MicroMillions 4: Una para Botaro!

Imagine Ivan Rivas sitting in front of his computer in Mendoza, Argentina. He's 29 years old and has his head tilted back. He screams, "Una para Botaro!"

Rivas (known on PokerStars as botaro666) wasn't supposed to be playing MicroMillions fifth event. He doesn't even really like big tournaments, and there were more than 18,000 people in the tourney. But, as he sat there last week playing some cash games, he remembered a buddy said he was going to be playing a lot of MicroMillions events.

"So, I registered just to annoy my friend," Rivas said.

You want to know what's really annoying? His buddy bubbled the tournament. Rivas won it for more than $8,000.

What's more, he did it with his battle cry, "Una para Botaro! (This one for Botaro!)"

Yeah. Annoying, right?

The thing is, Rivas is a part-time player who plays only for the fun of it. His life revolves around another pursuit that absolves him of just about anything he does at the poker table.

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In his real life, Rivas is a professional musician who travels all over Latin America. He teaches children in youth orchestras all over Argentina. Music and teaching it are his first passions. Poker comes after that.

"Travelling to different places has been a new thing to me," he said. "This year I had the chance to visit a great part of Latin America, and that experience actually fullfiled me completely. I hope in the future to travel to diferent places around the world."

For now, he has an extra $8,000 in his bankroll to use however he likes.

Just a suggestion, Ivan...you might start by staking your buddy in a couple of MicroMillions events.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

Brad Willis
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