MicroMillions 4: WavePervik surfs to success in Event #19 ($4.40 NLHE 4-Max)

It's not often that the starting chip leader at the final table carries that advantage through to the end. WavePervik was exception, however, and starting the table of five with a substantial lead over the other four players helped. WavePervik did eliminate the first player from the table, and later, a 44 million-chip pot from klaaspro distanced WavePervik from competitors. With that massive stack, WavePervik got aggressive and took it down in a short heads-up match. Some players make it look easy.


Short-handed No Limit Hold'em has become more popular over the last few years or so, with six-handed tournaments as the favorite of many poker players. But that was not short-handed enough for some, so series organizers have taken to adding four-max games to the mix. It's not the short table that your big brother or sister used to play, and it's not heads-up, obviously. It's a whole new strategy-filled game.

MicroMillions 4 was in its third day when the first four-max event appeared in the series. With a $4.40 buy-in and $30K guarantee, the spot in the Saturday lineup looked promising. And it was even more popular than anticipated, as the prize pool more than doubled the guaranteed amount. Here are the final numbers for Event 19:

Players: 16,888
Guarantee: $30,000.00
Prize pool: $67,552.00
Paid players: 2,400

This was yet another tournament in the series that lacked a Team PokerStars Pro in the money, likely because they're at EPT London, APPT Seoul, or LAPT Chile. There are a lot of acronym-filled live tournament options for players at the moment.

That money bubble burst a few hours into the action and awarded the first payout of $8.78 to Spaceframe. Payouts continued and increased as the number of tables decreased. Just before the eight-hour mark of the tournament, only three tables remained, and the excitement was really building.

It took about 30 minutes to reduce the field to only 7 players, and bustard (2012 WCOOP winner) then left the tournament in seventh place. Constanti603 struggled during three-handed play on that particular table, and the loss of a pot worth nearly 12 million chips to WavePervik left Constanti603 with less than 200K, which was all-in on the next hand. Kloepl and WavePervik limped to see the Q♠J♥9♠, and both checked to see the T♣ on the turn. A bet from WavePervik prompted kleopl to fold, and WavePervik showed Q♣T♥. Constanti603 turned over J♦9♠, but the Q♦ on the river gave WavePervik the full house. Constanti603 was out in sixth place with $498.53.

WavePervik sails along in the lead

The final five players were moved to a new table in the midst of Level 47, with blinds of 125K/250K and a 31,250 ante. The starting stacks of the players were as follows:

Seat 1: WavePervik (38,916,470 in chips)
Seat 2: kleopl (18,125,458 in chips)
Seat 3: klaaspro (11,156,440 in chips)
Seat 4: by ChivaS (7,375,532 in chips)
Seat 5: perusfinne (8,866,100 in chips)

MM 4 - Event 19 FT.JPG

Kleopl started strong in second place of the five players but quickly lost ground, mainly at the hands of klaaspro. The loss of a pot worth nearly 15 million chips to klaaspro left Kleopl on the short stack of the bunch. By ChivaS wasn't doing much better but doubled through klaaspro to stay alive.

Kleopl was reduced to less than 4 million chips and pushed all-in UTG with K♦Q♦. WavePervik called from the big blind and showed A♠J♠. The board of 5♠3♣5♥4♦J♦ only improved WavePervik to two pair. Kleopl, who recently final tabled a TCOOP event, was eliminated in fifth place for $798.46.

Klaaspro rises and falls (and falls)

Perusfinne started a subsequent hand with a raise from second position, and klaaspro reraised from the big blind. Perusfinne went over the top all-in with A♥T♥, but klaaspro called with Q♥Q♣. The flop of K♣7♣T♦ gave perusfinne some hope with the pair of tens, but the Q♠ on the turn gave klaaspro the set of queens. The 6♥ on the river sent perusfinne out in fourth place with $1,266.60.

By ChivaS doubled through klaaspro again. Just a few hands later, WavePervik took a massive pot from klaaspro, which left the latter on a short stack. Then, Klaaspro moved all-in on the next hand with K♣Q♥, and by ChivaS was there with A♣A♥. The board came 3♠3♥4♣Q♦4♠, and the best two pair gave by ChivaS the pot. Klaaspro departed in third place with $2,061.01.

WavePervik still on top

The final two players began heads-up play with these counts:

Seat 1: WavePervik (68,095,891 in chips)
Seat 4: by ChivaS (16,344,109 in chips)

WavePervik was on a rush, winning the first 12 hands of heads-up and whittling by ChivaS down to little more than 5 million chips. The latter did take one hand with a walk. But on the next hand, the two got involved. By ChivaS raised, and WavePervik called. The flop came 9♣K♠5♣, and by ChivaS bet. WavePervik check-raised, and by ChivaS reraised all-in with T♥9♥ for middle pair. By ChivaS called with A♠J♥, but neither the 4♥ turn nor K♥ river helped improve that hand. By ChivaS had to accept second place and $3,557.28.

WavePervik of Russia took the Event 19 MicroMillions 4 title, along with $5,875.78 in cash.

MicroMillions 4 Event #19 ($4.40 NLHE 4-Max) Results:

Total players: 16,888
Paid players: 2,400

1st place: WavePervik (Russia) - $5,875.78
2nd place: by ChivaS (Ukraine) - $3,557.28
3rd place: klaaspro (Estonia) - $2,061.01
4th place: perusfinne (Finland) - $1,266.60
5th place: kleopl (Poland) - $798.46

There are many more tournaments remaining in the fourth edition of this series. For any and all information about MicroMillions, check out its main tournament page.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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