MicroMillions 5: Kivisaba wins big by drawing low in Event #69 ($3.30 2-7 Single Draw)

Players were getting low in Event #69.

For $3.30 a piece, 3,560 players signed up for the No Limit 2-7 Single Draw event that was Event #69. Together, they created a $10,680.00 prize pool.

Singlehandedly, Kivisaba took the largest portion of that pool after winning the event and earning $1,657.08. Kivisaba battled the other 3,559 players for eight hours, trying to draw lower than all of them.

It was a long battle, but the end was finally in sight for Kivisaba when the final six players reached the final table.

Hand-for-hand play went on for a bit, but DJUDJANI brought it to an end during level 40. Blinds were 50K/100K with a 25K ante and BokoFF2009 raised to 200,000 from the button. chunk0505 was on the small blind and moved all-in for 1.5 million, only DJUDJANI called.

DJUDJANI had chunk0505 covered by a bit more than a big blind and both players stood pat.

chunk0505 showed a Q-9-7-5-3 while DJUDJANI showed the dealt 9-8-7-5-3.

chunk0505 became our 7th place finisher and final table bubble, a double title worth $117.48.

This left us with six players, just enough for one table.

The final table


Seat 1: DJUDJANI -- 3,530,164
Seat 2: Tear-drop22 -- 854,564
Seat 3: Lierfoss -- 4,669,522
Seat 4: BokoF2009 -- 1,871,420
Seat 5: Kivisaba -- 4,078,392
Seat 6: svetlyiy1980 -- 2,795,938

The final table started in level 40 and our short stack lost a bit more chips before moving all-in. Kivisaba raised to 200,000 from under the gun and Tear-drop22 moved all-in for 829,564 from the button.

The blinds folded, Kivisaba called and we had our first final table elimination. Both players discarded one card and Tear-drop22 hit a Q-8-6-4-3 while Kivisaba showed a 10-7-6-4-2.

Kivisaba was up to 4.4 million while Tear-drop22 was out in 6th for $186.90.

One-two single draw

svetlyiy1980 took two hits in two draws to become our 5th place finisher. The first blow brought svetlyiy1980 down to 550K:

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Then, a few hands later, Kivisaba raised to 240,000 from the button and svetlyiy1980 moved all-in for 670,938.

Kivisaba called and drew one card while svetlyiy1980 took none.

Kivisaba hit a perfect nine while svetlyiy1980 was patting with a 9-8-5-4-3.

Kivisaba was up to 4.4 million while svetlyiy1980 became our 5th place finisher for $347.10.

Then BokoFF2009 dipped below a million and lost it all.

BokoFF2009 raised to 360,000 from the button and Kivisaba called from the small blind. DJUDJANI made it 1.08 million from the big. BokoFF2009 called from the big and Kivisaba folded.

DJUDJANI stood pat while BokoFF2009 took two cards.

BokoFF2009 hit low cards, but they didn't help since BokoFF2009 hit a straight with 2-3-4-5-6.

DJUDJANI took down the pot with 10-9-7-4-3 and the tournament went three-handed. DJUDJANI was up to 7.4 million while BokoFF2009 earned $571.38 for the 4th place finish.

Then the blinds rose to 80K/160K with a 160K ante and Lierfoss couldn't hold on any longer:

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Kivisaba -- 7,828,416
DJUDJANI -- 9,971,584

DJUDJANI had the lead but lost it a few hands later after doubling Kivisaba up.

Kivisaba raised to 480,000 and DJUDJANI moved all-in for 10.4 million. Kivisaba called all-in and both players stood pat.

DJUDJANI showed a 10-9-4-3-2 but it was no match for 8-7-6-5-2

Then it came to an end.

Blinds were up to 100K/200K with a 50K ante and Kivisaba moved all-in for 16.3 million. DJUDJANI called all-in and both players discarded one card.

DJUDJANI hit a pair of sixes while Kivisaba had a 9-7-6-5-2.

DJUDJANI finished 2nd for $1,212.18 while Kivisaba became the champion of Event #69 for $1657.08.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #69 ($3.30 2-7 NL SD) results:

Entrants: 3,560
Prize pool: $10,680.00
Places paid: 450

1. Kivisaba (Estonia) -- $1,657.08
2. DJUDJANI (Bulgaria-- $1,212.18
3. Lierfoss (Norway) -- $891.78
4. BokoFF2009 (Russia) -- $571.38
5. svetlyiy1980 (Russia)-- $347.10
6. Tear-drop22 (Hungary) -- $186.90

That's it for number 69.

While these players are done drawing to a seven, we're still dozens of events away from finishing MicroMillions 5. For more information about the MicroMillions -- including a list of satellites to the remaining events -- check out the MicroMillions homepage.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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