MicroMillions 5 is go!

Fire! Reload.
Fire! Reload.
Laugh manically.
Fire! Quadruple.
Fire! Double through and add-on.

Oh my, this is fun. Who would have thought firing 11c poker bullets could be so entertaining and potentially fruitful? The fantastic Event #1: $0.11+R Hyper-Active starts 11 days of the MicroMillions 5 festival with a guffawing big bang. Last time round Zoultanberg took down the curtain raiser for $2,448.18. Not bad for a $0.11 buy-in. We all wish we could play so load up with joy in your heart and 11c shells in your poker bandolier.

The tournament starts at 12 noon (ET) and already has more than 37,000 players registered (with two hours of registration left). Registration is open for 60 minutes with unlimited rebuys available. The opening event last year picked up 331,277 rebuys so get ready to dip your hand into that little jar, the one you dump all those unwanted pennies.

Today marks the start of a 100 tournament series where you can win big prizes for micro buy-ins. You can find the MicroMillions tournaments by clicking Tourney >> Special.

Last time around...
MicroMillions 4 Event #1: $0.11+R NL Hold'em (Hyper-Active)
$15,000 guaranteed prize pool
75,328 entrants, 331,277 rebuys, 28,444 add-ons
9,792 places paid
$43,504.90 total prize pool

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MicroMillions 5 runs 18-28 July

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