MicroMillions 4: Success for SVmen7 in Event #28 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max)

When the final table began, SVmen7 was the second shortest stack at the table. But a rather quick double-up and aggression surge soon changed the makeup of the table. While AlonWinner12 had the lead for much of the action, SVmen7 had the momentum and eventually took the lead, too. And we had a winner only a few hands later.


Every Sunday on PokerStars offers a plethora of tournaments for every type of player. Add a MicroMillions tournament series to the mix, and there are even more choices, especially for the micro buy-in player. MicroMillions 4 gives those who can't always enter the bigger tournaments the chance to achieve poker fame and glory - and bankroll-changing money - on their favorite online poker site.

Event 28 was one of the higher buy-ins offered in MicroMillions 4. However, those unable to afford the $5.50 buy-in had the chance to qualify for pennies on the dollar through satellites. The $40K guarantee was a big draw, and the resulting prize pool nearly doubled that amount.

Players: 15,256
Guarantee: $40,000.00
Prize pool: $76,280.00
Paid players: 2,100

It only took a few hours for the money bubble to burst, and TheAA became the first player in this event to cash, taking home $8.39 for the effort. Play moved rather quickly from that point, though it slowed down with only eight tables remaining. It then took quite a while to reach the final two tables near the 8.5-hour mark of the tournament.

Not long after, though, fagoteg eliminated nhBOBBYnh in eighth place on one table, and action was heating up on the other. Olegin13 pushed with Q♦9♦ against the Q♥4♠ of AlonWinner12, but the shorter stack could not improve on the 7♠8♥2♣8♦7♣ board. Olgegin13, who finished second in an event in the last MicroMillions series, was out in seventh place with $648.38 in this one.

AlonWinner12 leads table of six

The final table got underway in Level 28, with blinds of 150,000/300,000 and a 37,500 ante, along with these chip stacks:

Seat 1: ordoseclorum (7,122,330 in chips)
Seat 2: AlonWinner12 (18,323,493 in chips)
Seat 3: jarobet147 (16,327,475 in chips)
Seat 4: fagoteg (14,636,204 in chips)
Seat 5: ParaMiGente (12,280,137 in chips)
Seat 6: SVmen7 (7,590,361 in chips)

MM 4 - Event 28 FT.JPG

The group almost immediately decided to pause the action to discuss a deal, and they looked at ICM and chip-chop numbers. There was some discussion, a few minor disagreements, and ultimately, a version of the ICM payouts that made everyone happy. With an additional $800 set aside for the winner, the payouts were established as follows:

Seat 1: ordoseclorum - $3,181.69
Seat 2: AlonWinner12 $5,549.52
Seat 3: jarobet147 - $5,361.72
Seat 4: fagoteg - $4,718.33
Seat 5: ParaMiGente - $4,884.47
Seat 6: SVmen7 - $3,272.02

A few hands after play resumed, SVmen7 doubled through fagoteg.

Not long after, ordoseclorum got involved with jarobet147. After the board produced T♥6♥5♣2♥, ordoseclorum bet all-in with 3♦3♠. But jarobet147 showed Q♦Q♠ for the overpair, which remained the best hand as the J♣ came on the river. Ordoseclorum exited in sixth place with $3,181.69.

SVmen7 makes a run for the top

Fagoteg never fully recovered from the double-up from SVmen7, and the two got involved again. Fagoteg raised from the button, and SVmen7 reraised all-in from the big blind. Fagoteg called all-in with A♦5♥, and SVmen7 turned over Q♥Q♣. The board of 8♣7♣J♣3♠K♥ did nothing for fagoteg, who had to leave win fifth place and $4,718.33.

When ParaMiGente decided to raise from the button, SVmen7 reraised all-in from the small blind. AlonWinner12 folded the big blind, and ParaMiGente called all-in with A♠J♣. Again, SVmen7 showed Q♣Q♦. The flop of 8♠J♥4♦ brought some hope for ParaMiGente, but the 5♥ turn and 7♥ river ended the hand with no further aid. ParaMiGente was gone in fourth place with $4,884.47.

AlonWinner12 was starting to lose hold of the chip lead but took a pot worth nearly 14 million chips from SVmen7 to regain it. Then, AlonWinner12 took this even-bigger pot from jarobet147:

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But this hand was the game-changer for SVmen7:

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Jarobet147 was the next player to move all-in and did it with J♦8♦ after an all-in raise from AlonWinner12 with Q♣7♠. The board came 4♠4♥T♥A♣Q♠, and AlonWinner12 took the pot with two pair, while jarobet147 exited with $5,361.72 in third place.

Blink and you miss heads-up

The final two players started their match with these chips:

Seat 2: AlonWinner12 (15,975,298 in chips)
Seat 6: SVmen7 (60,304,702 in chips)

It's tough to call one hand a match, though. On that first hand, alonWinner12 raised, and SVmen7 called to see the 3♣J♦K♦ flop. AlonWinner12 bet, and SVmen7 check-called. The J♣ came on the turn and resulted in two checks. The 2♠ on the river, however, prompted SVmen7 to bet. AlonWinner12 reraised all-in for 13.5 million chips holding 8♣5♣, but SVmen7 called with J♠9♦ for trip jacks. AlonWinner12 took the most money of all final table players with $5,549.52 for second place.

SVmen7 won Event 28 for $4,072.02. Congrats!

MicroMillions 4 Event #28 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max) Results (reflects 6-way deal):

Total players: 15,256
Paid players: 2,100

1st place: SVmen7 (Ukraine) - $4,072.02*
2nd place: AlonWinner12 (Israel) - $5,549.52*
3rd place: jarobet (Belgium) - $5,361.72*
4th place: ParaMiGente (Netherlands) - $4,884.47*
5th place: fagoteg (Russia) - $4,718.33*
6th place: ordoseclorum (Poland) - $3,181.69*

*Reflects payment deal with $800 additional for the winner.

There are many more tournaments remaining in the fourth edition of this series. For any and all information about MicroMillions, check out its main tournament page.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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