leave the aces in front and eliminate sild in 4th place for $2,589.51.

Looser Vogel held a commanding chip lead and was looking for another victim when moving all in on the very next hand. Looser Vogel held A♥T♦ but nobre13 had that beat with A♣K♠. Incredibly the first four community cards were spread 6♦3♠3♣6♥ and it looked like a certain split pot but nobre13 caught a K♥ on the river for a big double up.

SaraISS did likewise with A♥Q♠ holding against Looser Vogel's loose K♦4♦ and suddenly our villain was on shaky ground!

However it was a clash between SaraISS and nobre13 that reduced our tournament to the final two titans. nobre13 opened with a button raise before SaraISS three-bet jammed from the big blind. nobre13 was happy to call with a monster Q♠Q♣ as SaraISS would need help with A♣8♥. It didn't arrive on the board of K♠2♦K♣6♠3♥ to see SaraISS out in 3rd place for $3,715.38.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: Looser Vogel (12,249,186 in chips)
Seat 5: nobre13 (32,785,814 in chips)

Looser Vogel said, "wanna look at the numbers?"
nobre13 said, "ok"

As quickly as the two agreed to look at the numbers, a deal was struck based on chip counts with a further $600 and the title left to play for.

The first few pots of heads-up play were small but it didn't take long for the aggressive Looser Vogel to make a move. nobre13 raised the button before Looser Vogel moved all in with J♥9♠. nobre13 made the call and the race was on against 8♥8♠. The board arrived 7♣K♠3♦7♥2♣ to give nobre13 the win!

The sequel ended the way all good sequels should - this time the villain was slayed as Looser Vogel fell narrowly short of a second MicroMillions title. Looser Vogel takes $5,586.65 as nobre13 becomes the hero of this story grabbing the victory and $6,755.92 in prize money.

MicroMillions 4 Event #35 Results

Entrants: 4,464
Rebuys: 3,180
Add-ons: 1,363
Prize pool: $45,035
Places paid: 585

1st nobre13 (Portugal) - $6,755.92*
2nd Looser Vogel (Germany) - $5,586.65*
3rd SaraISS (Portugal) - $3,715.38
4th sild (Denmark) - $2,589.51
5th Bruno198670 (Brazil) - $1,913.98
6th Renanr0x (Brazil) - $1,463.63
7th Rickelloko (Brazil) - $1,013.28
8th shirvaluebet (Israel) - $562.93
9th faxer128 (Mexico) - $360.28

* denotes heads-up deal

There's over $5 million guaranteed during the fourth MicroMillions series, with 100 fantastic events running until March 24th across a wide range of poker disciplines. Head to the MicroMillions 4 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

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