MicroMillions 5: Par3010 aces Event #8 ($4.40 NLHE 2x Chance)

The second tournament on the second day of Pokerstars' ever-popular MicroMillions series gave every player a second life in their pursuit of a big pay day. Event #8 was a $4.40 second chance format, which meant players whose stacks were reduced to nothing in the first 120 minutes of play could double down for a shot at poker redemption. Out of a field of 9,440 a large portion, 4,434 in fact, did just that, creating a prizepool of 55,496 which more than doubled the 25,000 guarantee. In a well-structured contest, it took just over nine hours for Greece's Par3010 to get to the clubhouse with all the chips.

The money bubble would break when 1,260 players remained and john_ellison of Sweden was the unfortunate boy to do it. The chip leader at the time meanwhile, Hungarian re3s, was first past the 300,000 chip post and would go on to a strong finish in 40th, cashing for $102.66. After five hours of play those cashing had whittled down to 355, with ChauTuGiang seizing a 200,000 chip lead over his nearest rival with a monster 926,817 stack with the blinds at 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante. He too would join re3s in the $102.66 tier, ultimately busting 45th.

As the final table approached, one name, Par3010, emerged as a clear favourite. Playing six-handed at one of the two remaining tables Super1337 would open the button at 80,000-160,000-20,000 for 400,000. Par3010, sitting in the big blind, turned up the heat with a three-bet to 2.2 million and called all-in for his entire 8.4 million chip stack when Super1337 shoved.

It was J♥ J♠ for Par3010 and T♦ T♥ for Super1337, a big cooler for a big stack. The Q98 flop doubled the dominated pair's outs, but the Qs turn cut them back in half. Super1337 could not find one of the two remaining tens on the river and with that Par3010 took a chip lead they would never relinquish.

Vanja-berkyt (18th), barbell777 (17th), and emosuxer (16th) were all awarded $144.28 for their deep runs. Geany2121 (15th), willfred922 (14th), and CHIPmeUP133 (13th) cashed for $219.20 in the next tier. While Super1337 (12th), zilviakas (11th), and qwerty275 (10th) are all $294.12 richer having just missed the final table.


Seat 1: Kizlas (Russia) - 3,789,039
Seat 2: Par3010 (Norway) -- 26,289,998
Seat 3: Barabass64 (Romania) -- 2,375,188
Seat 4: V.Noborski (Russia) - 9,353,899
Seat 5: Troshin9 (Norway) - 10,376,032
Seat 6: sexymudfish (Canada) - 3,547,844
Seat 7: IGOR161 (Canada) -- 2,215,984
Seat 8: Scopz (Denmark) - 9,286,922
Seat 9: shohruh1980 (Russia) - 2,135,094

Blinds would start 200,000-400,000 with a 50,000 ante and Par3010 won the first two hands at the table without resistance. But that tranquil beginning would belie the rapid-fire play that followed. On the third hand, shohruh1980 shoved A♠ T♦ under the gun for a shade under 2 million and Kizlas, next to act, would move in for 3,639,039 with 5♥ 5♦. Action folded around and the two stacks in the danger zone would flip for a 5 million chip pot. The flop was a cinch for Kizlas -- J♦ 5♠ 3♦ -- but it the representative of Uzbekistan was not ready to go home as shohruh1980 runner runnered 4♦ 9♦ for a flush to cripple his opponent.

The next hand of consequence was a curiosity, as IGOR161, sitting on just 2.2 million raised the minimum in early position and the comparably huge stacked (with 9.3 million) Troshin9 defended from the big blind. The flop came J♥ 8♥ 5♣ and Troshin check-called IGOR161's shove with T♣ 9♣. They were up against the initial raiser's A♥ J♦. But when the 7♦ fell on the turn IGOR161 was drawing dead and first eliminated in ninth.

The fuse was lit and from there the action exploded. First Kizlas, crippled from his confrontation with shohruh1980, found the aces with just two big blinds and doubled through the priced in T4o of sexymudfish.

In no-limit hold'em you are always at risk if you are not the biggest stack. Troshin9 had built theirs to 12,129,516, and open shoved for almost 25 big blinds in early position. It was Par3010 left to speak once it folded around, and re-hashed the situation that vaunted them to the chip lead. That's right, it was J♠ J♣ for the chip leader and T♥ T♣ for the underdog in the biggest pot this tournament would see. The cards fell A♠ Q♣ 3♥ 7♦ 9♦ for no sweat and just like that Troshin9 was out eighth. With 9 hours of play resolved the final seven players would return after a short five minute reprieve, Par 3010 having the entire table covered with 42,461,624 of the 69,370,000 chips in play, good for 61% of the remaining chips, it was their tournament to lose.

Shortly after the break Barabass64 and their bearded-avatar called for their last scraps in blind versus blind with V.Noborksi, with not quite enough chips for a full big blind. Luckily they were in a dominant position with 9♥ 7♣ against 3♦ 7♠. The flop came 7♥ 9♠ 7♦ and Barabass64 remained on life support for at least one more hand.

"needed that" they wrote.

"guess so!" V.Nobroski agreed.

With Par3010's chip stack domineering the prospects of ICM heat-death were set aside by the short stacks in favour of fun and banter. Barabass64 found themselves, predictably, all-in a couple hands later, this time running A♣ Q♣ into the A♦ K♥ of sexymudfish. Scopz felt priced in from the big blind with T♦ 8♥ and Barabass64 was back under one big blind after the board came king high and ran out without fanfare.

The long dormant shohruh1980 was next to speak, all-in under the gun with a measly stack of 2 million, but got through, even the smallest shoves having fold equity at this final table, surely the largest payday for many players at the table. Unfortunately Scopz would bring that good cheer to an end, committing themselves with A♠ 5♥ on the button, and running into A♥ K♦ from shohruh1980's 2,632,688 covered stack.

The 'window' card -- the first on the flop -- was the 5♣. It was joined by the 3♣ 7♣ 3♠ and 9♣ to send shohruh1980 home with seventh place money.

Dealt 3♣ 9♣, Barabass64 was looking to repeat history with a micro-stack in blind versus blind against V.Noborksi's T♣ 2♦. This clash of the titans started with the worst hand taking the lead on the 3♥ 6♠ 7♦ flop. But in a cruel tribute to the importance of kickers, the turn card was the 7♥ and the river the 6♥, meaning the ten played and Barbass64 was both counterfeited and out in sixth.

V.Noborski would get there once again, this time with Q♥ J♥ when short-stacked Kizlas moved all-in for their last two big blinds on the button with K♣ J♦. The Q♣ 4♣ 5♥ was lopsided in the inferior hands' favour, and while the 3♣ turn tilted things back in Kizlas direction, the 5♠ river was a decisive ticket to a fifth place finish.

Four-handed play marked a relative calm in the storm, with two whole orbits passing without a casaulty. But for the third time in a row Par3010 would mercilessly cooler the second-place chip stack, this time the unfortunate V.Noborski, in a big pair vs big pair setup. Even the suits of V.Noborksi's T♣ T♦ were dominated by the A♦ A♣ of the chip leader. With 17,466,706 in the middle, V.Noborksi might have challenged for first if they could just find one of those two elusive tens left in the deck. The flop?

K♣ 9♣ T♠

A find indeed! V.Noborksi was in good shape to do what nobody had done yet at this final table, slow down Par3010. The turn came the 5♣ and the river the teasing Q♣, to make the latter the nut flush and escape once again with more chips than seemed fair. V.Noborksi was out in fourth wondering what could have been.

Just two hands later Scopz, who had done a good job of waiting out his opponents, moved all-in on the button with 8♦ 7♦ and six big blinds. Par3010 called with A♣ J♣ and hit the A♠ on the turn to have the Dane's suited connector drawing dead. Scopz' patient approach had them out in third.

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This was a friendly final table, with much showing (usually of one card preflop, an ace) and sexymudfish tried to capitalize on that by talking deal with the monster chip leader.

"r u sure u wanna gamble for a lot of money?" they asked.

"gl" was Par3010's only retort.

On the fourth hand of the duel, sexymudfish min-raised the button to 1,200,000, Par3010 three-bet to 5,400,000, and called a 10,651,788 all-in four-bet with A♥ J♦. The K♥ 9♦ T♥ flop rewarded sexymudfish's ambitious play with 9♣ 6♣. But the J♣ left them looking for one of five river cards to keep them alive in the tournament. The T♠ was of no help, and after just 48 hands of final table play, Par3010 had steamrolled eight opponents for a huge payday and a MicroMillions title!

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A hearty congratulations to Par3010 for navigating a field of 9,440 and single-handedly decimating the final table for a $8,171.55 win!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #8 ($4.40 NLHE 2x Chance) results

Players: 9,440
Re-buys: 4,434
Total prize pool: $55,496
Places paid: 1,260

1. Par3010 (Greece) -- $8,171.55
2. sexymudfish (New Zealand) -- $5,695.82
3. Scopz (Denmark) -- $4,162.20
4. V.Noborksi (Germany) -- $2,774.80
5. Kizlas (Russia) -- $2,219.84
6. Barabass64 (Canada) -- $1,664.88
7. shohruh1980 (Uzbekistan) -- $1,109.92
8. Troshin9 (Russia) -- $610.45
9. IGOR161 (Russia) -- $430.09

This was just the eight event of one hundred, so check out the MicroMillions page for all the outstanding titles and swollen prize pools up for grabs.

Gareth Chantler
@PokerStars in MicroMillions