MicroMillions 5: Hey AVE JC won't you win Event #72 for me ($1+R NLH 3xTurbo)

For the type of tournament it was this was a long final table. Anyone watching would have been led to believe that a "turbo" would pass by quickly, a barnstorming procession of all-ins and eliminations. In part they were right, at least on the first bit. But sometimes the capricious nature of a poker deck ensures that, despite best efforts, nobody finds the rail. Such was the case in Event 72 of MicroMillions 5.

So in hindsight it was a bit of a surprise that AVE JC emerged as the winner after nearly an hour of frantic button pushing, given that he was one of the short stack at the start. Having said that, everyone was a short stack at the start.

Final table line up

Seat 1. EVGEN140203, 4,862,016
Seat 2. Crazyron19, 21,098,782
Seat 3. Dzekson555, 27,413,950
Seat 4. Senna1992, 13,955,539
Seat 5. Rhettro1, 75,571,816
Seat 6. Olejik8, 15,102,817
Seat 7. AVE JC, 14,490,185
Seat 8. Piakostylez, 20,623,618
Seat 9. Light_8301, 49,539,277

Rhettro1 had arrived as leader and looked secure enough to hang on to it, at least in the early stages, for nobody was going anywhere. Despite the blinds being so considerable - the big was 900,000 as the final got underway - there would be 21 minutes of play before the first elimination.

e72 pic final.jpg
The final table starts

But while there were no bust-outs to speak of the chips did fly, the lead swinging fantastically to Light_8301 after a 33 million chip pot against Rhettro1 came to an end on the turn. Light_8301 was suddenly up to 80 million.

So by the time Olejik8 departed in ninth the landscape looked rather different. Rhettro1 had crumbled, following the hand against Light_8301with one against AVE JC which, thanks to king-four versus queens, shrunk him to 18 million. The "oops" from Rhettro1 pretty much summed things up.

Rhettro1, if you go, where shall I go?

It would be Rhettro1 out in eighth place. Whenever he lost a pot he seemed to grant the chip lead to his opponent. It was the same here, his exit leaving AVE JC with 89 million chips and the advantage. There then followed another 20 minute period of no departures as the blinds continued to rise towards hilarious levels. There were seven double ups in that time, some from players I hadn't even noticed before. It seemed that whatever move you made it would be successful. All until Dzekson555 had another go with eight-nine. AVE JC called with jack-nine and out kicked him to the side-lines in seventh.

But if craziness sometimes takes a break for a while you can usually count on it returning sooner or later. Just ask Crazyron19.

The blinds were so high now that only AVE JC had more than ten of them. It was as if reality suddenly returned to the event, and the eliminations began in earnest.

EVGEN140203 went in sixth place, his ace-king undone by a flopped jack for Crazyron19's queen-jack. Light_8301, who had watched his lead turn to tatters, was done for in fifth place. When he turned over queen-seven it was effectively lights out when AVE JC, holding ace-four, flopped another ace.

'Ave it AVE

A minute later Senna1992 joined them on the rail. His ace-five was ahead of AVE JC's queen-nine until a flopped queen put AVE JC ahead. Less than a minute later Piakostylez would reduce the field to two, his king-six out flopped by Crazyron19's ace-jack.

Another pot to Crazyron19, but you could hardly say things were all square...

AVE JC - 215 million
Crazyron19 - 26 million

Maybe if it hadn't taken so long to lose that first player there would have been less reluctance from the poker Gods to make the heads-up stage anything more than a short, one-sided struggle. Instead it was a formality. After a minute or so of folding, both found a hand to commit too - queens for Crazyron19, ace-queen for AVE JC.

It concluded a great performance from AVE JC, who turned a short stack into a MicroMillions 5 title and $6,400.71. Congratulations to him. Everyone else should go lie down. The full result is as follows.

MicroMillions 5 Event #72 Results
Entrants: 7,579
Re-buys and add-ons: 34,707 and 3,926
Prize pool: $42,052.92 ($30k Gtd)
Places paid: 990

1st. AVE JC (Czech Republic), $6,400.71
2nd. crazyron19 (Canada), $4,730.95
3rd. piakostylez (New Zealand), $3,364.23
4th. senna1992 (Netherlands), $2,312.91
5th. Light_8301 (Russia), $1,766.22
6th. EVGEN140203 (Russia), $1,345.69
7th. dzekson555 (Latvia), $925.16
8th. Rhettro1 (Canada), $504.63
9th. Olejik8 (Moldova), $325.91

Throughout the MicroMillions 5 series there is more than $5 million guaranteed in prize money, with 100 events running until July 28th in all poker disciplines. All the details you might need are available on the MicroMillions 5 home page, including a full schedule as well as all the statistics so far, as well as coverage, leader boards and everything else.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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