MicroMillions 6: Wire-to-wire win for VC2612 in Event #7 ($5.50 NL Hold'em)

Not all final tables can be extravagant displays of pomp and aggression. When it came to Event 7 of MicroMillions 6, it was more a vanilla finale, with perhaps one or two moments to add a few sprinkles on top. Notably these came from eventual winner VC2612, who recorded a wire-to-wire win, leading the final table for all but a few of its 63 minutes, to record a first MicroMillions win, earning a first prize of $4,884.22.

Runner-up to VC2612 had been MasterArhat, whose efforts to wrestle his way into the lead were almost successful. But VC2612 was determined to finish as he had begun, out front. Ultimately MasterArhat was forced to concede defeat.

E7 final pic.jpg
The final of Event 7 begins

Here's how things looked as the final got under way.

Seat 1. VC2612 (Germany), 1,0232,489
Seat 2. MasterArhat (Belarus), 2,445,439
Seat 3. Raveoholic (India), 5,531,435
Seat 4. JerYbinho (Belgium), 1,153,568
Seat 5. KAPR!Z (Russia), 6,858,639
Seat 6. Krikun-slava (Russia), 4,297,406
Seat 7. Andrew176 (Australia), 2,931,180
Seat 8. JulD736 (Colombia), 2,086,588
Seat 9. Pigon1 (Russia), 2,045,756

JerYbinho started with a double-up, which was about enough to secure eighth place rather than ninth, which went to JulD736, who shoved with pocket jacks only to find VC2612 calling with kings. MasterArhat brought an end to JerYbinho's tournament before Krikun-slava departed minutes later in seventh after a three way all-in with KAPR!Z and Pigon1.

With things moving along nicely VC2612 boosted his stack to more than 14 million against Andrew176 who then busted against KAPR!Z in unlikely fashion, an ace-ten undone on the turn by KAPR!Z's ace-five.

Shortly after Pigon1 won a pot worth four million against MasterArhat, moving up to nearly 10 million chips, but MasterArhat was soon back in his stride, sending Raveoholic to the rail with aces, calling Raveoholic's shove with pocket tens.

Suddenly the final was down to four, and talk turned to a deal.

"I want deal," said Pigon1. "I would look," answered VC2612. But that was to be the extent of negotiations for now.

"Comon guys," said Pigon1, turning now to the silent KAPR!Z and MasterArhat.

"Tell them in Russian", urged VC2612. "Perhaps they don't understand."

"PLAY," answered KAPR!Z. There was no trouble with the translation.

KAPR!Z though would be next to go. After an unanswered shove KAPR!Z got the chips in again with pocket sevens. MasterArhat was waiting with ace-king and flopped a king. That was enough to persuade MasterArhat it was time to talk. No fuss, just straight forward numbers, and happy maternity-ward-like exclamation of "we have a deal!" form the tournament host.

Pigon1 celebrated by shoving light with ace-three, which MasterArhat called with ace-ten. Suddenly there was 20 million in the pot.

Now heads-up the situation was as follows:

VC2612 - 16.8 million
MasterArhat - 21.1 million

For the first time VC2612 was faced with coming from behind, and he set about it without flinching. MasterArhat made good use of the all-in button to keep ahead but this would be a back-and-forth type of heads-up session. Sure enough VC2612 was soon in front again.

In these circumstances a player will sometimes struggle to regroup. Other times, they'll put their faith in the gods and go with a hand, as MasterArhat did, forcing a fold on an ace-high board to restore his advantage, one which he soon extended.

But neither was VC2612 the type to capitulate. Seconds later he found ace-king, and with an ace on the flop brought things back to even as MasterArhat could only produce ace-high. And so within a few minutes of losing the lead VC2612 found his way back.

The verdict had now been cast. MasterArhat tried to claw his way back but was unable to as VC2612 scooped up pots. MasterArhat managed a double up, but it would only prolong a result which was now inevitable.

Congratulations to VC2612 on a terrific performance and a well-earned first Micro Millions title.

MicroMillions-007: $5.50 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 7,590
Prize pool: $37,950
Places paid: 990

1st. VC2612 (Germany) $4,884.22*
2nd. MasterArhat (Belarus) $4,113.90*
3rd. pigon 1 (Russia) $4,084.74*
4th. KAPR!Z (Russia) $2,087.25
5th. raveoholic (India) $1,593.90
6th. andrew176 (Australia) $1,214.40
7th. krikun-slava (Russia) $834.90
8th. JerYbinho (Belgium) $455.40
9th. JulD736 (Colombia) $294.11

* Denotes three way deal.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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