MicroMillions 5: Imbastrol strolls through the field in Event #51 ($2.20+R NLHE Ante Up 2X-Turbo)

Tiny buy-ins, tiny blinds, unlimited re-buys and lighting-quick antes.

That's what the 13,094 players who bought into Event #51 were faced with. Together, those players re-bought for 30,006 times and -- after the 60-minute re-buy period -- purchased 7,247 add-ons.

Despite all the re-buys, add-ons and royal baby madness, 13,093 players would bust. The only player left standing after the antes drowned everyone else out was Imbastrol. It took Imbastrol almost seven hours to take the title of Event #51 champion and earn $11,089.62.

But Imbastrol's road to victory included several hurdles.

One of the last ones was making the final table.

It was a brutal all-in fest that saw dozens of all-ins, multiple double ups and eventually, our final table bubble.


Hand-for-hand play didn't last long as xx rbb eliminated our 11th and 10th place finishers in two consecutive hands.

Antes were 500,000 and Goghes moved all-in for 3.2 million from the cutoff. xxrbb was the only caller and showed A♠4♣ to Goghes's J♣[10c].

The turn brought xx rbb an ace and Goghes was out in 11th.

Then xx rbb eliminated another player and entered the final table with the lead.

lorenzo6666 raised to 977,380 from under the gun and xxrbb called from the cutoff. elisa was in the big blind and came along along as well.

There was a 6♠4♦5♥ flop and xx rbb bet 2.3 million when checked to. elisa called, lorenzo6666 folded and an 8♣ came on the turn.

elisa moved all-in for 6.3 million and xx rbb called.

elisa: [10d]8♥
xx rbb: A♦5♦

elisa had the lead with a pair of eights to xx rbb's fives, but the river brought a 5♠ for xx rbb and elisa became the final table bubble. elisa earned $402.77 for the finish while xx rbb started the final table with 51.5 million.

The final table


Seat 1: ildar0365 -- 14,534,911
Seat 2: el_magnific9 -- 8,205,285
Seat 3: Stone_Eyes -- 28,915,012
Seat 4: Imbastrol -- 8,809,403
Seat 5: lorenzo6666 -- 24,597,222
Seat 6: varde66 -- 4,273,394
Seat 7: john deep -- 9,654,180
Seat 8: YPOPTOS No1-- 8,120,332
Seat 9: xx rbb -- 51,560,261

More doubles, no bubble

Once again, there was a series of double ups before we got an elimination.

Imbastrol doubled up on the first hand against xx rbb. The chips went in on the flop when xx rbb had a flush draw and Imbastrol held two-pair.

Two-pair held up and Imbastrol was up to 21.8 million.

Then varde66, our final table short stack, doubled up with ace-king suited against el_magnific9's jacks. varde66 didn't hit an ace or a king, but the short stack did hit a flush.

Then YPOPTOS No1 moved all-in with ace-jack and xx rbb called with king-queen. The board brought all low cards and a double up with ace-high for YPOPTOS No1.

Then el_magnific9 went all-in.

Blinds -- as usual -- were 5/5. Everyone called up until el_magnific9, who moved all-in for 2.5 million from the button.

Action folded back to ildar0365 in the cutoff who was the only caller.

ildar0365 showed [10s]8♦ and el_magnific9 tabled Q♦5♦.

el_magnific9 was in the lead until a [10c] hit on the river.

A new lead

There was one more double up and chips evened out a bit before john deep took an large lead:

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Stone_Eyes was out in 8th and won $1,006.94.

Then we got our next elimination before the PokerStars Host was able to congratulate Stone_Eyes.

Antes were up to 1 million and Imbastrol raised to 933,120 from under the gun. YPOPTOS No1 called from the button, xx rbb called from the small blind and the flop came [10h]2♣J♣. Imbastrol bet 1.3 million, YPOPTOS No1 raised to 3.9 million and xx rbb folded.

Imbastrol moved all-in for 12.7 million and YPOPTOS No1 called all-in.

YPOPTOS No1 showed A♠J♦ for top pair, top kicker, but Imbastrol showed J♠[10c] for two-pair.

There was no help for YPOPTOS No1 on the turn or river and we had our 7th place finisher. For the final table performance, YPOPTOS No1 earned $2,013.88.

Then xx rbb got a massive double up, took back the lead and brought the tournament down to its final five players:

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ildar0365 was out in 6th and got $3,020.82 payday.

Final four

varde66 started the final table as the short stack and had managed to hang on for dear life. Then varde66's run finally came to an end in fifth place.

The ante was at 1.5 million and Imbastrol raised to 1.3 million. varde66 was down to just 935,641 and put it all-in from the button.

xx rbb called from the big and the flop came 8♠3♠J♦. Imbastrol bet 2.1 million and xx rbb folded.

varde66: A♥3♦
Imbastrol: Q♦Q♥

The turn brought a K♠ and a 5♣ completed the board along with varde66's tournament life. varde66 finished 5th and took home $5,034.70.

Riches to rags

Once again, xx rbb had an impressive lead. Once again, xx rbb lost it.

But this time the Portuguese player with only consonants for a username would lose every chip.

The ante was up to 1.75 million and xx rbb raised to 2.6 million. Imbastrol moved all-in for 26.4 million and xx rbb called. xx rbb showed Q♣K♥ while Imbastrol showed pocket aces.

Aces held, Imbastrol went up to 59.9 million and xx rbb dipped to 44 million.

A few hands later, xx rbb moved all-in for 42.1 million from under the gun and john deep called from the big blind.

xx rbb showed pocket queens while john deep turned over ace-queen. There was an ace on the flop and xx rbb dipped to 15.2 million while john deep doubled to 60.7 million.

Then xx rbb moved all-in again with J♥4♥. This time, lorenzo6666 took xx rbb's chips after calling with A♣[10d].

The 3♦K♥A♥ flop gave xx rbb a flush draw but lorenzo6666 paired the ace. The board brought no flush for xx rbb and the former chip leader finished 4th for $5,034.70.

Deal time

With xx rbb gone, the final three players struck a deal based on chip count.

john deep:$10,240.31
Left To Play for place 1: $1,000.00

With the deal set, action went fairly quick.

lorenzo6666 was the first to go after raising to 2.9 million from the button.

john deep folded and Imbastrol moved all-in for 72.6 million. lorenzo6666 called all-in for 27.2 million and showed A♠8♥ to Imbastrol's A♦[10s].

The board ran 9♣6♠K♠5♣5♥ and lorenzo6666 finished third for the agreed-upon $8,697.19.

Heads up

Imbastrol -- 107,397,230
john deep -- 51,272,770

The ante was at 3 million and Imbastrol quickly pressured john deep down to 12 million. Then it all came to an end:

PokerStars MicroMillions 5: Event #51 ($2.20+R NLHE Ante Up 2X-Turbo) results:

Entrants: 13,094
Re-buys: 30,006
Add-ons: 7,247
Prize pool: $100,694.00

1. Imbastrol (Poland) $11,089.62*
2. john deep (Russia) $10,240.31*
3. lorenzo6666 (Romania) $8,697.19*
4. xx rbb (Portugal) $5,034.70
5. varde66 (Denmark) -- $4,027.76
6. ildar0365 (Turkmenistan) -- $3,020.82
7. YPOPTOS No1 (Greece) -- $2,013.88
8. Stone_Eyes (United Kingdom) -- $1,006.94
9. el_magnific9 (Romania) -- $604.16

*Denotes a three-way deal.

The antes can now take a break from their consistent rise. While this event is done, there are still several days and dozens of MicroMillions events to go. Be sure to check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full list of the remaining events, including satellites to each one.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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