MicroMillions 5: Vlacerda vanquishes the field in Event #42 ($5.50 NLHE)

Thousands of players signed up for Event #42 and after nine-and-a-half hours, only one remained.

Vlacerda overcame a field of 19,541 players and became our most recent MicroMillions champion, earning $9,998.34 in the process. It was a solid return on a $5.50 investment, the biggest one of the tournament.

But a total 2,475 would get a return on their Event #42 investment, with a mincash coming in at $8.79. Out of the thousands of cashers, only nine players could make the final table.

The last player to miss out on all the final table goodness was Prunkex_, from Brazil. Prunkex_ and the other nine players were involved in a lengthy, hand-for-hand battle. It ended in a way these things usually end, a flip.

Blinds were 250K/500K with a 62.5K ante and robot139 moved all-in for 4.1 million from the button. Prunkex_ was on the big blind and called all-in for 3 million.

Prunkex_ showed A♠Q♥ while robot139 turned over 7♠7♥.

The [10c]7♣3♦ flop gave robot139 a set and Prunkex_ was out in 10th, earning $366.39. After nine hours of play, our final nine players were set.

The final table


Seat 1: robot139 - 7,766,958
Seat 2: Haui1980 - 24,002,035
Seat 3: foradelloc - 8,634,851
Seat 4: Emmess23 - 5,126,842
Seat 5: kikaelara - 6,073,977
Seat 6: Vlacerda - 24,261,203
Seat 7: China Pig 22 - 2,135,834
Seat 8: Hunterman777 - 6,840,052
Seat 9: Salmitok - 12,863,248

The bubble bursting didn't expedite action too much. It took a few minutes before we had our first elimination.

More flips

Emmess23 wasn't the shortest stack at the table, but it was the first stack to dissapear. Emmess23 moved all-in for 6.2 million from middle position and Salmitok called from the big blind.

Emmess23 showed 2♥2♣ while Salmitok turned over A♠8♣. The deuces were in the lead all the way up to the river of the 4♥5♣K♣J♦8♦ board.

Emmess23 was our first final table elimination and earned $586.23 for the final table finish.

Pig, pig, bust

China pig 22 doubled up before our first elimination and then doubled up again. Blinds were up to 300K/600K with a 75K ante and Salmitok raised to 1.2 million from under the gun. China Pig 22 moved all-in for 2.3 million from the small blind and Salmitok called.

Salmitok: A♥K♥
China Pig 22: K♠J♠

The board came 9♦8♥[10h]9♠J♣ and China Pig 22 hit a pair on the river to stay alive. China Pig 22 was up to 6.2 million but got chipped down to 5 million before making another move.

A few hands later, China Pig 22 moved all-in for 5 million from the small blind and Hunterman777 called from the big blind.

China Pig 22 turned over 4♣5♣ and was up against Hunterman777's A♦9♥. The board missed both players and Hunterman777 knocked out China Pig 22 with ace-high.

China Pig 22 earned $879.34 for the 8th place finish.

Lead change

Salmitok started the final table with the lead and kept it until our eventual champion won a large pot:

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One big, one small

robot139 slowly chipped down during the final table and was eventualyl left with less than 2 big blinds. Blinds were 400K/800K with a 100K ante and robot139 was down to 1.1 million.

Then the big blind came back around to robot139 and 800,000 of the 1.1 million went in automatically.

foradelloc raised to 1.6 million from early position and robot139 called all-in. robot139 held [10s]Q♣ for his tournament life and Haui1980 had him dominated with Q♥J♠. The board came K♠5♥4♣2♦4♠ and robot139 earned $1,465.57 for finishing 7th.

Then we lost one of our larger stacks. With six players left, Vlacerda had a dominating lead of 41 million, followed by Hunterman777 with 19.8 million. Haui1980 came in third with 12.5 million and was the next player to go.

Hunterman777 raised to 1.8 million from the button and Haui1980 moved all-in for 12.5 million from the big blind. Hunterman777 called and showed Q♠Q♥ to Haui1980's 9♣8♣.

Queens held up against suited connectors and Haui1980 was out in 6th for $2,442.62.


The final five players then agreed to check out some numbers with the following chip counts:

SalmitoK - 16,130,923
foradelloc - 15,307,236
kikaelara - 7,613,976
Vlacerda - 42,511,059
Hunderman777 - 16,141,806

The initial deal numbers came out like so:

Vlacerda: $9,913.07
Hunterman777: $5,885.27
Salmitok: $5,883.61
foradelloc: $5,757.79
kikaelara: $4,582.67

Left To Play for place 1: $1,000.00

But not everyone was happy.

Hunterman777: no agree too much for valeca, she win 1 place and no game

The deal almost fell through until Vlacerda made some concessions:

kikaelara: no deal?
Vlacerda: take 600 of my prize and give it to samitok and hunterman
Salmitok: no, hunterman doesn't want
Hunterman777: i want 6500, or no deal
Vlacerda: do u agrre with that:
foradelloc: hunterman is greedy and wants more, he's so skilled...
Salmitok: i agree vlacerda
Vlacerda: hunterman i agree
foradelloc: muito obrigado!
Salmitok: ahah :)
Salmitok: so, do we have a deal or not?
Hunterman777: i want 6500! agree? or play
Vlacerda: yes

Salmitok then tried to get a guaranteed $6,400, but had to settle for a little less:

Vlacerda: $8,998.34
Hunterman777: $6,500.00
Salmitok: $6,183.61
foradelloc: $5,757.79
kikaelara: $4,582.67

Left To Play for place 1: $1,000.00

Players agreed on these numbers and play went quick.

More queens

Four hands after the deal, Salmitok jumped to second in chips and the tournament got down to four players.

With 600K/1.2M blinds and a 120K ante, Salmitok moved all-in for 16.2 million from the button.
foradelloc called all-in for a total of 16 million and turned over Q♣Q♥.

Salmitok showed A♦4♦ and hit an A♥ on the flop. The turn and river brought no help for the at-risk players and foradelloc finished 5th, earning the agreed upon $5,757.79.

Then someone got pocket queens two hands later.

kikaelara moved all-in for 5.5 million from under the gun and Hunterman777 re-shoved for 14.6 million from the small blind. Salmitok folded from the big and we had another showdown.

kikaelara: A♦J♠
Hunterman777: Q♠Q♦

The board came 8♦K♣6♠8♥9♣ and Hunterman777 was up to 22 million while kikaelara finished 4th for $4,582.67.

Taking it back

Play got three-handed and the lead passed around a bit. Then Vlacerda took it back for the last time:

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Hunterman777 won $6,500 for finishing in 3rd and aggressively negotiating.

Heads up

Vlacerda - 56,168,786
Salmitok - 41,526,214

Vlacerda had the lead and increased it even more when blinds hit 700K/1.4M with a 175 ante. Salmitok raised to 3.5 million and Vlacerda made it 7,777,777. Salmitok called and the flop came 5♣A♥[10c].

Vlacerda bet another 7,777,777 and a 6♥ came on the turn after Salmitok called. Vlacerda bet 29 million and Salmitok folded.

Vlacerda was up to 69.8 million while Salmitok was down to 27.8 million.

Then it ended.

Salmitok moved all-in for 26.1 million and Vlacerda called.

Salmitok: K♠9♠
Vlacerda: A♠2♣

The final board of the tournament came 7♦3♦3♥A♥8♥ and Salmitok finished second for $6,183.61.

This made Vlacerda the newest MicroMillions 5 champion, a victory worth $9,998.34.

PokerStars MicroMillions Event #42 ($5.50 NLHE) results:

Prize pool: $97,705
Places paid: 2,475

1. Vlacerda (Brazil) - $9,998.34*
2. Salmitok (Portugal) - $6,183.61*
3. Hunterman777 - $6,500*
4. kikaelara (Cyprus) - $4,582.67*
5. foradelloc (Sweden) - $5,757.79*
6. Haui1980 (Germany) - $2,442.62
7. robot139 (United Kingdom) - $1,465.57
8. China Pig 22 (United Kingdom) - $879.34
9. Emmess23 (Germany) - $586.23

While event #42 has come to close, dozens more are still open. Check out the full list of remaining events, leader board, and results over at the MicroMillions homepage.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Alex Villegas
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