MicroMillions 5: W1LD D1X runs wild in Event #60 ($1+R NLHE 3X-Turbo)

It was single-dollar madness.

For $1, players got 3,000 chips and an hour to re-buy as many times as they wanted. Combined, 24,230 players bought in and then re-bought 114,441 times while adding-on 13,772. This demolished the $75K guarantee and created a prize pool of $138,723.13.

The player to take the largest payday from that pool was our champion, W1LD D1X. W1LD D1X battled for almost seven hours and overcame a massive chip deficit heads-up against canalla311.

But W1LD D1X got a series of double ups and the cards fell in the right order to give the Ukranian player the victory here in Event #60.

While W1LD D1X didn't get the lead until there were two players left, our champion did start the final table second in chips.

The final table


Seat 1: LuckyKrs -- 57,079,941
Seat 2: luckymax75 -- 90,22,237
Seat 3: canalla311 -- 159,954,504
Seat 4: AkimyhKA -- 29,197,408
Seat 5: W1LD D1X -- 130,822,964
Seat 6: daevas770602 -- 93,598,472
Seat 7: ionut861 -- 99,941,834
Seat 8: lasnic -- 64,379,042
Seat 9: stepancher88 -- 103,976,598

It didn't take long for our first final table casualty.

Blinds were 2M/4M with a 400K ante and W1LD D1X raised to 8 million from under the gun. Action folded around to our table short stack in the big blind.

AkimyhKA moved all-in for 27.5 million and W1LD D1X called.

AkimyhKA: A♠7♦
W1LD D1X: A♥K♥

The board came A♦Q♦4♠2♦6♠ and AkimyhKA was out in 9th for $832.33.

Payouts jumped into the four digits and we got our next finisher soon after. First, LuckyKrs doubled up stepancher88:

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The next hand, LuckyKrs moved all-in for 11.3 million from the button and canalla311 called from the big blind.

canalla311 turned over [10s]9♥ and LuckyKrs showed K♠8♦. There was a nine on the flop and canalla311 extended the lead to 189 million.

LuckyKrs on the other hand was out in 8th, earning $1,248.50 in the process.


After eliminating LuckyKrs, canalla311 took out luckymax75. Blinds were up to 2.25M/4.5M with a 450K ante and luckymax75 raised to 13.5 million from under the gun. canalla311 made it 31.5 million and luckymax75 called when action folded back. The flop came A♥7♥4♠ and luckymax75 checked.

canalla311 moved all-in and luckymax75 called all-in for his remaining 33.1 million. canalla31 showed K♦K♥ while luckymax75 turned over [10c][10d]. The turn and river brought deuces and canalla311 made the tournament a bit less lucky.

luckymax75 finished 7th and earned $1,949.05

Big leads spawn imitators

canalla311 was up to 240 million and quickly crossed the 300 million mark. Second in chips only had about 100 million and canalla311 seemed to have run away with the lead.

Then daevas770602 caught up a bit after bringing the tournament to five players.

Blinds were up to 3M/6M with a 600K ante and daevas770602 raised to 12 million from the button. lasnic was on the big blind and moved all-in for 71.9 million.

lasnic turned over A♠3♠ for all the marbles and daevas770602 showed K♦J♦.

The board ran 8♠9♦8♦K♠Q♥ and daevas770602 chipped up to 228 million. lasnic on the other hand was down to 0 chips and won $2,774.46 for finishing 6th.

Joining the club

Our champion, W1LD D1X was hanging around the 100 million mark for a while but then joined daevas770602 in the next rung.

Blinds were up to 3.5M/7M with a 700K ante and stepancher88 moved all-in for 99.8 million from the button.

W1LD D1X called from the big blind and turned over A♣K♣ to stepancher88's A♠7♥. The board dodged both players and W1LD D1X took down the pot with ace-king high.

stepancher88 finished 5th for $4,161 while W1LD D1X was at 224 million.

Deal time

With stepancher88 gone, the final four players decided to cut a deal.
canalla311 -- $11,022.39
W1LD D1X -- $9,674.75
daevas770602 -- $7,511.96
ionut861 -- $6,972.11

The deal also left $1,500 left for first.

canalla311 had the lead and took the lion's share of the deal. Then that lead grew even more and the tournament was down to three players.

Blinds were at 4.5M/9M with a 900K ante and ionut861 moved all-in for 64 million from the small blind. canalla311 called from the big and turned over K♣5♠ to ionut's 8♦7♠.

The board came 4♦6♣J♠9♠J♣ and ionut861 finished 4th for $6,972.11.

canalla311 was up to 459 million and seemed unstoppable. Then canalla311 brought the tournament down to heads-up and had a massive lead over W1LD D1X:

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daevas770602 got $7,511.39 for finishing third and the tournament went...


canalla311 -- 685,775,840
W1LD D1X -- 143,397,160

W1LD D1X wavered up and down during the first few hands of the heads-up match before taking a dominant lead after two quick double ups.

Blinds were 5M/10M with a 1M ante and canalla311 raised to 40 million. W1LD D1X moved all-in for 194 million and canalla311 called.

canalla311: K♣7♠
W1LD D1X: A♣6♠

There was a 10-high board and neither player paird a card. W1LD D1X's ace-high doubled him up to 391 million while canalla311 was down to 437 million.

Then, two hands later, W1LD D1X doubled again.

canalla311 raised to 40 million and W1LD D1X moved all-in for 384 million. canalla311 called and showed A♦5♦ to W1LD D1X's A♥J♣.

The flop came [10c]4♦Q♠ and then a J♦ fell on the turn to give W1LD D1X a pair and canalla311 a flush draw. But the river brought a 2♥ and canalla311 missed the flush and was down to 58 million.

W1LD D1X on the other hand took the largest lead of the tournament with 771 million.

canalla311 managed to double up a few times, but the tournament came to end very quickly. Blinds were still the same and canalla311 raised to 20 million.

W1LD D1X called and the flop came 3♣8♥3♦. canalla311 moved all-in for 269 million when checked to and W1LD D1X called.

canalla311 showed J♥5♥ and W1LD D1X tabled 9♠8♠. The turn was a 5♦ and the last card of the tournament was an A♦.

canalla311 finished 2nd for $11,022.39 while W1LD D1X became the champion of Event #60 for $11,173.75.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5: Event #60 ($1+R NLHE 3X-Turbo) results:

Entrants: 24,230
Re-buys: 114,441
Add-ons: 13,772
Prize pool: $138,723.13
Places paid: 3,150

1. W1LD D1X (Ukraine) -- $11,173.75*
2. canalla311 (Argentina) -- $11,022.39*
3. daevas770602 (Czech Republic) -- $7,511.39*
4. ionut861 (Romania) -- $6,972.11*
5. stepancher88 (Russia) -- $4,161.69
6. lasnic (Denmark) -- $2,774.46
7. luckymax75 (Netherlands) -- $1,949.05
8. LuckyKrs (Russia) -- $1,248.50
9. AKimyhKA (Ukraine) -- $832.33

*Denotes a four-way deal.

While the single dollar madness of Event #60 is over, there's still plenty of MicroMillions action to go around. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full list of the remaining events, including satellites to each one.

Until next time MicroMillionaires.

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