MicroMillions 5: Lhamarion unmoved on way to Event #80 title ($5.50 NLHE)

If there was a blueprint for how a standard MicroMillions event should play out it might look a lot like the final table of Event #80, a $5.50 no-limit hold'em contest. In this blueprint would be an obvious chip leader, short stacks fighting among themselves, a couple of massive swings, the quiet surge of a player hardly before noticed, a dash of bitterness and vindication for the winner. In the latter case it went to Lhamarion, who excelled in a hard fought final to take the title, and a first prize of $4,874.84.

E80 final.jpg
The final of Event 80 begins

Not that this template makes for a perfect final, just one that avoids tedium or qualities that might get the heart racing. Instead, enough to keep things interesting for the hour it took to crown the winner.

Final table line-up

Seat 1. MadsMo, 2,231,312
Seat 2. Lhamarion, 4,502, 368
Seat 3. BekaBukosh, 3,009,970
Seat 4. yzcirbaf, 1,353,373
Seat 5. Milisha_pb, 3,450,643
Seat 6. Tristancross, 3,056,081
Seat 7. Moreirana, 7,025,200
Seat 8. BoLa1987, 2,782,955
Seat 9. Elguaje28, 3,733,098

Double-ups were the first order, delivered for short-stacked yzcirbaf, and then Milisha_pb, albeit only enough to earn four big blinds. Between them came a big pot for BekaBukosh, their pocket fours becoming a set on the flop.

There would be several big hands that would feel decisive at the time but which would later lead nowhere.

Leading nowhere

Tristancross made a full house with queen-seven to crush Moreirana's pocket aces. Moreirana's stack was now in tatters as Tristancross took on the lead and their woes would continue. Moreirana shoved for 1.8 million with ace-jack but BoLa1987's pocket sevens held fast. That put paid to any hope of a miracle rally. Moreirana crashed out in ninth places moments later, jack-four no match for Milisha_pb's ace-king.

BekaBukosh would follow in eighth place running ten-seven of hearts into BoLa1987's ace-eight, bumping BoLa1987's stack up to nearly 11 million. Then Milisha_pb departed in seventh, unlucky to watch ace-queen out flopped by yzcirbaf's ace-jack. A minute later MadsMo went in sixth. Inactive up to now, the Canadian found nines, Tristancross found queens and that was that.

By now it was shaping up to be a battle between BoLa1987and Tristancross. And yet there was still time for a few surprises. Elguaje28 and Lhamarion would soon make their case. But first the two leaders would clash.

As BoLa1987came to terms with that hit Lhamarion sent yzcirbaf to the rail in fifth, with a pair of aces. Lhamarion was about to establish himself as a ruthless and efficient opponent, elevated into this spot by some unusual behaviour from the other players. It started with Elguaje28 saying "agree".

Agree to disagree

It was difficult to determine what he was agreeing to, but a best guess was to a deal of some sort. But then, nobody had suggested one and nothing appeared in the chat box. Was this a mistype? A translation issue? Or was he hoping that by skipping the actual suggestion of a deal he could make it appear a foregone conclusion.


Tristancross, also agreed. But Lhamarion was not fooled. "no bro."

A few hands passed before Elguaje28 started agreeing to things again. Then he started telling Lhamarion to agree, which carried with it elements of foot-stomping. Elguaje28 then tried evoking a kind of continental camaraderie, given that all four remaining players hailed from south of the Panama Canal. Bit still Lhamarion wouldn't be moved. It was enough to make you want him to win.

BoLa1987 meanwhile had no complaints, doubling up through Tristancross, before sending some chips Lhamarion's way. For all his pleas for a deal Elguaje28 was hardly in bad shape either, up to more than 11 million, turning the BoLa1987 vs. Tristancross showdown of earlier into a distant memory. It was now the grudge match between Elguaje28 and Lhamarion that would see this through to a finish.

Adding weight to this theory BoLa1987 busted in fourth place, sending his chips to Tristancross when his ace-queen was undone by a turned flush. Of course this just sparked more agreeing from Elguaje28 whose robotic insistence on agreeing to something, anything, was now almost tragic, not least because he actually held a narrow lead.

Elguaje28 - 11.3 million
Tristancross - 10.2 million
Lhamarion - 9.1 million

But it's often the case that the player resolutely insistent on playing things to a natural conclusion fares the best - maybe not all of the time but certainly now.

Lhamarion soon extended his lead, forcing Elguaje28 out of a pot worth millions. Then he sealed Elguaje28's fate, knocking him out to take his stack up past 20 million.

Lhamarion was now drinking gloriously from the cup of vindication. The heads-up contest, for which Lhamarion held a more than two-to-one advantage, was over in two minutes.

Something about this result felt right, a perfectly good blueprint for any event, and an excellent performance by the Brazilian, the seventh Brazilian to earn MM5 honours. Congratulations to him.

MicroMillions 5 Event #80 Results
Entrants: 6,229
Prize pool: $31,145 ($20k Gtd)
Places paid: 810

1st. Lhamarion (Brazil), $4,874.84
2nd. tristancross (Uruguay), $3,628.39
3rd. elguaje28 (Colombia), $2,564.79
4th. BoLa1987 (Brazil), $1,759.69
5th. yzcirbaf (Hungary), $1,323.66
6th. MadsMo (Canada), $1,012.21
7th. milisha pb (Brazil), $700.76
8th. BekaBukosh (Sweden), $389.31
9th. moreirana (Portugal), $249.16

Throughout the MicroMillions 5 series there is more than $5 million guaranteed in prize money, with 100 events running until July 28th in all poker disciplines. All the details you might need are available on the MicroMillions 5 home page, including a full schedule as well as all the statistics so far, as well as coverage, leader boards and everything else.

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