MicroMillions 5: IIIothup wins incendiary heads-up battle in Event #62 ($4.40 PLO+R 6-Max)

Let's be clear. There wasn't much to say about Event 62 during most of the final table. The first four eliminations passed by with minimal drama. It was only when this pot-limit Omaha 6-max reached the heads-up stage that it came to life. But when it did - zapped into consciousness with those electrified paddle things so popular on medical dramas - it leapt up from the gurney and danced around like its arse was on fire.

Eventual winner IIIothup will likely agree, having watched his massive lead come and go during an incendiary final bout against fellow Canadian ThaGod, which earned him $2,979.47 and a MicroMillions title. But first, the preliminaries.

Final table line up

Seat 1. ASMENTAL, 2,896,009
Seat 2. IIIothup, 8,024,322
Seat 3. ThaGod, 3,679,402
Seat 4. Salsicha, 4,814,343
Seat 5. Estevaovh, 3,907,745
Seat 6. Jokesonudonk, 1,550,679

IIIothup had led with seven left and took that advantage into the final, some three million chips ahead of nearest rival Salsicha.

e62 final pic.jpg
The final table of Event 62

True to stack sizes Jokesonudonk would depart first with kings and queens toppled by ASMENTAL's king-high straight. Some 15 minutes later Salsicha himself would burn out, finally busting with kings and jacks against IIIothup, who also made kings and jacks but held a crucial ace. It was an ace that would take his stack to more than 10 million.

It wasn't exactly an easy ride for IIIothup, who soon lost the lead to ASMENTAL and watched ThaGod creeping up on the rail, soon pulling level. This would prove the defining clash of the tournament, and sparked the first massive pot.

Suddenly ThaGod, who had laughed off earlier talk of a deal, referring to the table as "little league", began to dominate the skyline. For his part ASMENTAL was done. Within the minute he shoved for the last time, making aces and jacks. But kickers came into effect again and he found himself edged by ThaGod, who was now up to 16 million.

The dramatics were not exclusive to ThaGod. IIIothup proved adept at making his own excitement, doubling his stack to threaten the dominance of ThaGod.

Now a two horse race, Estevaovh must have felt inadequate when measured alongside and busted two minutes later. His queens and fives undone by IIIothup's queens and jacks, setting up an almighty heads-up scrap.

IIIothup - 11.3 million
ThaGod - 13.7 million

Everything was evenly matched then. Time to dig in and plug away, making as few mistakes as possible. Or, get the chips in immediately for a 22 million chip pot.

And so the final table came to life, two giants clobbering away at each other, leaving what had come before an unclear memory. ThaGod immediately set about restoring some order, doubling up with a set of eights and then again with quad threes to bring things back to all square. But such brute force failed to cause IIIothup to falter. Instead he held his nerve, moving all-in on a queen-high flop, ultimately making the straight that hurled him back into a convincing lead.

It was then just a matter of finding two hands good enough to end things on. They arrived, four minutes later.

It was reminiscent of some kind of ridiculous mythical battle, fought with giant hammers, boulders and lightning bolts, leaving a victor standing amid the rubble of what they were fighting for. It was quick and devastating, and frankly could have gone either way. But it was entertaining to watch regardless.

Congratulations to IIIothup on, if not a great final table, a fabulous heads-up finale.

MicroMillions 5 Event #62 Results
Entrants: 1,496
Re-buys and add-ons: 2,022 and 995
Prize pool: $18,052.00
Places paid: 192

1st. lllothup (Canada), $2,979.47
2nd. ThaGod (Canada), $2,238.44
3rd. estevaovh (Brazil), $1,669.81
4th. ASMENTAL (Colombia), $1,155.32
5th. Salsicha (Brazil), $740.13
6th. jokesonudonk (Canada), $491.01

There's more than $5 million guaranteed throughout the entire MicroMillions 5 series, with 100 events running until July 28th in all poker disciplines. The homepage of MicroMillions 5 features a full schedule as well as all the statistics so far, as well as coverage, leader boards and everything else.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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