MicroMillions 6: Aquablast22 the master in Event #72 ($1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo)

Speed is of the essence in these 3x Turbos as thousands come and thousands go in just a blink of an eye. It took just five hours and seven minutes for the 8,003 entries, who made 37,788 re-buys and 4,454 add-ons to be reduced to the final nine. As the final table got underway Aquablast22 was the chip leader and in pole position to take the lions share of the $45,722.95 prize pool. He would eventually prevail to claim a deal altered first prize of $6,863,65 but for so long it looked like the title was destined to be someone else's. Although perhaps long is the wrong word as the final table would last just 30 minutes.


Seat 1: BaNz@Y.0911, 17,880,472
Seat 2: CaHuTap4er, 56,890,613
Seat 3: Sweet N Fan, 18,511,672
Seat 4: Aquablast22, 58,034,343
Seat 5: Stoehre99, 34,588,915
Seat 6: neokiwi, 12,072,494
Seat 7: <3OanBgD, 20,405,112
Seat 8: BestRaider, 17,104,410
Seat 9: Alex Kotov48, 35,504,969

Blinds: 600,000/1,200,000 ante 120,000

One double up and one exit

There was significant action within the first orbit of the final table. First neokiwi doubled up to 27M (18 big blinds) when he shoved with A♥7♦ and held against Alex Kotov48's K♠Q♦.

A few hands later Sweet N Fan would shove for 15M with A♥J♦ over the top of CaHuTap4er's under-the-gun open. Unfortunately for the Russian his countryman had pocket aces and although Sweet N Fan flopped a jack he got no help on the turn or river and was out in ninth.

Stoehre99 takes the lead

There then came two hands that would shape this final table as Stoehre99 took a chip lead that he'd only relinquish during heads-up play. He min-raised to 3M from under-the-gun and called when CaHuTap4er - the current chip leader - three-bet to 6.75M from the small blind. On the Q♥3♦3♠ flop CaHuTap4er c-bet 8.25M and Stoehre99 smooth called. The 8♠ fell on the turn, CaHuTap4er continued for 16.5M, Stoehre99 shoved for 29.5M and CaHuTap4er called off the extra. CaHuTap4er showed pocket tens and was behind to Stoehre99's pocket eights, which had turned a fortuitous set. The J♠ completed the board and Stoehre99 doubled up to 91M and a big chip lead.

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On the very next hand he extended that chip lead, Alex Kotov48 shoved for 19.6M with A♠[10c] and Stoehre99 called with K♠J♥ the J♠3♦J♦8♠Q♦ board increased Stoehre99's stack to 113M and sent Alex Kotov48 to the rail in eighth.

Stoehre99 takes out another

There was no let up in the action and there was no slowing down from Stoehre99 as he eliminated <3OanBgD in seventh place. The blinds were now 900k/1.8M, ante 180,000 and down to just 15.8M <3OanBgD three-bet all-in from the big blind with pocket sixes. Stoehre99, who had opened to 3.6M, called off the extra with K♠8♣ and duly spiked on the K♣7♥[10c]7♦[10s] board to climb to 130M.

neokiwi too slick for BestRaider

Our erstwhile chip leader then decided to let someone else eliminate a player and neokiwi took up the slack to do some damage. Down to just six big blinds BestRaider shoved from under-the-gun with Q♠J♥ and neokiwi made the call with A♥K♠. The 3♥4♣K♣A♠9♠ board sent BestRaider to the rail in sixth $1,417.41 better off.

The there were five

Five handed play would not last long and it would be BaNz@Y.0911 who would be next to feel the axeman's noose round his neck. He had blinded all the way down to two big blinds when he took a stand with K♥[10s] he took that up against Stoehre99's pocket sixes and the pair held on a 2♥5♦2♣6♠A♥ board to reduce the field to four.

They would become three on the next hand when Aquablast22 eliminated neokiwi with A♣Q♦ against A♠4♦, the 43M chip pot boosted Aquablast22 to 105M and left CaHuTap4er trailing in third place with just 26M (11 big blinds).

It proved too big a mountain for the Russian to climb as he made a stand with A♦Q♥ but yet again Stoehre99 had been dealt a pocket pair - this time sevens - and yet again they held up against the over cards to take us to heads-up play just 20 minutes after the final table had begun.

Heads-Up chip counts:

So just 20 minutes after the final table started we were heads-up with blinds at 1.2M/2.4M, ante 240,000 this is how it stood.

Seat 4: Aquablast22 102,683,186
Seat 5: Stoehre99, 168,309,814

As soon as heads-up play began the players decided that they'd like to do a deal so after two hands of heads-up play the tournament was paused.

The original payouts were:

1st. $6, 865.65
2nd. $5,046.44

And the proposed numbers with $600 left to play for were:

Stoehre99 $5,818.60
Aquablast22 $5.491.49

The deal was quickly agreed to and play continued. From here on out it was one way traffic as Aquablast22 staged a come from behind victory as he took every major pot that was played. He took the chip lead when he made an excellent river call with A♠9♥ on a 2♦6♥5♦4♣6♠ board when his ace high proved the winner against Stoehre99's Q♠8♣.

That gave him a 152M to 118M chip lead and he'd never lose it. Just 16 hands later it was all over, with blinds at 1.6M/3.2M ante 320,000 Aquablast22 set Stoehre99 all-in for 66M with pocket sixes, the German put his tournament life on the line with Q♥[10d] and we were off to the races. The K♥2♣2♦K♦7♣ board kept the pair in front and sealed the title for the Moldovan.

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Congratulations to AquaBlast22 on winning $6,091.49 thanks to a terrific comeback and a big pat on the back to Stoehre99 who led the final table for so long before ultimately coming up just short.

MicroMillions-072: $1+R NL Hold'em 3x-Turbo
Entrants: 8,003 (37,788 re-buys and 4,454 add-ons)
Prize pool: $45,722.95
Places paid: 1080

1st. Aquablast22 (Moldova) *$6,091.49
2nd. Stoehre99 (Germany) *5,818.60
3rd. CaHuTap4er (Russia) $3,657.83
4th. neokiwi (Australia) $2,423.31
5th. BaNz@Y.0911 (Russia) $1,874.64
6th. BestRaider (Romania) $1,417.41
7th. <3OanBgD (Romania) $983.04
8th. Alex Kotov48 (Russia) $548.67
9th. Sweet N Fan (Russia) $354.35

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in MicroMillions