Micromillions 4: SprutasHart rockets to victory in Event #78 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max 2x-Chance)

It was a tense final hand.

Despite making a deal shortly after getting heads-up, the match had been long. Both players had a massive lead at one point and now one player was all-in, again.

A call could end it or keep things going. SprutasHart's extra time had gone from 100 seconds to just below 20 before clicking call.

It turned out to be the right call as SprutasHart won Event #78 for $17,094.33. There were more than 18,000 players that registered and about 10,000 gave it a second shot.This created a $145,055 prize pool, nearly double the $75,000 guarantee.

SprutasHart started the final table 2nd in chips, but the journey to victory wouldn't be easy.

The final table


Seat 1: ZymerPL -- 14,804,987
Seat 2: FrangoDagua -- 18,879,875
Seat 3: SprutasHart -- 30,097,980
Seat 4: namelessaek -- 16,354,116
Seat 5: NunoBraad -- 27,736,420
Seat 6: Manturo7 -- 36,956,622

The final table started with 300K/600K blinds and a 75K ante. It'd only take five hands to get down to five players.

SprutasHart raised to 1.2 million from UTG and ZymerPL re-rasied to 2,548,32 from the small blind. FrangoDagua four-bet to 4.2 million, SprutasHart folded and ZymerPL moved all-in for 15,254,987. FrangoDagua called and we had the first final table showdown.

FrangoDagua: 9♥9♠
ZymerPL: A♥Q♠

The flop fell K♣4♥J♥ and ZymerPL picked up a straight the draw. Then the turn brought a 6♥ and ZymerPL got a flush draw. ZymerPL had plenty of outs but the 5♦ that came on the river wasn't one of them.

ZymerPL was out in 6th and earned $1,716.

What's the deal?

When we got down to the final table NunoBraad immediately suggested a deal:

NunoBraad: do someone want to do an agreement
SprutasHart: look at numbers?

Other players weren't too interested.

Then after ZymerPL's elimination, NunoBraad suggested the proposal again.

NunoBraad: guys lets make a deal
SprutasHart: just look at numbers
SprutasHart: or someone dont wanna se numbers

This time the other players showed interest but FrangoDagua was still hesitant. But after some further coaxing, FrangoDagua agreed to look at the numbers. After the remaining prize pool was divided, FrangoDagua, with the lead and 50,574,862, would be guaranteed $14,402.88 with $1,500 going to first.

FrangoDagua said he'd only accept if given $16,000. The other players declined.

No deal

With a failed deal, the battle continued. FrangoDagua went on a heater and won a few large pots to grow his stack to 75 million. Then SprutasHart brought the tournament down to four players.

NunoBraad, the deal-instigator wouldn't fare so well.

With 500K/1M blinds and a 125K ante, FrangoDagua raised to 2.1 million from the cutoff and SprutasHart moved all-in for 30.8 million from the button. NunoBraad called all-in from the big blind and FrangoDagua folded.

NunoBraad showed 9♠9♦ and SprutasHart turned over A♦Q♠. The hands were very similar to the previous elimination but things would end a bit differently.

9s did not prevail this time as the 3♥Q♥A♥[4]A♠ board fell heavily in SprutasHart's favor, giving the player a full house.

NunoBraad was out in 5th and earned $2,708.17

Weight class

FrangoDagua and SprutasHart held nearly 90 percent of chips in play with four players to go. Most of those chips, 92 million, belonged to FrangoDagua while SprutasHart had 37 million. While SprutasHart had a fighting shot against FrangoDagua, Manturo7 and namelessaek were outclassed. With only about 7 million a piece, the two players really only had one move.

namelessaek was the first to go all-in.

With 600K/1.2M blinds and a 150K ante, FrangoDagua raised to 2.52 million from the button. namelessaek was in the big blind and moved all in for 7,414,116.

FrangoDagua called and showed 6♠7♦ to namelessaek's 5♠5♦. The 4♥2♦8♣ flop kept namelessaek's 5s in the lead, but the turn brought FrangoDagua a 6♦. The river was a Q♣ and namelessaek was eliminated in 4th place, a finish worth $4,714.28.

With only 7 million to FrangoDagua's 106 million and SprutasHart's 31 million, Manturo7 suggested a deal one more time.

FrangoDagua: no thx

Then there was a double up:

Manturo7 got chipped down to about 3 million and managed one double-up before meeting his fate as 3rd place finisher. With 600K/1.2M blinds and a 150K ante, Manturo7 was quickly down to 4,444,568.

He put it all-in on the button.

FrangoDagua called from the small blind and SprutasHart did the same from the big blind. The flop came Q♥5♥J♦ and both players checked, bringing a 4♥ on the turn. There were three hearts on the board and SprutasHart bet 4.8 million. FrangoDagua raised to 10.8 million and SprutasHart called.

The river brought a Q♣ and another round of checks. FrangoDagua showed J♥8♥ and the other two players mucked. FrangoDagua was back up to 70 million and Manturo7 was out in 3rd, earning $9,065.93.

One more time

A deal was suggested again and this time, it went through. At the time of the deal, FrangoDagua held 71,286,808 and SprutasHart was at 73,768,192.

The deal gave SprutasHart $15,329.32 and FrangoDagua $15,265.01. SprutasHart then suggested giving giving each player $15,000 and adding the remainder to the $1,500 reserved for first.

Both players agreed and play continued.

Pulling away

FrangoDagua took an early lead by winning a few small pots followed by a massive one:


Blinds were 700K/1.4M with a 175K ante and SprutasHart raised to 2.8 million. FrangoDagua bet enough to put his opponent all-in and SprutasHart called.

FrangoDagua: K♥Q♥
SprutasHart: A♣[10s]

The board fell A♦7♦4♣6♣7♠ and SprutasHart doubled-up to 77.3 million and took the lead.

SprutasHart then increased that lead when FrangoDagua raised to 2.94 million from the button. SprutasHart re-raised to 7,999,999 and FrangoDagua called, bringing a 8♥2♥J♥ flop. SprutasHart bet 11 million and FrangoDagua called, bringing a K♥ on the turn. Both players check and a 6♦ came on the river. SprutasHart bet 8.9 million and FrangoDagua folded.

SprutasHart was up to 96 million while FrangoDagua was down to 48 million.

SprutasHart then started chipping away at FrangoDagua even more. FrangoDagua managed to survive one all-in when both players showed 9-8 and split the pot. Then FrangoDagua got down to 14 million and scored a much-needed double-up with K♥4♣ against SprutasHart's A♥J♦.

The flop brought FrangoDagua a 4♠ and the river gave him a K♦ and 30 million chips.

The next all-in would be the last of the tournament.

With 800K/1.6M blinds and a 200K ante, SprutasHart raised to 3.2 million and FrangoDagua called. The flop came [10c]5♥3♣ and FrangoDagua bet 2.38 million. SprutasHart raised to 6.4 million and FrangoDagua called, bringing a 7♥ on the turn.

FrangoDagua check-called 2.9 million and a 6♦ fell on the river. FrangoDagua moved all-in for 25,869,226 and SprutasHart thought.

He thought for an internet eternity.

SprutasHart's extra 100 seconds kicked in and at the 18 second mark, he called.

FrangoDagua turned over A♦2♠ for a stone-cold bluff on a very dangerous board. SprutasHart showed A♣A♠ to win the tournament with pocket rockets.

FrangoDagua finished 2nd, earning $15,000 while SprutasHart became the champion of Event #78, a title that made him $17,094.33 richer.

Micromillions 4 Event #78 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max 2X-Chance) Results:

Re-buys: 10,030
Prize pool: $145,055
Places Paid: 2,400

1st: SprutasHart (Sweden) -- $17,094.33*
2nd: FrangoDagua -- $15,000.00*
3rd: Manturo7 (Romania) -- $9,065.93
4th: namelessaek (Greece) -- $4,714.28
5th: NunoBraad (Portugal) -- $2,708.17
6th: ZymerPL (Poland) -- $1,1716.00

*Denotes a two-way deal.

The Micromillions has entered the final stretch, but there's still plenty of cash up for grabs. Check out the Micromillions homepage for a list of the remaining events, satellites and the tournament leaderboard. The $1 million guarantee Main Event starts tomorrow as well so there's still plenty of action left in the Micromillions 4.

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