MicroMillions 4: zemachess checkmates competition in Event #59 ($3.30 NL Omaha Hi/Lo) victory

Wire-to-wire. That's what happened to Russia's zemachess who started the final table with the chip lead and ran the table to win MicroMillions 4 Event #59. This Omaha Hi/Lo was not your grand daddy's Omaha tournamen and had a slight twist. A no-limit twist. Instead of super-nitty limit Omaha or the action-heavy pot-limit version, Event #59 specialized in no-limit betting.

Event #59 $3.30 NL Omaha Hi/Lo attracted 8,284 runners who boosted the prize pool to $24,852. The top 1,080 places paid out with $3,733.56 set aside for the eventual champion.

When action reached the final table bubble, action went hand-for-hand with ten remaining. Short-stacked -kaneugitta- made a final stand with A♣T♠3♠2♣ against zemachness's A♦8♦5♥4♥. The board ran out K♥J♣3♥K♠7♥. Unfortunately, -kaneugitta- could only piece together two pair and zemachess won the pot with a flush. Austria's -kaneugitta- bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


MicroMillions 4: Event #59 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: mäyräkoira (2,726,002)
Seat 2: Bubbalooko (2,097,140)
Seat 3: zemachess (9,676,714)
Seat 4: purgerio (1,692,196)
Seat 5: kyopomax (4,216,015)
Seat 6: claudiasofia (6,248,240)
Seat 7: crazyAsiatic (5,088,290)
Seat 8: WinnerVad (2,904,355)
Seat 9: himikat555 (6,771,048)

The final table commenced during Level 47 with blinds at 125K/250K and a 31,250 ante. With nine to go, zemachess held the big stack with over 9.6 million and purgerio brought up the rear with approximately 1.7 million.

purgerio eliminated in 9th place

It took fewer than ten minutes into the final table before we saw the first elimination when purgerio open-shoved for 2,773,446, and crazyAsiatic called. Both players turned over their hands and crazyAsiatic woke up with Aces:

purgerio: A♠Q♦5♦2♥

The board ran out 7♣7♥3♦7♠J♣. Without a qualifying low, crazyAsiatic won the pot with a full house. Alas, purgerio's best hand was trip sevens and hit the rail. Croatia's purgerio became the first player to bust at the final table and took home $192.60 for ninth place.

WinnerVad eliminated in 8th place

WinnerVad raised all-in to 2,507,480 and claudiasofia called from the big blind. WinnerVad led with A♠Q♥9♦2♦ versus claudiasofia's A♦T♦5♠2♣. The board ran out J♥T♣6♥9♥3♣ and without a qualifying low, claudiasofia won with a pair of tens. WinnerVad's pair of nines were no go. WinnerVad collected $298.22 for eighth place.

That pot pushed claudiasofia over 9 million, good enough for the overall lead.

Bubbalooko eliminated in 7th place

With seven to go, action slowed down for a bit before someone else busted. Bubbalooko woke up with a hand, A♥J♠8♥6♠ and made a move by shoving all-in for 2,211,335. Claudiasofia called with A♣9♣5♠2♥. The board ran out Q♣8♣5♣7♥5♦. Bubbalooko tabled two pair and a low of 8-7-6-5-A, but both hands lost because claudiasofia scooped with an Ace-high flush and a better low 8-7-5-2-A. Mexico's Bubbalooko won $534.31 for seventh place.

kyopomax eliminated in 6th place

When himikat555 shoved for 3,499,173, super-short kyopomax called all-in for 56,259. Alas, kyopomax trailed with 6♠6♥5♥4♣ against himikat555's Q♣Q♦4♦2♣.The board ran out A♣9♠5♠T♠8♥. Himikat555 scooped with a pair of Queens and an 8-5-4-2-A low, which beat out kyopomax's pair of sixes and 8-6-5-4-A low. Germany's kyopomax busted in sixth place, which paid out $770.41.

mäyräkoira eliminated in 5th place

Super-super-short-stacked mäyräkoira called all-in for 242,879 and both blinds called. The flop was T♥7♣7♠, and zemachess bet 750,000 and claudiasofia called. The turn was the J♦, and zemachess fired out 1.75 million and claudiasofia called. The river was the 2♠, and zemachess be 5.75 million and claudiasofia folded, flashing the 7♦. Without a qualifying low, zemachess won both the side pot and the main pot holding J♥T♦T♠2♣ for a full house tens full of sevens. Alas, mäyräkoira busted out with a air of sevens. For a fifth-place finish, Finland's mäyräkoira earned $1,018.93.

With four to go, zemachess took the lead with 14.7 million with claudiasofia not far behind holding 13.4 million. The short-stacked honors went to himikat555 with 2.8 million.

himikat555 eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked himikat555 bombed it all-in for 1,855,432 and zemachess re-raised all-in for 14,575,843 to isolate and everyone else folded. Although himikat555 led with A♥K♦J♦7♣ against zemachess's A♦T♣4♠3♦, the board ran out 8♣5♠3♠7♠T♠ and zemachess scooped with two pair -- tens and treys and a low of 7-5-4-3-A. Sadly, himikat555 pair of sevens and 8-7-5-3-A low was not good enough to win either end of the pot. Russia's himikat555 hit the rail in fourth place, which paid out $1317.15.

With three remaining, zemachess retained the lead with 17.3 million.

claudiasofia eliminated in 3rd place

Claudiasofia shoved all-in for 4,712,192, and crazyAsiatic called. CrazyAsiatic led with A♣K♣Q♥8♥ against claudiasofia's A♥T♥8♦7♣. The board ran out K♠K♦5♦6♠T♣. Without a qualifying low, crazyAsiatic won the pot with trip Kings. claudiasofia took home $1,988.16 for third place.

HEADS-UP: crazyAsiatic (Philippines) vs. zemachess (Russia)
Seat 3: zemachess (27,409,336)
Seat 7: crazyAsiatic (14,010,664)

When heads-up began, zemachess held a 2-1 chip advantage.

crazyAsiatic eliminated in 2nd place; zemachess wins Event #59!

On the seventh hand of heads-up... we saw fireworks when crazyAsiatic moved all-in for 11,760,664 and zemachess snap-called.

zemachess: A♠8♣7♥2♦
crazyAsiatic: K♥K♣J♦4♥

The future was looking bright for crazyAsiatic and pocket Cowboys. However, the board ran out A♣A♦9♣3♥J♠. Without a qualifying low, zemachess won the hand with trip Aces and beat out crazyAsiatic's two pair -- Aces and Kings. crazyAsiatic busted out in second place.

For an impressive runner-up performance, crazyAsiatic collected $2,742.91.

Congrats to zemachess for winning $3,733.56 and shipping MicroMillions 4: Event #59!

Check out the final hand in the re-player:

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Event #59 $3.30 NL Omaha Hi/Lo - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 8,284
Prize Pool: $24,852
Pay Outs: 1,080

1. zemachess (Russia) - $3,733.56
2. crazyAsiatic (Philippines) - $2,742.91
3. claudiasofia (Mexico) - $1,988.16
4. himikat555 (Russia) - $1,317.15
5. mäyräkoira (Finland) - $1,018.93
6. kyopomax (Germany) - $770.41
7. Bubbalooko (Mexico) - $534.31
8. WinnerVad (Ukraine) - $298.22
9. purgerio (Croatia) - $192.60

For more information including the remaining schedule of event and to view the leader board, visit the MicroMillions 4 homepage.

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