MicroMillions 5: PokerStars Mobile leads to championship run

Sometimes a man has to go all the way to Vegas to make a run for a championship. Sometimes a man just has to get in the car with his new bride. Just ask the Netherlands' DaFresh.

Until last week, a Dutchman had never made the final table of the World Series of Poker. When Michiel Brummelhuis found his way to the November Nine, his countrymen celebrated the achievement. It's the kind of pride you just can't understand unless you experience it. Put another way, you had to be there. Or you had to be Dutch. DaFresh is.

Last week, as the WSOP closed up for the summer, PokerStars player DaFresh had Brummelhuis on his mind.

"It's a truly remarkable result for Dutch poker," he said.

At thirty years old, DaFresh has spent the past month as a newlywed. He's a sales rep at a company that sells wax and paraffin.

"Poker is merely a hobby, which I take very seriously when I sit down," DaFresh said.

The matter of how and where he sits down, however, is a question of timing. And a question of whether his wife is around.


That's DaFresh (he asked that we keep his real name to ourselves) with his new bride. She played a key role in his recent MicroMillions 5 Event #22 championship.

After the tourney started, he needed to go visit his sister. So, he hopped in the car with the PokerStars Mobile app running on his phone. His wife held it in the passenger seat.

"It was kinda funny," he said. "I was giving her instructions what to do."

Whatever he told her seemed to work. He made it down to the last three tables, and he started thinking about a fellow Dutchman for inspiration.

"I envisioned myself in the position of Michiel Brummelhuis at this year's WSOP Main Event. He was so composed in a spot most people wouldn't know what to do," DaFresh said. "I took his example and with the right mindset grinded with a short stack for most of the time, seeking the right spots to put my chips to work."

Brummelhuis' future is still in question, but DaFresh sealed the victory in just a few hours, earning more than $7,000 on an $11 buy-in, and pocketing his biggest score ever.

"I was aiming for a five-digit payday," he said. "This is close enough."

Now, DaFresh goes back to being married, selling wax, and waiting to see of Brummelhuis can bring home gold for the Netherlands.

"I followed him from start to finish," DaFresh said,"and sincerely hope his succes will result in a positive poker vibe here in the Netherlands."

Here's to hoping DaFresh's success can do the same.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

Brad Willis
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