MicroMillions 5: One Poor Bum gets rich in Event 77, $2.20 NL Omaha (6-max, 3x-Turbo)

Traditionally Omaha has been played as a pot-limit game. But online poker's flexibility brought around the advent of no-limit Omaha, which has become a favorite among those who just can't get enough action. It's not the most common game for tournaments, but there's guaranteed to be plenty of chip-flinging going on whenever it's on the schedule. Today's Event 77 was the perfect tournament for the action fans: six-handed tables, five-minute levels, a $2.20 entry, and unlimited re-buys for the first 90 minutes of no-limit Omaha poker. Throw in the add-on of 30K chips at the end of the re-buy period and the stage was set for a wild ride of a tournament.

Things got started at 1 p.m. ET today and by 2:40 p.m. the prize pool was finalized: the 6,125 entries, 27,723 re-buys and 2,651 add-ons combined for $72,998 in total money up for grabs. The top 780 places paid out at least $21.16, with a scheduled winner's prize of $11,138.96. By 5:40 p.m. ET there were seven players left on two tables, all trying to make it to the six-handed final. Only five of them would end up there, though, thanks to simultaneous bustouts. On Table 519, Sweden's rizza87 busted out against the Ukraine's MNEPOF:

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Meanwhile on Table 198, Russia's r-w patriot went broke against the United Kingdom's Tazzy791:

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For starting the hand off with the shorter stack, rizza87 finished in 7th place ($751.87). That made r-w patriot, despite not actually surviving long enough to reach the six-handed final table, the 6th-place finisher ($1,094.97). That left these five players to battle it out with blinds and antes at 350K/700K/70K:

mm5-077 ft.jpg

Seat 1: MNEPOF (60,502,625 in chips)
Seat 2: One Poor Bum (27,545,001 in chips)
Seat 3: igor67755 (20,702,839 in chips)
Seat 5: Catzmo (16,523,776 in chips)
Seat 6: Tazzy791 (55,799,759 in chips)

Unsurprisingly, given the game being played, it didn't take long for another bustout to come around. Tazzy791 opened the betting on Hand #7 with a raise to 1.9M under the gun, a bet which was called by MNEPOF in the cutoff and the United Kingdom's One Poor Bum on the button. Denmark's Catzmo, sitting in the big blind with 16.37M chips and A♠ 8♦ 8♥ 4♠ in the hole, moved all-in. MNEPOF, who held A♣ K♠ Q♠ 6♣, was the only caller. The board came T♥ Q♦ 3♥ 7♠ 3♣, MNEPOF's queens and treys won the 37.34M-chip pot, and Catzmo left in 5th place ($2,069.49).

One Poor Bum won two of the next five pots to climb up over 44M, but it was Hand #13 that really gave the player from the U.K. a lifeline. The action folded to MNEPOF in the small blind, and the Ukrainian player called for 1M. One Poor Bum, in the big blind with T♥ T♦ 6♠ 3♣, checked to see a flop of Q♣ T♣ 3♠. MNEPOF led out for 3M into the 2.4M chip pot, which One Poor Bum called to bring the 4♦ on the turn. MNEPOF once again led out, this time for 8M into 8.4M, but now One Poor Bum came in for a raise to 17M. After a long think in the time bank, MNEPOF finally shoved for 60.31M; One Poor Bum called for 39.95M and showed middle set, which was well ahead MNEPOF's Q♥ J♥ T♠ 7♥ for top two pair. The 4♥ on the river didn't change anything, shipping the 88.31M-chip pot to One Poor Bum.

Just six hands later MNEPOF was involved again, this time limping in under the gun with A♠ K♣ Q♦ 2♣ and calling a raise to 4M by One Poor Bum to see a flop of 9♣ 5♣ 7♦. MNEPOF didn't waste any time jamming with the flush draw for 17.16M into the 9.9M-chip pot. One Poor Bum made the call with K♥ K♠ 4♣ 3♣ for a pair of kings with a straight draw and blockers against MNEPOF's flush draw. The board ran out J♦ 5♥, One Poor Bum won the 44.22M-chip pot with kings and fives, and MNEPOF left in 4th place ($3,467.40).

That left the remaining three players stacked like so with blinds at 1.2M/2.4M with 240K antes:

Seat 2: One Poor Bum (115,471,402 in chips)
Seat 3: igor67755 (9,772,839 in chips)
Seat 6: Tazzy791 (55,829,759 in chips)

One Poor Bum was in the driver's seat, but igor67755's cards turned out to be in control of this tournament. The Russian player doubled up five times in the next 34 hands, including twice between Hand #50 and Hand #53, to climb up to 79.1M. But then Tazzy791, who took over the role of short stack, won two of the next four pots from igor67755 - one worth 41.39M after starting with A♦ 8♦ A♣ A♥ against K♦ Q♦ Q♠ 3♠, the other worth 37.95M after starting with A♠ K♣ 9♠ 4♥ against 9♥ 8♥ 6♥ 5♣ - to narrow the spread between the three players' stacks to less than six big blinds. With things that close, a deal was negotiated after Hand #59 of the final table that left $800 on the table for the winner.

One Poor Bum began to fall back pretty quickly after the deal, but this win on Hand #69 helped to bring all three players to within one big blind of one another:

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From there everyone's fate was basically up to the cards, and the cards decided that One Poor Bum would win the next big pot. Tazzy791 opened for a minimum raise to 4.2M on Hand #75, then called a re-raise to 12.6M from the small blind by One Poor Bum to see a flop of Q♣ 9♦ 3♣. One Poor Bum, holding A♠ Q♠ Q♥ J♦ for top set, led out for 8.4M and then called all-in 44.32M after Tazzy791 moved all-in with A♥ K♣ J♣ 8♣. Tazzy791 had a lot of outs to improve, but the 9♥ on the turn rendered all of them null by giving One Poor Bum a full house; the K♥ on the river gave One Poor Bum the 116M-chip pot and left Tazzy791 with just 21.16M chips.

Finally, on Hand #80, Tazzy791 moved all-in for 9.4M with 9♠ 9♣ 5♣ 5♠ and got calls from both opponents to bring a flop of 4♠ K♠ 2♣. A small bet from igor67755 chased off One Poor Bum, and the Russian player turned over A♣ Q♠ J♦ 3♠ for a bevy of draws. The J♣ on the turn gave igor67755 second pair to take the lead, though it did give Tazzy791 outs to a flush. But the harmless 8♥ came on the river, leaving Tazzy791 out in 3rd place ($7,815.37).

One Poor Bum now held a lead of 118M to 62.77M, and the player from the U.K. put that advantage to work to win five of the first eight pots. Finally, on Hand #84, One Poor Bum caught the perfect card at the perfect time:

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With that igor67755 was eliminated in second place, earning a $8,217.06 share from the deal. As for One Poor Bum, the extra $800 on the table for the winner made for a total prize of $8,611.15. That marks the second time One Poor Bum has cashed at least $8,600 this summer, following on the heels of a runner-up finish in a $55 NLHE event in July. Looks like it might be time to consider a name change!

MicroMillions 5 Event #77: $2.20 NL Omaha (6-max, 3x-Turbo)
6,125 entrants, 27,723 re-buys, 2,651 add-ons
$72,998 prize pool
780 places paid

1st place: One Poor Bum (United Kingdom) $8,611.15*
2nd place: igor67755 (Russia) $8,217.06*
3rd place: Tazzy791 (United Kingdom) $7,815.37*
4th place: MNEPOF (Ukraine) $3,467.40
5th place: Catzmo (Denmark) $2,069.49
6th place: r-w patriot (Russia) $1,094.97
* - denotes results of a three-way deal

Jason Kirk is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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