MicroMillions 5: DaFresh is the Prince of Event #22 ($11 NLHE Super-Knockout)

With nine KOs, DaFresh, from the Netherlands took down Event #22, the $11 Super-Knockout event for $7,487.54.

There were 24,627 players in this event and they all added to the prizepool while putting a bounty on their own heads. While only 3,150 players cashed, several more made money. Out of the $11 buy-in, $5.25 went to the buy-in and another $5.25 served as a bounty.

While DaFresh took down the tournament, the player with the most KOs was xerox81, with 22. xerox81 also finished 35th for $206.86. Adding his cash and bounties, xerox81 earned a total of $322.36.

While xerox81 and 3,149 other players made the money, only nine would make the final table. Play hit the final table bubble after almost seven and-a-half hours of play. It didn't end until we hit level 41 with 50,000/100,000 blinds and a 100,000 ante.

LANGAVAT was short and moved all-in for 7.3 million from under the gun. sherbert01 re-shoved to his left and everyone else folded. Aspirin142 flashed 4♣2♦ before folding from the big blind.

LANGAVAT showed K♥8♥ for his tournament life and was drawing slim against sherbert01's ladies, Q♦Q♠.

The 4♥K♣4♦ flop was looking good for LANGAVAT and the J♠ on the turn made things look even better. Then the river brought sherbet01 a Q♥ to put an end to LANGAVAT's MicroMillion run.

LANGAVAT was out in 10th and earned $484.84 plus 15 bounties.

sherbet01 was up to 18.8 million, good enough for 2nd place at the final table. The player to take top spot was michael183, who built up a stack of 24,703,330 by the time we hit the final table.

The Final Table


Seat 1: kingkiller12 - 16,275,978
Seat 2: yamiyan - 17,818,608
Seat 3: julian21 - 7,563,355
Seat 4: michael183 - 24,703,330
Seat 5: maxim torque - 10,759,933
Seat 6: sherbert01 - 18,837,888
Seat 7: fmbdrking - 8,878,634
Seat 8: DaFresh - 11,714,666
Seat 9: Aspirin142 - 6,853,208

Deal or No Deal?

Deal. Everyone wanted a deal.

After the final table was introduced, DaFresh suggested a deal and everyone agreed. It took a few times, but after some negotiation, players agreed on a deal.

The new payouts were:

DaFresh (Netherlands) $7,847*
maxim torque (Russia) $3,742.09*
kingkiller12 (Germany) $5,233.90
yamiyan (Russia) $6,488.52*
michael183 (Germany) $6,488.52*
Aspirin142 (Russia) $2,980.88*
sherbet01 (Germany) $5,148.86*
fmbdrking (Portugal) $3,221.86*
julian21 (Bulgaria) $3,852.04*

Rapid Fire

After the deal was done, players dropped out quickly.

Really quickly.

The hand after the deal was done, julian21 raised to 3 million from early position with 600,000/100,000 and a 150,000 ante.

maxim torque moved all for 8.4 million from the hijack and DaFresh moved all-in for 19.3 million on top of that.

julian21 called all-in and we had a three-way showdown.

julian21: K♣Q♠
maxim torque: 9♣9♥
DaFresh: J♥J♦

The board ran [10h]7♠A♥6♦8♦ and maxim torque won 28 million in the main pot while DaFresh took 858,044 in the side. julian21 was out in 9th and earned $3,852.04.

fmbdrking fell a few hands after when he moved all-in for 6.1 million and yamiyan called from the small blind. yamiyan had the bigger stack but the worse hand with A♦6♦.

fmbdrking showed 8♠8♦ but lost the lead when an A♠ fell on the flop. fmbdrking was out in 8th for $3,221.86 while yamiyan jumped to second in chips.

Then sherbet01 fell in an old-fashioned flip.

Blinds were still 600,000/1,200,000 and yamiyan raised to 2.4 million from early position. sherbet01 moved all-in for 12.1 million from the button and yamiyan called. sherbet01 showed Q♣Q♥ while yamiyan turned over A♠K♥.

The J♣K♣[10s] flop gave sherbet01 a straight draw but yamiyan hit a pair. The board didn't give sherbet01 the straight and yamiyan was up to 40.9 million.

sherbet01 on the other hand was out in 7th for $5,148.86

DaFresh Wins

DaFresh doubled up and then dealt us our next elimination. Blinds were still the same and DaFresh raised to 2.4 million from the small blind. Aspirin142 moved all-in for 14.4 million and DaFresh called.

DaFresh showed A♠J♦ while Aspirin142 turned over K♦9♣.

The board brought all low cards and Aspirin142 was out in 6th, earning $2,980.88. DaFresh was up to 40 million and took over the chip lead at the final table for the first time.

Then we got our next elimination the next hand. michael183 was short and moved all-in for 8.6 million.

kingkiller12 was the only caller and had michael183's 8♦6♠ dominated with A♥6♦. There was an A♦ on the turn and kingkiller12 knocked out another one.

michael183 was out in 5th $6.488.52.


yamiyan and DaFresh were close in chips but then DaFresh took it all. DaFresh raised to 2.4 million and and yamiyan moved all-in for 36.9 million from the big blind. DaFresh called and turned over K♦[10d] to yamiyan's 8♦8♥.

There was a K♣ on the flop and the flip fell in DaFresh's favor. DaFresh was up to 74.5 million while yamiyan ws down to just 273,212.

Then yamiyan went all-in the next hand with 5♥2♥ to DaFresh's A♣Q♣. The flop came [10d]J♣K♠ and DaFresh hit a straight. Yamiyan finished 4th for $5,892.03.

DaFresh had a massive lead but doubled up maxim torque, who was responsible for our 3rd place finisher.

DaFresh raised to 2.8 million and kingkiller12 moved all-in for 18.7 million. maxim torque was the only taker and showed pocket sixes to kingkiller12's A♦K♦. The board came [10d]4♠4♥4♣3♠ to give maxim torque the full house and the pot.

kingkiller12 was out in 3rd for $5233.90

Heads Up

maxim torque -- 61,772,743
DaFresh -- 61,362,257

maxim torque had the slight lead and increased it slightly before doubling DaFresh up. Blinds were up to 700,000/1,400,000 and maxim torque raised to 2.8 from the button. DaFresh re-raised to 7 million and maxim torque four-bet to 53.2 million.

DaFresh called all-in with A♦Q♦ to maxim torque's A♠8♠. The board dodged both players and DaFresh's ace-queen stayed ahead.

Then DaFresh ended it a few hands later. DaFresh called 1.6 million and maxim torque moved all-in for 20.1 million. DaFresh called and we had our final showdown.

maxim torque: K♠8♥
DaFresh: A♠T♣

The baord came 5♣Q♦7♦A♣8♠ and DaFresh took it down. maxim torque was our 2nd place finisher with $3,742.09 while DaFresh became the MicroMillions Event #22 Champion for $7,847.54.

MicroMillions 5 Event #22 ($11 NLHE Super-Knockout) results:

Players: 24,627
Prizepool: $258,583.50
Places paid: 3,150

1. DaFresh (Netherlands) 9 KO, $7,847*
2. maxim torque (Russia) 17 KO, $3,742.09*
3. kingkiller12 (Germany) 17 KO, $5,233.90
4. yamiyan (Russia) 15 KO, $6,488.52*
5. michael183 (Germany) 15KO, $6,488.52*
6. Aspirin142 (Russia) 18 KO, $2,980.88*
7. sherbet01 (Germany) 18 KO, $5,148.86*
8. fmbdrking (Portugal) 15KO, $3,221.86*
9. julian21 (Bulgaria) 14KO, $3,852.04*

*Denotes a nine-way deal.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in MicroMillions